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Dutch Treat FSE – Cumulus Carts

Dutch treat was clear amber in color. It was surprisingly smooth with light fruity/earthy tones. After a couple hits I was relaxed in my seat. The high comes on as a creeper; uplifting and put a nice smile on my face while my body remained relaxed. A nice hybrid high with indica leaning traits. I […]

Cloud 9 – TF Cannabis

Very dense, neatly manicured bud, frosted in ambering trichs, both dark and bright pistils with hues of purple and green in the background. Citrusy pine terps with a bit of sweetness coming through. Salt and pepper ash and the same sweet citrusy pine flavor when you exhale. Heavy indica dom that you at first feel […]

Ice Cream Cake – Nature’s Fire

Ice Cream Cake from Nature’s Fire Visual: It was a bit stemy but other than that the buds looked great. They had a sugary look and feel to them. They were medium and small sized elongated buds. They gave me a ‘candy buds on a stick‘ feel. The buds had some very cool colourings. There were […]

Death Bubba – TF Cannabis

Stubby and very dense, neatly manicured, lighter in overall color with ambering trichomes and healthy pistils mixed throughout. A bit sweeter then the traditional earthy gas terps familiar to other db’s i’ve had in the past, this cut has a more lemony pine with a bit of deep earth blended in. Mostly white ash but […]

Pink Island HT/HCFSE- Coast Terra BC (Arcana Extractions)

Pink island has always had a place in my bong as the terpene profile is generally pretty tasty. This HT/HCFSE did not disappoint as bright, sour and fruity notes assailed my nose with pungent aromas dancing in my nostrils. The product arrived in 3 large masses of diamonds with a light coating of sauce.  Light […]





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