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Black Dog – WTF Cannabis

Light amber in color, with a slightly thicker consistency but very easy to work with, very malleable. Rich berry/grape terps with a small amount of piney undertones, but mostly berries/grapes. Clean melt with a more balanced flavor of berries and sweet pine. Quick onset euphoria, giving you a nice glaze over your eyes, providing a […]

Apple Pie Budder-Shades of Green

The budder was incredibly dense and tacky with dark amber to brown colours. Snagging a dab was simple as it clumped together easily but had to put some effort into digging into the pile to collect it.  The consistency had a crusty exterior with a  a hard shell with a thick gummy interior. No perceivable […]

Sour Tangie Budder- Shades of Green

Another budder which had a muted nose which only became apparent as I agitated the budder. Had some sour orange notes as I whipped the product but again nothing comparable to the strain it is representing. Product did appear fresh with a wet sappy appearance; yet the consistency was denser than the initial look would […]

Watermelon Zkittles – WTF Cannabis

Light amber in color, cubed and slightly dryer and firmer then other CG budders i’ve had in the past but still very easy to work with. Smooth berry terps out of the jar with a very small amount of floral blended in. Clean melt with the same rich berry floral flavor when you exhale. Very […]

Jillybean – WTF Cannabis

Bright amber in color, not sharing the same traditional texture of CG budders, almost like a sugared shatter consistency. Very easy to work with. Tangie mango terps, almost tropical in nature. Clean melt with the same tropical fruit flavoring when you exhale. Nicely balanced hybrid effects delivering a nice uplifting euphoric high but with clear […]

Pink Kush – WTF Cannabis

Amber in color with a caramel candy consistency, soft but still firm, very easy to work with. Rich floral terps out of the jar with a small amount of gas at the end. Clean melt with a nice sweet gassy flavoring when you exhale. Early euphoric high that puts a nice glaze over your eyes […]

Quantum Kush – WTF Cannabis

With a consistency more like rosin then budder, we have a very smooth and creamy amber medium, very easy to work with. Herbal citrus terps out of the jar really nice clean smell. Clean melt with the same citrusy herbal flavoring when you exhale with a slight amount of peppering. Nice rush of uplifting mental […]

Guava Cake – WTF Cannabis

Light amber in color, caramel candy like consistency which has become a common staple with CG’s various budders. Very easy to work with. Rich floral berry terps, really pleasant. Clean melt with the flavor leaning more in the berry direction at first then blending with a little bit of earth giving you a nice tropical […]

Guava Cake – CG Extracts – WTF Cannabis

On first look this budder is a very light golden yellow, shaped into little bricks and cubes with lots of little air bubbles. The texture was smoothy and would  easily stick to itself allowing you to size your dab with out issue. When i finished this gram i had no problems with product stuck in […]

Afternoon Delight – WTF Cannabis

Caramel like consistency and color, very soft and easy to work but not greasy, very malleable. Earthy diesel terps with a little bit of herbal undertones. Clean melt with a spicy diesally flavor at first that later settles in to a more earthy herbal flavor as time goes on. Heavy euphoric high that hits you […]

Hashberry Budder-Get Ganja Online

Rich brown to slightly burnt orange in colour that was opaque with a grainy consistency. The feel of the budder was thick and tacky; which again made it simple to collect a reasonable dab. The smell was slightly muted, but I picked up some pine, earth and minty notes. The smoke was smooth and had […]

Banana Lime Budder – Get Ganja Online

Very nice and soft budder consistency which is extremely easy to work with. The colour is a dark golden brown. The aroma is fairly weak, with a faint banana lime nose along with some weak herbal/spicy tones mixed in. This translates nicely into a banana and lime flavour with some slight herbal tones mixed in. […]

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