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Bubba’s Gift – WTF Cannabis

Neatly sliced, slightly hard at first but gets very sticky very quickly under finger heat. Easy to work with once warmed and played with a little bit. Sweet fruity berry terps nicely come out of the jar as soon as you open it. Clean melt with the same sweet fruity berry flavor when you exhale. […]

Black D.O.G – Premium Budder — WTF Cannabis

Golden amber appearance, soft and waxy really easy to scoop up a nice dab. Stays together really well and is super sticky. Immediately funky and musky nose, slight sweet fruitiness to follow. Tastes a little like lemons, found there to be a slightly floral-soapy aftertaste I didn’t care for too much. Kind of generic taste, […]

Jamaican Dream budder — WTF Cannabis

Less of an amber colour, more pale golden brown, lighter than brown sugar, with a slightly green tinge to it. Solid and was one giant chunk in the jar, as you can tell from the 2nd photo. Has a hard exterior, reminding me of the consistency of hash, soft but stiff and sticky. Looks and […]

Skunkberry /w CBD Isolate – WTF Cannabis

I previously reviewed the budder separately in it’s own review, you can see the budder review here: this review is the effects of adding CBD isolate to a dab and comparing the effects. The isolate itself is a fine, crystalliy powdery substance with a sweet sugary smell. I can say that the 2 flavors […]

Skunkberry – WTF Cannabis

Amber, very sugary consistency, very easy to work with, making getting the desired sized dab very easy to achieve. Rich berry terps mixed with a bit of floral. Clean melt with same floral berry flavoring when you exhale. Evenly balanced hybrid effects giving you a nice hazy, uplifting high giving you a nice smile on […]

Cookies n Creme GSC – Bosstalgia

Every so often I come across something unique in my search for the next thing to get me high, and this was one that made my mouth water. Everything from the look of it, the name, the description, were just screaming tasteville to me, and it was right. Its name refers to the fact that […]

Jillybean Budder — WTF Cannabis

Upon opening the jar, you are greeted with notes of a classic generic weed smell, along with slight notes of exotic citrus. Budder is a dark-golden amber colour, and very sticky but easy to scoop up. When dabbed, the smell translated very well into taste, adding a slight creaminess on exhale. Fast acting effects which […]

Bruce Banner Budder – West Coast Releaf

This was my first time trying budder! Visually this Budder was very appealing. It had a creamy brown colour and the texture was like hardened bacon grease. The flavour was sweet and skunky and it was very smooth to smoke. I got a good punch from it and the effects were very relaxing and heavy. […]

White Elephant Budder – WTF Cannabis

Darker amber in color, very easy to work with, almost like a creamy peanut butter consistency. Lavender floral terps out of the jar easy noticible. Very clean melt with the same floral-lavender terps when you exhale. Rush of euphoria comes on very quickly with a slightly racy high at first but then mellows out as […]

Cherry Pie Budder- West Coast Releaf

Vibrant nut brown colored which appeared fresh had a cold butter consistency that flaked or crumbled when agitated. The smell was slightly muted with floral and earthy notes being most prominent; followed by wafts of mild berry (possibly cherry) aromas. The budder melted well with only minimal residue left behind with smooth smoke and pleasant […]

Cherry Pie Budder — West Coast Releaf

Nice dark-ish amber colour, very soft and a little crumbly but really easy to scoop up and work with. A nice pungent earthy aroma fills your nostrils, along with a hint of fruit or berry mixed with a slight gas to follow. Taste translates very well to the smell of this stuff; super pleasant to […]

Platinum Bubba Budder – West Coast Releaf

Hey folks, I got this wonderfully light tasting budder in from West Coast Releaf, my first order from them so I was definitely excited! First impressions were good! For the price, I am usually weary but this comes well packaged and labelling is on point, both good signs of care on the sellers front. Visually […]

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