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XXX OG – Speedgreens

Very dense, neatly manicured buds. Slight amount of glazed sugar leaves with healthy orange pistils and a mixture of white and ambering trichomes. Skunky earthy terpenes mixed with a little touch of earthiness but only very slightly. White ash with the same skunk, earthy flavoring on exhale. Very heavy euphoria quickly comes over you, starting […]

Lebanese Hash – Speedgreens

Dark brown firm, but still malleable hash. Creamy minty terpenes with a very small bit of peppering. Not harsh broken up and smoked in the bong by itself, on it’s own you get the same creamy mint flavoring. Would very nicely compliment a joint or a bowl mixed with flower. Nice euphoric high, really relaxing […]

Shiskaberry Budder – Speedgreens

Dark amber honeycomb budder. Easy to manipulate, easy to get the correct sized dab. Fruity berry terpenes with some mint coming through at the end. Clean melt and at first you are met with a spiced berry flavoring that then shifts in to a creamy berry flavoring as time goes on. Heavy indica dom that […]

Miracle Alien Cookies – SpeedGreens

Miracle Alien Cookies from SpeedGreens – Balanced Hybrid – (AAAA) Visual: I really enjoyed the visual on this MAC. There was lots of big Trichomes all throughout the bud. The colour was a light to medium army green with some darkening to almost a purple colour on some of the leaves at the tip. There were lots of light brown and yellow hairs all over the bud. It had an inner density but still […]

MAC – Speedgreens

Very neatly hand manicured buds, glazed over with healthy trichome coverage. Light amber pistils and very minimal glazed sugar leaves. Dieselly floral terpenes but there is also a slight hint of peppered citrus coming through in the end. Salt and pepper ash with the same spicy citrus flavoring coming through when you exhale. Nicely balanced […]





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