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Hippie Crippler – Tegridy Farms – May 2021

Appearance – Coming in somewhat squished, these are dark green, fairly dense, chunky little buds with decent trichome coverage   Nose – Nice sweet, hazy type nose that’s very pleasant and leans heavily to the kind of scents coming from good sativas. It’s got the hazy spice that I love   Taste/Burn – The taste […]

Purple Space Cookies – Order Bud Online – May 2021

Coming in smaller nugs, with great trichome coverage. The buds are semi dense and have quite noticeable purple hues. The trim job is okay, with quite a bit of unneeded leaf. Cured just alright being slightly on the dryer side. Has a real nice kushy sweet berry grape earthy aroma. Smoking I got a earthy […]

Strawberry Sherbert – Chronic Farms

Strawberry Sherbert from Chronic Farms 70% Sativa Dominant Hybrid Cross: Strawberry Daquiri x Rainbow Sherbert Visual: This one was a looker with a covering of frosty Trichomes all over. The colour was a light green with spots of dark green leaves and patches of orange hairs. It was lightened up by all of the crystal, it was […]

Blue Dream

Tight,slightly sticky, spongy,chunky lime green buds coated in crystal and caked in fuzzy shiny little diamond like trichomes. Smell is very nice and unique! Pungent nose tingling earthy sour with some lemon citrus and floral notes. Taste is so unique!(this is what I love about Tfcannabis) Very spicy earthy/super sour with some creamy berries that […]

Tropicana Cookies – Greenstar Grows x fLVR TWN

This flower has a beautiful bag appeal with extremely deep and rich purples accented by dark orange pistils and glistening, fully developed trichome heads. The aroma from the jar isn’t extremely impressive, but once broken up there’s a complex mix of sweet oranges and earthy/herbal dough. It also has a slight creamy undertone that really […]

Red Congolese * High Grade Aid * April

Strain – Red Congolese (Congolese x Mexican Sativa x Afghani) Visual/Texture – a compilation of smaller to medium sized nugs. Casting a beautiful minty green color, with emerald hues, lined with some crystal ice trichomes, and an appearance of being engulfed by the abundance of lengthy deep fire red pistils. Bud trim is on point, […]

Jet Fuel –

Jet Fuel rated as Sativa A cross of Aspen OG x High Country Diesel Came in as one big boulder. Really nice looking round shape, dense and plumpy not sticky fresh but well cured. With a green base and a purple touch on the sugar leaf near the tip of the bud. This one smell […]

Cake Pop – The High Club – April 2021

Cake Pop is a rare strain, this is the first time I’ve heard of it and had the pleasure to try. Has a stunning snowy teal color with a slight purpling. Has a expectional trim and cure. The buds are rock hard in density and are medium to large size. Has a mouth watering aroma […]

Electric Blue Lemonade

Slightly sticky,tight,spongy lime with hints of dark green bud with patches of short orange/red almost pink hairs covered in crystals but coated once broken open! Smell is next level!!!🥳 Ultra sour at first but once busted/agitated sweet creamy citrus fills the air. Taste is so nice(I love sour and fruity herbs)(unique flavors) pure earthy sour […]

Cherry Cake – MMJ Express

Cherry Cake (AAAA) from MMJ Express 80% Sativa / 20% Indica Cross: Norcal Goo x Cherry Thunderfuck Visual: It looked very light and cakey with its light greens and bright greens. Everything was surrounded by lots of   frosty white crystal and there were tiny little patches of light brown hairs. The buds were small – medium sized […]

AJ Sour D – @chemical_valley_cannabis2

AJ Sour Diesel Sativa Dom A cross of Sour Diesel x unknown pheno Classic Sour Diesel look on those caked nuggets. Bright green with darker shades on the sugar leafs. An insane ammount of healty heads on the outside looked like its been meticulously handled. This one smells amazing really pungent and funky just like […]

Blue Monkey – AC Medical—strain-review-106145 Blue Monkey from AC Medical Visual: It was a good-looking bud! There was lots of frosty crystal all over and throughout. It was a light green with lots of patches of orange hairs. It had a nice structure and it was a bit loose in some places and dense in other places. Nose: The nose was […]

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