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Godbud Bubble Hash Rosin – Nature’s Fire

Noticeably strong sweet, slightly fruity and floral smell coming off of this rosin. It has a very sticky texture that’s a bit harder to work with but seems common to hash rosin’s I’ve had. It’s a darker amber colour, its pretty clear when held up against a light. Very enjoyable dab with the sweet floral […]

Citrique Rosin Diamonds – Nature’s Fire

Immediately apparent on opening this jar is a strong smell of straight lemon candy that stings the nose a bit. The diamonds are huge and there’s a good mixture of darker, sap-like sauce to diamonds, which almost look flaky. The flavor you get from the dab is amazing and and hits the nostrils and back […]

Frozen Gelato 37u Flower Rosin

Thinner consistency, sappy and sticky but still very easy to dab. Earthy with some gas with a sweet gas on exhale. Clean burn, no residue, full flavor. Very nicely balanced hybrid that is very consistent with the high that comes with smoking the flower as well. Very nice blend of euphoria and relaxation. Nice early […]

Pink Lady Cake Batter 37u Flower Rosin – Nature’s Fire

Dark brown, clear medium,thicker consistency but still easily manageable. Very nice sweet creamy dough terpenes to both the smell and flavor. Smooth clean burn, no residue, full flavor. Sativa dom but blended very nicely. Sativa dom but blended so well it hits between the eyes very quickly and relaxation starts at your head and flows […]

Bubba Star Rosin Diamonds(Solventless) – Nature’s Fire

Huge diamonds drenched in sauce. Smooth gas terpenes to the nose and an almost creamy gas flavor on exhale. Very clean burn no residue, very smooth. Very nice heavy bubba effects that hit almost instantly couch locking you until you absolutely are required to get up.

Island skunk Rosin – Sauce house

Sauce house island skunk Great smell from the skunk almost like fresh cut flower. Thick frosting like texture. Flavour profile wise is very different from the smell with a herbal earthy vapour. Potency is good with this strain as well. Effects  starting quick and staying between the eyes.

Scout’s Honor 73u Flower Rosin – Nature’s Fire

Creamy, easily manageable medium. Almost like budder but it’s own unique texture, really impressed with how easily it is to dab in comparison to other rosins i’ve had. Earthy doughy terpenes flow the whole way through from nose to burn. Clean burn in the banger, very smooth. Very potent, locked me in my chair for […]

Papaya Punch Rosin – Enigma Extracts

Purple Punch x Papaya blend, the terps on this are unreal, exotic mixed with exotic, smells and tastes just like Tropical Fish candy, unreal. Hits like a truck.

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