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Kosher Kush THCA- Silly Smoke

Only the second time I’ve had the chance to try some pure THCA. This one arrived as some small to medium sized diamonds that were clear and translucent. The edges of the larger sized diamonds were jagged or roughened which made it almost sparkle under the light.  Like my last experience, wasn’t a scent present […]

Ice Cream Cake – The Green Ace

Ice Cream Cake from The Green Ace Visual: This was a caked bud! It was a medium green with highlights of dark purple all over. Patches of orange coloured hairs covered this Christmas tree shaped bud. It was very frosted just like an Ice Cream Cake should be! It had a very dense structure. Nose: The nose […]

Blue Death Star- Silly Smoke

Medium sized moderately dense buds that arrived with a near perfect cure and sticky to the touch. Great visual appeal with the crazy array of colours including light and dark green backgrounds, dark purple leaning on black sugar leaves and fat vibrant orange pistils. There was also a healthy coating of resin that gave the […]

El Jefe 81 – AC Medical

Very frosted, fox tailed, dense buds. Coated over with a mixture of amber and white trichs. Neatly trimmed with little to no sugar leaves and solid orange pistils. Skunky earthy terps, deep earth almost like a spicy hash. White ash with a deep earthy flavor and a small amount of spiciness settling in as time […]

Purple Candy Haze – Theleafexpress

Strain; Purple Candy Haze rated as Hybrid indica dominant  AAAA Beautiful dense and chunky nug, covered in trichomes giving it that coated whiteish look. Deep purple on the leafs, a darker top with mostly bright green and patch of dark green seemed to emerge from the center. Decently sticky once busted open, with a couple […]





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