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Grapefruit Zkittlez Diamonds – The Dope Dispensary

These are not for beginners, super potent high with an intense blissful/cerebral effect paired with some heavy relaxation. Taking huge hoots with this stuff is dangerous unless you have the time to do nothing for a while 😂 The smoke is super clean and tasty, with a legitimate sweet grapefruit taste on exhale which is […]

Panic attack diamonds – Enigma extracts

Panic attack is a mix of Congo and Copper chem. I’m a huge Congo fan because of the clear headed high and energizing mood. This stuff smells unbelievable with a heavy berry citrus that floods the room. I was taken aback how loud it actually is. Taste translates perfectly to the smell sweet candy and […]

Violator Kush Diamonds(BHO) – Nature’s Fire

Smaller to medium sized diamonds in an amber terp sauce. Sharp pine terpenes with a little gas at the end. Very pungent to the nose. Clean burn with the same sharp pine gas flavoring on exhale. Very potent indica dom that melts your body from the top to the bottom, couch lock in it’s truest […]

Peanut Butter Breath Rosin Diamonds – Nature’s Fire

Medium-large diamonds with dark amber sauce, very easy to work with. Nutty terpenes with a little bit of citrus on the end. Clean burn with the same base nutty flavor but with a bit of earthy citrus mixed in. Fast hitting waves of relaxation starting at your head and making it’s way to your toes […]

Blueberry Lamb’s Bread – The Dope Dispensary

Large light amber diamonds with small amount of sauce. Sharp citrus terps with a bit of pine. Clean burn with a more creamy citrus terpene profile on exhale. Sativa dom hybrid that’s not the most potent but still puts you in a very comfortable place with a very uplifting high.

Grapefruit Zkittles Diamonds – The Dope Dispensary

Various sized diamonds mixed in to an amber sauce. Pungent musky citrus terpenes to smell. Clean burn with the same pungent flavor coming through in the smoke. Evenly balanced hybrid that puts you in place and let’s you zero in and and get lost on whatever you choose.

Sophie’s Kush Diamonds – The Dope Dispensary

Clustered dark amber diamonds with a small amount of sauce. Creamy citrus terpenes to smell. Smooth burn with a more pronounced citrus flavor. Balanced hybrid that puts your head in the clouds with a nice euphoric high and delivering soothing effects from head to toe.

Lemon Panna Cotta Diamonds – The Dope Dispensary

Various sized diamonds in a light amber sauce. Easily manageable. Creamy citrus-berry terpenes to smell. Clean burn with the flavor shifting to a earthy berry flavor on exhale. Sativa dom hybrid with a nice cerebral high with accompanying waves of deep muscle relaxation.

Lemonaids – The Dope Dispensary

Large formed diamonds with a minimal amount of sauce. Creamy lemon terpenes to the nose almost like pudding. Clean burn, no residue with the same creamy lemon terpenes coming through in the flavor. Fast hitting sativa effects hit you almost like a rocketship, increasing creativity and productivity once you are able to focus on a […]

Grandpa’s Breath Diamonds – The Dope Dispensary

Clusters of diamonds formed in light amber sauce. Sour musky terpenes to the nose. Clean burn on my e-nail, no residue. The flavor shifts to a creamier version of the smell through the smoke. Balance hybrid that hits quickly at first then tapers off in to a nice relaxing high.

Fruit Loops Diamonds/Sauce – Enigma Extracts

One of my favourite dabs so far, the profile on this is just awesome. It has an intense fruity smell to it and tastes accordingly, hitting smooth with high potency. The texture is like a thick sap with sizable diamond clumps in the middle. I hit some clustered diamonds before taking the pic, leaving me […]

Citrique Rosin Diamonds – Nature’s Fire

Immediately apparent on opening this jar is a strong smell of straight lemon candy that stings the nose a bit. The diamonds are huge and there’s a good mixture of darker, sap-like sauce to diamonds, which almost look flaky. The flavor you get from the dab is amazing and and hits the nostrils and back […]

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