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MAC1 * Pacific Cannabis * October

Strain – MAC 1 (Alien Cookies F2 x  Miracle 15) Smell – having this strain a few times now this strain has a sweet stank of a mixture of scents reeking off of this stuff. The nose is a mixture of sweet, creamy, and almost a sour citrus dough Smoke – smooth and clean burning […]

California Orange * Pacific Cannabis * October

Strain – California Orange Smell – great orange citrus terpenes are instantly blasted into your nose as soon as you bust the bag out Smoke – the stuff burned smooth and of a light salt & pepper ash color. I found the inhale to be both citrus alos spicy and the exhale having more of […]

Chicken Flavored Ramen(Chef) – Golden Unicorn

Opening up the pack you get a standard serving of ramen noodles and a package of 600 mg FSE(sourced by Captain’s Pink) seasoning to mix it with. I’m using 2.5 cups of boiled water to prepare the ramen prior to mixing. I mixed the soup base in to the boiling water once the noodles tenderized, […]

Grandpa’s Breath – Clean Green VIP

Grandpa’s Breath from Clean Green VIP Visual: The buds were very compact and dense looking. The colour was a bright green but hard to see behind the white crystal. There were tight brown hairs all over and when I opened it up I could really see all the nice fuzzy white crystal. It was very dense […]

Grapeburst Hard Candy – Dreamy Delite Edibles

Great tasting candies. Starts off very sweet with a pure grape flavor. As the candy dissolves, it brings a small tinge of a kushy taste.  Hard to eat more than one at the same time because of how sweet they are are. Potency on these candies is accurate with what is on the packaging in […]





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