Delivery/packaging : tight packaging, smell-proof box saren wrapped in another box.

Nose: Greasy, super sweet, gassy piney deliciousness. The smell is pungent like a good pink is supposed to. 10/10

Texture/bag appeal: I like big buds and I cannot lie. Super sexy chunky dense medium to large buds.

Taste: The taste is amazing, On the Inhale, the flavor reminds me of cherries: sweet, sour, fantastic! On the exhale, so sweet, creamy, kushy and gassy. Everything you were looking for in a pink, this Tom Ford Island Pink delivers.

High: Super strong and sedative, definitely a night time smoke. Definitely a knock out!

Value/overall rating: Probably, the best Tom Ford Island Pink I’ve smoked, 5 stars out of 5.

The samples were provided for reviews.