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Purple Monkey Balls – ACMPR

Purple Monkey Balls rated as AAAA Hybrid 50/50 Unknown lineages speculation on parents include Granddaddy Purple, Mendo Purps, Deep Chunk and Afghani. Super dense little boulders with a nice light amber coating and a neat trim. A deep mix of dark purple emerging from the core with hints of dark green on the sugar leafs. […]

Nuken –

Nuken rated as AAA Indica Taught to be a cross of God Bud x Kish The 8th came in as 2 big buds. Really dense it felt fresh and sticky to the touch but a couple burned leaf. A nice coating of trichomes and some really plump and stacked calyx ( or bract not too […]

Lindsay OG- The Forest

One big ol chunky well trimmed bud with a small nug made up the eighth. The bud was very dense with some significant stickiness on the exterior that only amplified on the interior. The greasy sheen on the outside complimented the array of greens, flecks of darker purples and long thin rusty orange pistils. The […]

Dosidos- The Forest

Visuals on this one was stunning with buds that appeared to have a light and fluffy but were surprisingly dense to the touch. The cure was nice as well with a crisp exterior Smells coming off this one was soft scents of sweet dough and musky aromas with mild earth and slight herbal notes on […]

Rosebud * Togo * January

Brand – Rosebud by Sec Flavor –  I decided to grip 3 different ones, they all sported different color orientation but all were flavored as watermelon. Similar tasting to the classic watermelon candies, minus the sugar and added lingering after taste. I’m not sure with something this high dosed if it would be even possible […]





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