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Island Super Skunk Shatter – TF Cannabis

Island Super Skunk Shatter 80% Sativa Dominant Hybrid Visual/Nose/Taste: The colour was a light amber with just a tiny bit of cloudiness. It had a nice look to it with the bubbles from heating it still visible. It didn’t have much smell to it, just a hint of skunk. The taste was more prominent and it […]

Death Wheelchair * Tegridy Farms * April

Strain – Death Wheelchair (Death Bubba x Wheelchair) Visual/Texture – this strains name sounding like it could be a stunt straight outta Jackass. A crispy to the touch slightly dry exterior, mossy colored buds, with emerald hues, and sugar leaves almost carrying a blue tint. Lengthy thinner orangish brown pistils overthrowing portions of the structure, […]

Pink Tuna – @pinkp3tro @3astrep

Pink Tuna A cross of Pink Kush x Tuna Kush Bigger sized boulders for the most with a couple medium, super dense and firm to the touch with a tacky feel on the outside and super greasy sticky on the inside, it felt fresh and well handled. Different shades of green with some purple emerging […]

Rockstar * Bud Patrols * April

Strain – Rockstar (Rock Bud x Sensi Star) Visual/Texture – a mix of small and medium buds, evenly split between sponginess and density, outside the feel is fresh yet greasy to the touch, and an even more fresh resin infused interior. Lighter olive coloring, with emerald green undertones, several lighter brown shorter pistils evenly distributed […]

MAC Stomper * Bud Cargo * April

Strain – MAC Stomper (MAC x Grape Stomper) Visual/Texture – coming as one thick, dense big beautiful bud, and pushing over four grams on the scale. Tightly compact nug compact, sporting a hardened shelled exterior with no budge, once cracking this giant beauty open to an awaiting sticky resinous interior. With its clean trimming, you […]





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