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Garlic Breath * White North Cannabis * July

Strain – Garlic Breath (Hogsbreath x Chemdog D BX2) Visual/Texture – the nugs coming smaller to medium in size, oval shaped, boasting mostly a lighter shading of mossy green, with some notes of lime green, and casting vivid black highlights over the entire structures. Several thin lengthy pistils colored fire orange stretching out from within, […]

King Tut * Poke Bud * July

Strain – King Tut Vistual/Texture – the entire quarter is made up of three medium sized, round shaped buds. Decently dense, compact with little give when squeezed. These tightly woven nugs have a stickier interior, really fluffed up once busted up. Moss green shading hidden underneath the structures that are heavily covered by an abundant […]

Death Bubba – AC Medical

Death Bubba from AC Medical Indica Visual: It was dark and dank looking, and it had a heavy look to it. There was lots of crystal and it had patches of brown hairs all over. It was very dense. Nose: The nose was a bit spicy and piney with a bit of a funky fish smell. It […]

Royal Highness * Bud Cargo * July

Strain – Royal Highness (Dance Hall x Respect) Vistual/Texture – plump oval shaped buds medium sized, with a sponginess, and a fresh greasy, sticky resinous feeling once handled. Lighter moss green coloring overtaking the vast majority of the surface, with hues of emerald, and undertones of violet shading. Pistils colored bright fire orange casting a […]

Blue City Diesel * Half Baked * July

Strain – Blue City Diesel (Blueberry x NYC Diesel) Visual/Texture – airy, sticky, greasy formation coming from withim the mylar with some enticing due to the bag trying to hold in the sticky mass. Lighter olive shaded buds, and plenty of medium emerald accented hues. Brownish orange pistils spread over a good portion of the […]





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