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Pink Death * The Bulk Guys * June

Strain – Pink Death Visual/Texture – a compilation of smaller sized nugs, sharing shades of minty and emerald green, featuring some sharp purple undertones that really pop in portions. Somewhat airy with a sponginess on the surface, snapping each open exposing a slightly more fresh, stickier interior. Several shorter light copper colored pistils peeking out, […]

Gelato 33- WTF Cannabis

Medium to smaller buds with some extra leaf left on atop the minty/dark green backgrounds alongside some touches of purple. Rusty orange to brown pistils that were short and thin were found crawling amongst the crevices. Moisture level was a touch on the dry side with it feeling pretty dry to the touch coming out […]

Blue Cherry MAC Rosin- (Squishlist) WTF Cannabis

Beautifully wet consistency with exterior being as wet as the interior. Light golden hues alongside darker amber streams throughout. Had a sticky, thick runny consistency I’d liken to honey, which was easy to manipulate and collect a dab. Aromas were present as soon as I opened the jar with heavy creamy scents with some sugary […]

Lemon MAC- WTF Cannabis

Visually, this had to  be the most stunning of the flower I tried from WTF this round (maybe ever); with the MAC genetics shining through. Absolutely caked from tip to stem with a copious amount of milky white stalked trichomes packed tightly together. Darker  greens, lighter greens and some slightly yellow tones tried to peer […]

Cookies and Cream- WTF Cannabis

Medium sized densely packed and heavily caked buds with whites, purples and light greens dominating the backgrounds. Some rich deep orange pistils also helped provide a nice contrast; making the buds pop. Buds were a touch on the dry side again with the nugs feeling somewhat brittle on the exterior. Trichs were somewhat lacking on […]





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