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Cherry Pie Budder – WestCoastReleaf

Cherry pie budder was a very great concentrate which i found lived up to many of its strain specific traits such as one of the best aspects is the flavors and smells are very strong especially when dabbed at lower temps. The flavors you get are a blast of herbal and floral with a brief […]

Cherry Pie Budder – West Coast Releaf

Amber in color, soft but crumbly in consistency, easy to work with. Spicy earthy terps resembling classic purple kush but with a small amount of berry blended in as well. Clean melt with the same spiced earth flavoring coming through when you exhale. Heavy euphoria comes on quickly putting your head in the clouds and […]

King Louis XIII Budder- West Coast Releaf

King Louis is one of my favourite strains so I was excited to try it out in budder form. Found the exterior of the budder to be slightly oxidized with a mix of light browns and whitewashed areas. The budder arrived as one small mound, with visible cratering on the outside where the air bubbles […]

King Louis XIII budder — West Coast Releaf

Slightly brown, pale ambered colour, hard texture, scrapes up with your tool like ice cream that’s super hard and been in the freezer for way too long. Came off thin and flaky. Once I got it in my banger, I decided to rip this one with a cold start so I didn’t lose any off […]

White Elephant Budder-WTF Cannabis

The budder had a waxy and almost wet consistency with dark amber and olive colored browns. The texture I would compare to refrigerated lard with an appearance that looked wet but was relatively stable. This made collecting a large dab easy as the product was easy to manage.  The scent coming off this budder was […]

Shiskaberry Budder – Speedgreens

Dark amber honeycomb budder. Easy to manipulate, easy to get the correct sized dab. Fruity berry terpenes with some mint coming through at the end. Clean melt and at first you are met with a spiced berry flavoring that then shifts in to a creamy berry flavoring as time goes on. Heavy indica dom that […]

WiFi OG Budder – Greensociety

Coloring closest resembling french vanilla ice cream, sticky but very malleable. Strong tropical berry terpenes smelling out of the jar. Clean and easy melt however the flavoring is slightly lost in translation, not hitting right away but settles in as time goes on. Nicely balanced hybrid that starts off with blended euphoria and cerebral effects, […]

Berry White Budder- WTF Cannabis

The visual was interesting as it presented with a several distinct yet separate creamy purplish chunks, which were dense yet crumbly when touched. I can relate the consistency to a batch of fudge that is slightly on the dryer side. This consistency lent itself to easily being able to break off a respectable chunk to […]

Cookies & Cream – Bosstalgia

This batch was a 50/50 mix of Nuken budder and Skywalker diamond sauce. It came sealed in a dark jar. The nose is sweet mint, diesel and skunk. It is a honeycomb cookie texture that is soft, moist and sticky. When scooping it brakes up into little crumbs. The smoke was smooth, sweet and clean […]

Banana Split Budder- WTF Cannabis

Wet deep yellow and caramel coloured with a chunky peanut butter texture. This budder was much more dense and heavier then expected when scooping with a dab tool. As you agitated the rosin you could really smell sweet and fruity aromas accompanied by sour notes. Clean burn that made it easy to take respectable sized […]

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