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Demon Breath (Cookies Grower) – High Grade Aid

Demon Breath (Cookies Grower) from High Grade Aid 70% Indica Dominant Hybrid Cross: GMO x Forum Cut Girl Scout Cookies Nose: The nose was great! I got a deep and rich brown demerara sugar smell from it. It had a bit of that molasses sugar smell, and it also had some pine and some funkiness to it. […]

Pink Island * Best Budz * September

Strain – Island Pink Visual/Texture – completely built up by smaller to medium sized buds, plump round grape shaped. Fresh feeling, greasy exterior, while having a squeezable, sponginess to them, plenty of sticky resin draped through the structures. Mostly dressed up in a lighter moss green shading, with dark vibrant purple hues being cast over […]

Sticky Drip * Best Budz * September

Strain – Sticky Drip Vistual/Texture – beautiful buds of medium, and smaller sizes, having several fox tails branching off the various structures. Almost covered entirely by a mossy green shading, with plenty of deep purple hues bleeding through. Airy nugs with some fresh sponginess to the squeeze, slightly crisp exterior, while being coated from top […]

Death Mint Cookies x Chocolate Vanilla Lover (Cookies Grower) – High Grade Aid

Death Mint Cookies x Chocolate Vanilla Lover (Cookies Grower) 90% Indica Dominant Hybrid Nose: The nose was amazing! I got the Chocolate/Vanilla smell at first and when I got closer to it I got a lot of the Death Mint Cookies. I loved the sweetness and funkiness of it. It was very rich and pungent. I […]

Wedding Crasher 2.0 * Best Budz * September

Strain – Wedding Crasher 2.0 Vistual/Texture – spade shaped buds, smaller to medium sized, decently dense, with a  sticky, fresh, sponginess to the squeeze, fluffing up nicely once ground. Dark forest green occupying a good portion of the structures, with light mossy shades. Fire orange pistils complimenting the nugs, and blanketed by a healthy thick […]





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