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Strawberry Cream – BC Medi Chronic

Strawberry Cream from BC Medi Chronic Visual: I was really impressed with the visuals on this one! It had a very nice structure and it had lots of fat sparkly crystal. It was a lighter green, but it also had a bit of a creamy colour to it. It was fairly squishy, and it had a […]

The Peoples Elbow- Togo Weed

The buds were large and stout with two fat nugs sporting an array of green backgrounds and sharp dark purple sugar leaves. This set the scene for the fiery orange pistils to pull the visuals together. The smells were mainly sweet with gassy and floral scents that were moderate. The exterior of the buds had […]

Jamaican Dream Budder – WTFCannabis

Two small amber slabs of budder make the gram. A smooth, fine texture close to cool butter thats perfect for dabbing. The scent is quite unique. A sweet, pineapple like citrus scent with notes of skunk and mild spice. This is a pretty smooth and tasty dab. The taste is quite distinct. Tangy citrus on […]

Slurricane – Soulja Farms

Dense, medium to small sized nugs absolutely caked in trichomes. Hand-trimmed with minimal handling. A pungent, creamy blend of blueberries, and candy. Reminds me of a fruit smoothie. Can almost imagine the seeds in my teeth. Great translation to flavour. Sweet, creamy, and fruity losing the distinct blueberry smell but keeping a candy fruit flavour. […]

Bubba’s Gift – WTF Cannabis

Neatly sliced, slightly hard at first but gets very sticky very quickly under finger heat. Easy to work with once warmed and played with a little bit. Sweet fruity berry terps nicely come out of the jar as soon as you open it. Clean melt with the same sweet fruity berry flavor when you exhale. […]





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