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Tropicana Cookies – Hornet’s Buds

Tropicana Cookies from Hornet’s Buds Cultivator: Enigma Extracts Cross: Girl Scout Cookies x Tangie Sativa Dominant Hybrid Visual: The buds were dark, dank, and dense looking. They had some small spots of bright green but lots of dark greens and hues of purple and black. They had sparkly crystal all over and they were very dense. Nose: The nose […]

Crunk Boat – Hornet’s Buds

Crunk Boat from Hornet’s Buds Cultivator: Onyx Phenos Cross: Grape Bubba x Tina Balanced Hybrid Visual: It had a natural look to it and a bit of colour variation. One of the buds had a lot of purples and other buds were just green. It had lots of frosty crystal and orange wispy hairs all over. The buds […]

Donny Burger – Hornet’s Buds

Donny Burger from Hornet’s Buds Cross: GMO x Han Solo Burger Indica Dominant Hybrid Visual: They were medium sized buds with lots of fat, sparkly crystal all over. It had some light greens and forest greens with hints of purples at the ends of the leaves. It also had patches of fiery orange hairs all over and […]

Pink Unicorn – Order Weed Online

Pink Unicorn from Order Weed Online Visual: It had great visual appeal! It was a dark green colour with some spots of bright green and spots of purple/black It had patches of brown hairs and lots of tight compact and sparkly crystal. There were quite dense but had a nice sticky squish to them. Nose: The nose […]

Biscotti Crasher – Order Weed Online – February

Biscotti Crasher from Order Weed Online Visual: This Biscotti Crasher had a magazine quality look to it. It had light and dark greens, but it was lightened up by all the frosty fat crystal. There were patches of orange hairs all over and it looked just shiny and bright. It was very dense. Nose: The nose had […]

Unicorn Food – Order Weed Online

Unicorn Food from Order Weed Online Visual: There were some nice visuals on this Unicorn Food. It had tons of fat sparkly crystal all over it. They were quite dark, almost a deep dark blue and splotches of green and little patches of brown hairs. They were very dense. Nose: The nose was gassy and piney with […]

Black Gas – Order Weed Online

Black Gas from Order Weed Online Cross: The Black x Gas Mask Indica Visual: This Black Gas had crazy visuals! There were a few spots of green and hues of green but it was mostly black. The crystal was big and frosty and sparkly and it had patches of orange/brown hairs all over. It had a great […]

Mike Tyson – One Two Treez

Mike Tyson from One Two Treez Cross: Descendant of OG Kush 80% Indica Dominant Hybrid Visual: I loved the visuals! It was very dank looking! There were lots of different colours, bright greens, forest greens, dark greens, and blacks. The crystal was very sparkly and it was more of the tight compact crystal. It had lots of […]

Comatose OG – One Two Treez

Comatose OG from One Two Treez Cross: OG Kush and another heavy Indica 90% Indica Dominant Hybrid Visual: It looked great for a AAA. It had lots of frosty sparkly crystal all over. It was a bit loose and there was a tiny bit of leaf but it still had great visual appeal. There was lots of […]

Pine Tar – One Two Treez

Pine Tar from One Two Treez Cross: Direct descendant of the infamous Kush strain. 100% Indica Visual: They were small to medium buds that were a forest green overall but had some medium greens and lots of sparkly crystal all over and throughout. They were very dense buds. Nose: The nose was very piney and gassy and sweet […]

Sunset Pink – One Two Treez

Sunset Pink from One Two Treez Cross: Phenotype of Sunset Sherbet 70% Indica Dominant Hybrid Visual: It was a huge bud with a beautiful structure to it! It had lots of fox tailing and lots of sparkly crystal all over and throughout. It had a look like it was going to be sticky. It had some bright […]

Raspberry Mint Cookies – One Two Treez

Raspberry Mint Cookies from One Two Treez Cross: Raspberry Kush x Thin Mint Cookies Completely Balanced Hybrid Visual: This one had crazy visuals! Wow! It was super frosty and it was very dark over all with lots of purples and some greens and some blacks and it even had a red hue to it. Soooo cool! There […]

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