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Black Diamond – BC Bud Express – March 2021

These buds are very frosted with them almost being all purple with only a slight bit of green. The buds are semi dense with a nice spongyness. The aroma is of a musky earthy one with a sweet grapeyness. Trimmed alright only being a tad leafy and cured well, the bud was a bit on […]

Blazed Biscuit Trippy Toffee Crunch – Entourage Edibles – March 2021

This cookie had a bakery quality appeal to it, topped with a a swirl of icing and toffee bits. Says on the slick mylar bag that it came in that it is made with hand infused clarified butter and is approximately 300 mg of full spectrum thc per cookie. Also says its made with the […]

Black Dog – @seedto.smoke

Black D.O.G  rated as Indica A cross of: Blackberry Kush x Emerald Headband Smaller and medium size nugs, with a fluffy appearence but pretty firm to the touch. Light green all over with a milky fuzzy coating all over with a couple rusty pistils.The inside was insanely packed milky heads as far as the eyes […]

Humble Pie(Captains Pink) – Golden Unicorn

Dense and neatly trimmed buds, lighter green in overall color, dusted over in amber trichs with prominent orange pistils and very minimal sugar leaves.  Unique terps with a blend of an earthy citrus with a cherry smell coming through in the grind. White ash with a stronger cherry flavor mixed with the earthy citrus coming […]

Death Star- Pink Llama

Medium sized oval shaped nugs with a tight trim and rock-hard density shined with a greasy exterior and light green/purple backgrounds with some long rusty orange pistils adding to the visuals. Moisture level seemed to be on point with a crackly exterior and uber sticky interior. The macro shots of this one were pretty ridiculous […]





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