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250 mg THC Capsule – Nature’s Fire

I’m not one who usually partakes in edibles, except on the rare occasion, as they don’t usually affect me much; since I’m a pretty large dude with a serious weed tolerance. After taking 3 of these I’m pretty cooked. The high started off quite subtle, until I tried to complete some random basic task and […]

Scoops #8 – Evening Star Farms

😍 This flower is seriously gorgeous with a very dark purple across the entirety of each nug, coated with a gorgeous white trichome layer. The aroma is a deliciously sweet and fruity tart which translates perfectly into a clean and smooth smoke. However, the high is a little weak. It starts with a subtle head […]

Tropicana cookies – Sativa – Pink llama

This beauty came from crossing GSC with tangie. This creates beautiful, sticky, frosted dark green with purple leafs and long orange hairs. Your nose is hit with notes of foral, citrusy, orange terps. It burned well, light gray ahes just a slight harshness on the exhale but terpy non the less. It is a sativa […]

Zombie Kush – BC Medi Chronic

Dense, sticky, and very pungent. Enigma Extract’s Zombie Kush is absolutely coated in trichomes. This stuff is earthy with a very heavy floral scent to as well. Kinda reminds me of an old lady’s perfume in a good way. I think it might be hints of lavender. I’m personally not a fan but it’s very […]

Strawberry Glue – Pink Llama

Absolutely incredible flower for an AAA+ rating. The buds are very compact and caked with a vibrant light green colour, and as you can see there are tons of trichome heads. The aroma in the bag is very sour and fruity, but when the bud is ground up it becomes much more sweet and you […]





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