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Crack Train * Tegridy Farms * August

Strain – Crack Train (Green Crack x Trainwreck) Vistual/Texture – medium in size with a fluffy, airy texture, crisp shelled exterior, spade shaped bud. Slightly dry on the exterior, with a sticky freshness held within. Shades of dark forest mixed with mossy green tones. Intertwined throughout are short dark fire orange pistils, and covered by […]

Death Fuel Tuna * Tegridy Farms * August

Strain – Death Fuel Tuna (Death Bubba x Tuna Kush) Vistual/Texture – the bud structure decently formed, plump, oval shaped, and of medium stature.  The nug sporting a crisp shelled exterior, slight dryness to the touch. Wearing a bold royal green shading, with emerald sugar leaves hugging the structure, and dark forest colored undertones. Bright […]

Purple Elephant * Tegridy Farms * August

Strain – Purple Elephant (Purple Urkle x Gage Green) Visual/Texture – airy, fluffy giving off a slight sponginess, slightly dry, with some sugar leaf presence. Medium sized, crescent shaped bud, containing a very unique blend that appears to be a mixed blend being half compiled of a moss green with almost an evenly split with […]

Jungle Diamonds * Tegridy Farms * August

Strain – Jungle Diamonds (Slurricane x Gorilla Glue 4) Visual/Texture – one rounded form bud, mostly shaded by a mossy coloring with undertones of medium emerald green. Textured by an airy, fluffy, minor crisp surrounding, sticky more resin accumulation revealed once snapped apart. Bright rust colored pistils stretching across the structure, and covered by a […]

Death Rockstar * Tegridy Farms * August

Strain – Death Rockstar (Death Star x Rockstar) Visual/Texture – round oval shaped bud with a crisp shell, slightly dry exterior, decently compact together, and completely fluffing out post grinder. Lighter lime green shading, sporting olive undertones, and sugar leaves carrying the same hues. Shorter thinner copper colored pistils gapped over the entire structure, and […]

Better Than Bubba * Tegridy Farms * August

Strain – Better Than Bubba Visual/Texture – coming out presenting itself as a medium, spear shaped bud. Airy with some sponginess, mildly crisp exterior, only shielding in the sticky resin lined interior. Moss shading over the majority while dark forest green undertones seep through. Orangish brown pistils extending out of a good portion of the […]


Tight almost rock solid, moist well manicured colorful buds! Dark and lime green with purple evenly distributed on the outside but once broken open you see dark purple and golden copper bleeding all throughout, Caked in creamy white crystals and furry trichomes that shine and gleam making the herb look like a geode when broken […]

Presidential Pinks

Tight,spongy,sticky and moist lime and Forrest green with hints of copper and purple bleeding throughout buds, covered in short dark orange hairs with some decent crystal coverage but once broken open buds are caked in gleaming fuzzy trichomes. Smell is nice and refreshing im getting sweet pungent gassy citrus lemons! Taste is interesting! Sweet berries […]

Afghani Bullrider

Afghani Bullrider Company:Tfcannabis Moist,sticky,tight,spongy colorful buds im seeing dark and lime greens with copper and purple bleeding out from within, covered in thick patches of dark orange almost reddish hairs and coated in crystals and glimmering diamond like trichomes. Smell is nice! I’m getting dank sweet gas with some lemon citrus notes that make the […]

Death Fuel – Tegridy Farms – June 2021

Fairly leafy and a touch generic looking with a muted nose… I wasn’t exactly enthused considering the name of this bud. I was expecting more Grease? More Gas? Less leaf? I guess a little of each.   It turns out to be an average Death Bubba though. Had some stickiness when broken up and the […]

Pink Bio Diesel – Tegridy Farms – June 2021

The first thing I noticed about this flower was the trich coverage throughout the olive green, chunky looking nug. A good amount of the crystal stuck to the bag when I pulled the bud out indicating freshness and stickiness. This flower has a good cure and is not dry at all.   Has a good […]

Godzilla * Tegridy Farms * June

Strain – Godzilla Visual/Texture – chunky medium sized bud densely compact together while giving very little budge once squeezed. Once breaking apart the crispy nug, it really brings to light the sticky resin contained within this herb. Mostly colored bright neon green, while wearing emerald, and casting vibrant purple hues. Fiery orange pistils popping over […]

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