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Mcgrupp – Low Price Bud

Very thick orange hairs bursting through a sea of trichomes, very aesthetically pleasing. The terpene profile on this is very hard to lock down, earthy, woodsy with a bit of citrus is as close to an accurate description that I can come to. Burned grey with the same earthy flavor mixed with fruity on exhale. […]

Tangerine – King Tuts

Tangerine. The fully functional day time smoke used to get stuff done. This bud had some beautiful trichomes production show signs of hand trim. These zesty, citrus filled buds were a pleasure to smoke through. A sativa that finally didn’t give me anxiety attacks after a fat bowl. With all the above being said, there […]

Gods Green Crack – King Tuts

Gods Green Crack is a personal favorite strain of mine. Always large, dense nugs. This time we see more green than I would in most cuts. Most gods Green crack the purple hue of the God bud making me think this one was on a bit more of the sativa (greencrack) side of the lineage. […]

Alaskan Thunder Fuck (ATF) – 6ixspensary

An uplifting Sativa sourced from here in Ontario, I love overnight shipping! I was extremely impressed when I opened my mylar to find dense buds of vibrant green and yellow pistils. These dense little rocks busted up to some fluffy, citrus remnants. This bud gave a wonderful uplifting high. It was like cracking a can […]

Death Bubba – Ghost Drops

Death Bubba. One of those classic strains I can never get enough of. Cross of Death Star and Bubba Kush, this seemed to lean more on the Bubba side in terms of structure with long larfy buds with little signs of foxtailing. Overall these buds were relatively loose and sugar leaf filled in all honesty. […]

Nuken – CannaLeafCo

This one was an old school classic. Just pay shipping and you got yourself a free half of Nuken. This stuff was a pleasent surprise. A salt and pepper burn with some crisp sweet grass /floral terps. Nothing over the top but some solid mids. Can’t complain about free weed, and a Canadian Classic with […]

Black Cherry – King Tuts

Black Cherry. The name fits right. Upon opening the bag I was punched in the face with a sweet cherry smell. It was almost artificially delicious. The buds were dense with next to no larf, but the overall sizing of this batch was small unfortunately. The pricing was a bit higher for what I would […]

Bubba Kush – Thompson Valley Collective

A classic Bubba. Beautiful cut by Tommy. Some sticky stems out the side of these leafy aggressive little buds. The bag wrecks of dank coffee terps. The classic kush smell. I’d give this one a solid triple with a nice relaxing day time smoke on the inhale. They have been extremely consistent in terms of […]

Blackberry Cream – Ghost Drops

Blackberry Cream, a beautiful display of what heirba has to offer. These nugs weren’t the most dense, but my God were they covered in keif. Tons of trichomes on this, no empty heads! The jar was filled with heavy blackberry terps. The smoke was a thick, filling Indica smoke that tastes of blackberry jam. This […]

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