Welcome to my first post!

Let’s get right to it, it’s an honour to have smoked this one. As much as the nose is one of the hardest I’ve had to describe in my life, this is one potent strain.

Some incredible high will catch you by surprise after half an hour and depending, you will fall into a deep unscheduled nap or you will enjoy the sativa backgrounds of this well grown cannabis. I found that if I smoked a little joint it would put me to sleep faster than a big one.

There has been many interpretations of the aromas coming out of this beautiful strain. My partner said she smelled dogfood while I smelled mothballs. Many other who have tried this batch claimed that they had a hard time putting a description together when it comes the nose.

However when smoked, the profile becomes clearer, a slightly fruity taste reveals itself along with a floral Pink Kush type smell. It is quite an enjoyable smoke, dense clouds on every hit and a great taste that remains throughout the entire joint. When I first received it, it was still quite fresh and therefore I had to be delicate when grinding it up. Some time in a jar helped in bringing out the fluffiness of the nugs and grinds wonderfully now.

The vibrant colours stick out when grinded, this weed smokes very well, very slowly. This is actually quite fine as you do want to take your time to enjoy every second of the experience of smoking this will grown home grown.

I keep it for late night tokes as my last joint of the day and it usually brings me where I need to be before bed. It has been an incredible opportunity to try this strain, as well as many others that I will do my best to present on this platform!