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Purple Kush-Top Tier Cannabis

Tightly packed nugs that had an obviously well manicured trim. Both nugs had a great cure with a lightly crisp exterior and an interior that felt slightly spongy, bouncing back from pressure nicely. The colours were also nice with mossy greens and dusty purples that shone below the greasy exterior. A close look revealed a […]

Death Star – MMJ Express

Death Star (AAAA+) from MMJ Express 75% Indica Cross: Sensi Star x Sour Diesel Visual: It was super frosty and it had some interesting colouring. There were a few different greens and some light purples on the underside and just a few tiny patches of brown hairs. I was amazed at the amount of fat, frosty Trichomes […]

Malibu * Bud Cargo * April

Strain – Malibu Visual/Texture – a big spade shaped bud taking the majority of the weight, coming in just over three grams on it own. A good portion coming in a light lime green, with some royal shaded undertones, and some vibrant purple that really highlight the mass. Several thin yet lengthy lighter orange pistils […]

Pink Azul * Big Boss Farms * April

Strain – Pink Azul Visual/Texture – the battle began when I first tried unleashing this big beast from its mylar home. I fought not only against the massive sized seven gram structure but also the sticky resin that seemed to be containing this unit inside. A green shading consisting of minty, emerald, and olive hues, […]

UBC Chemo * Bud Cargo * April

Strain – UBC Chemo Visual/Texture – decent consistency, spongy to the squeeze and just sticky trichomes acting like a glue to everything that it came in contact with. Pointy spear shaped bud of decent sizing, Nice neon green color to the structure with forest green undertones, a complete dousing of trichomes, and slight sugar leaf […]





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