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Maverick – Tegridy Farms – May 2021

Not exactly beautiful to look at, these flattened flowers had more leaf than I like, but came covered generously in trichomes. Looks can be deceiving.   Bringing an herbal nose, I did find a faint berry smell in there at the end. Nothing too great here but certainly not unpleasant.   The taste was unexpectedly […]

King Tuts Diamonds- The Dope Dispensary

Medium sized chunky diamonds coated in a even coating of sauce giving the diamonds a light peach to yellow appearance; depending on the amount collected together. The consistency was tacky with the product initially feeling dense and slightly hardened on the exterior. After agitating the concentrate, it became much easier to handle; making it simple […]

Chemdawg4 x OTM F2 – Farm to jar

Chemdawg x OTM F2 Indica hybrid Bright green chunky buds with the sugar leafs covering the precious resin heads. An insane ammount of healthy heads outside and same inside mostly shinny. Felt nice fresh sticky and perfectly handle you can feel the care and love that went into it. This one smelled nice and dank. […]

Purple Space Cookies – OneTwoTreez – May 2021

Appeal: Almost completely purple in color with a slight tinge of green. Has quite the frosting of trichomes, resulting in a nice milky coating on the buds. The buds are on mainly the medium size. Density: Being fairly dense with a slight spongeyness. Smell: Has a succulent aroma of loud sickly sweet fruity berries with […]

Hippie Crippler * Tegridy Farms * May

Strain – Hippie Crippler (Blue Satellite x AK-47) Visual/Texture – perhaps one of the best named strains that I’ve had the pleasures of sparking up. A fantastic looking nug, great trim, and displaying some bright colors popping off. Hidden underneath the thick blanket of milky white trichomes, beyond the thick red pistils, is a deep […]





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