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Goji Berry Breath * One Two Treez * October

Strain – Goji Berry Breath (Goji OG x Mendo Breath) Vistual/Texture – one big chunky bud accounting for the entire mylar, a unit of a nug allowing some give when squeezed, feeling fresh, spongy, greasy, and sticky. Breaking apart this beast brings to light the trichome infestation happening within. Appearing almost a bright neon green […]

Peanut Butter Rockstar * Bud Cargo * October

Strain – Peanut Butter Rockstar (Peanut Butter Breath x Rockstar)   Visual/Texture – the appearance having more of the Rockstar stature, being lengthy oval shaped, and medium in size. Holding a crisp outer shell that you can snap into, awaiting inside is a resin coating leaving your fingers gummy once handled. Where the colors popping […]

Monkey Breath * One Two Treez * October

Strain – Monkey Breath (Grease Monkey x Dank  Breath) Vistual/Texture – the majority was made up of a large monstrous unit of a bud, a smaller sidekick tagging along. Tightly compact together, minimal give when squeezed, crisp shelled exterior while maintaining a fresher, stickiness inside. Once snapping into the nugs, you find yourself fighting against […]

Banana Cake * Bud Cargo * October

Strain – Banana Cake (Banana Kush x Cheese Cake) Visual/Texture – airy elongated skinny bud of medium stature, bringing a slight bit of sponginess when squeezed. Fresh shelled exterior, with a lightly crisp texture, fresher sticky interior being housed within the structure. Cleanly trimmed, sharing its real estate between lighter minty to a medium emerald […]

Royal Rockstar Runtz * Makaveli * October

Strain – Royal Rockstar Runtz Vistual/Texture – the half zip of the sought after Street Loudz branded was made up of smaller to medium sized, rounded oval shaped buds. The density backing these nugs sharing an even density between dense to spongy, the exterior feel is fresh while still sporting a greasy texture when touched, […]





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