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Strawberry Kush Rosin Jam – Nature’s Fire

Very nice smooth light amber jam. Very easy to work with, not sticky or sappy. Floral berry terpenes to smell. Clean burn with smooth strawberry terpenes on exhale. Well blended hybrid that delivers a nice hazy, euphoric high, boosting creativity and productivity.

Fuelly Pebbles Flower Rosin – Nature’s Fire

Whipped then cured, light amber, creamy medium. Very easy to work with. Smooth fruity terpenes with a little bit of gas. Clean burn with fruity-pine flavoring coming through on exhale. Heavy hitting indica dom that quickly has you faded, losing time out of your day before you realize how long it’s been since your last […]

Purple Drank Breath Live Rosin – Sandhill_Organics

My name… is Tullock. Botanist and Extreme Video Gamer And for the last 5 years I’ve been all over Canada, searching for the best flavors. ~ ~ ~ ~ Lately I’ve come across a strain, I think everybody should try at least once. A strain that check marks everything on my list and more. This […]

Scout’s Honor Rosin Terp Sauce – Nature’s Fire

Clear amber terp sauce with a minimal amount of small bubbles. Thinner consistency a little stringy but not too bad. Somewhat muted earthy dough terpenes out of the jar. Clean burn with a much more fuller flavor of doughy earth when you exhale. Indica dom that quickly hits you between the eyes, putting a smile […]

Sauce house – tangerine dream rosin

Tangerine dream rosin nice clean smoke, very potent, couple of dabs and I’m out for the night. Smells a bit earthy/floral Flavour is nutty with a sour fruity exhale.

Peanut Butter Breath Rosin Diamonds – Nature’s Fire

Medium-large diamonds with dark amber sauce, very easy to work with. Nutty terpenes with a little bit of citrus on the end. Clean burn with the same base nutty flavor but with a bit of earthy citrus mixed in. Fast hitting waves of relaxation starting at your head and making it’s way to your toes […]

Dolato Rosin 37u – Nature’s Fire

Whipped then cold cured, pale amber with a touch of green coloring. Very easy to work with. Berry lavender terpenes with a bit of pine to the nose. Smooth clean burn with a berry lavender flavor coming through in smoke. Indica dom hybrid that doesn’t come on super strong at first but as time goes […]

Candy Cane Cake Batter – Nature’s Fire

Creamy, frothy batter full of tiny bubbles. Amber in color, very manageable. Minty cake terpenes to the nose. Clean smooth burn with a nice sweet dessert type flavor on exhale. Indica dom that really puts you in to a nice relaxing state in both the mind and body.

Godberry Rosin 37u – Nature’s Fire

Putty like medium, firm enough that you can touch it without residue on your fingers but easily scoops for the desired dab size. Creamy-berry terpenes to smell that’s quickly becoming one of my favorite terpene profiles. Clean burn, with the same awesome flavor when you exhale. Heavy indica dom that puts you firm in your […]

Organic GG#4 Rosin Jam – Nature’s Fire

Amber-green coloring depending on the light source. Medium thickness, sticky and sappy but still easily manageable. Earthy-herbal although muted to the nose come through smoothly in the taste. Clean burn, no residue. Indica dom hybrid that hit very quickly and touched on all of the right spots on both site of the spectrum.

BC Godbud Bubble Hash Rosin 37u – Nature’s Fire

Creamy smooth texture, resembling a whipped caramel. Very easy to work with, one of my favorite consistencies with extracts. Very berry-herbal terpenes to both the smell and the taste on exhale, very nice profile. Clean burn, no residue. Very heavy indica effects take over quickly after a few small dabs, planting you in your chair […]

Grape Ape Sift Hash Rosin – Nature’s Fire

Dark amber, very thick, bubbled medium. A little bit of a nuisance to work with but well worth the effort. True to the flower it retains a very nice ape terpene profile in both the nose and the flavoring. Smooth clean burn, no residue. Very heavy between the eyes and plants you in you chair […]

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