Strain – Slurricane (Do-si-dos x Purple Punch)

Vistual/Texture – one spade shaped nug making the entire eighth, some magnificent looking bud sharing its real estate between a bright mint green, and sharp bright lavender coloring. Mostly spongy with a slight amount of crispness to the squeeze, while trying to grab back with its sticky in resin exterior, with even more crystal build trapped within. Super bright fire orange pistils, spread over the majority of the structure, and completely covered by a thick stacked layer of snow white trichomes

Scent – absolutely flowing with some sweet powerful terpenes that demand the immediate attention of your nostrils. Strong scents that come off reeking of a deep tropical aroma, giving off wafts of fruity berries combined with undertones of a pungent herbal, earthiness

Smoke – while smoking on, a lighter greyish ash being produced with pepper flakes, having a greasy resin ring of oil emerging after a handful of hoots. That great smell carrying over nicely while puffing on a joint, taking inhales of sweet tropical berries, with a herbal, and pungent earthy flavoring. Continuing with that sweetened taste, the exhales of sour berry fruit, with potent spicy, earthy overtones

High – Slurricane is a hybrid (60/40) with a mix of slight indica doninance. Starting off by engaging your senses with an inrush of energy, uplifted mind of cerebral thoughts, and a strong sense of euphoria flowing over your head. While the high continues settling over you, your head slowly becoming clouded over, skirting any existing issues, while being placed in a blissful mood. You eventually feel your motivation drain, as your body gets a deep sense of relaxation wash entirely over it. Taking on this tasty strain during the day, or early evening will leave you elevated, and able to cruise through whatever is in front of you