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Chocolatina Rosin- Northstar Rosin

Beautiful glassy looking flower rosin with bronze to coffee colored hues depending on the thickness. The rosin was solidified which likely set the scene for the countless bubbles of varying sizes throughout the rosin. The smells were apparent upon opening with earthy, herbal and sweet scents hitting my nose.  These smells only intensified with whipping […]

OG Zkittlez Hash Rosin- Northstar Rosin

Chunky and creamy with an oily slick on the exterior giving an appearance resembling peanut butter. The colours were dark nut browns to golden as it thinned out in areas. The smell was very muted as I opened the jar but when whipped produced fragrant sweet, fruity and citrus aromas. For a budget rosin this […]

Red Congo Rosin – North Star Rosin

Very sticky texture similar to creamy caramel with a brown color. It has a light nose of citrus, pine and spice. Slightly muted terps with a earthy herbal finish. Red Congo is 100% sativa, it was a very energizing and social high, stimulating mental focus and alertness. I found myself active and constantly getting things […]

Vanilla Gorilla #3 Rosin – Rootbase

This is some fantastic rosin with a complex terpene profile. I find it to be an absolutely insane sweet vanilla and fruity nose with strong spicy/earthy and hashy undertones. It has a gorgeous golden colour which can look dark depending on the thickness of the rosin. The texture is a dream to work with, like […]

Nitrous Flower Rosin – Rootbase

Incredibly happy with this rosin. At first glance I loved the creamy texture and gorgeous dark gold colour. It’s honestly the best texture for flower rosin that I’ve had the pleasure of trying and the easiest to work with. The aroma is just as impressive with a sweet and dank herbal scent along with strong […]

Cotton Candy Kush Rosin – Nature’s Fire

Soft and creamy, light amber, flower rosin. Very easy to work with, Strong berry-lavender terpenes right out of the jar with a bit of sweetness. Clean melt with the same rich berry-floral flavor coming through in smooth smoke. Very nicely balanced euphoria and sedation that really lets you get lost in to any form of […]

Blue Nuken Rosin Jam – Nature’s Fire

Very thin, light amber rosin jam with small diamonds formed throughout. Earthy berry terpenes with a bit of pine at the end. Clean burn with the same berry pine flavoring coming through in a smooth burn. Hits nicely with a quick euphoric high that raises your eyebrows with your cheeks following shortly there-after. As time […]

Blackberry Kush Cake Batter – Nature’s Fire

Very creamy amber, creamy peanut butter like medium. Very easy to work with. Rich berry terpenes with a small amount of sour on the end. Clean burn with a smooth berry flavor with the smallest amount of a sour like citrus flavoring. Heavy euphoria comes on quickly putting a nice glaze over your eyes and […]

Grandaddy Purple Flower Rosin – Nature’s Fire

Creamy, fluffy, dark amber flower rosin, very easy to work with texture wise. Herbal-pine terpenes to the nose. Clean burn with the profile shifting to more herbal peppered flavor with a bit of pine coming in later on. Quickly on-set euphoria comes on behind your eyes and blends it’s way nicely through your whole body […]

Afghan Kush Rosin- Prince’s Private Reserve

Rosin was dark amber with olive undertones to light golden hues, depending on the thickness of the rosin. Feel was tacky with a slightly drier exterior with a creamy and wet texture below the surface. Smell was very pungent and sharp with pine, gas and herbals smells being most prominent.  The smoke was very smooth […]

Purple Pink Hash Rosin – Green Hornet

Ordered a gram of this to try cause I like being able to try the flower that the extract was made from. Absolutely beautiful consistency of a soft toffee. Nice sour smell and very flavourful berry and gas Vapour. I started with a hefty sized dab and was completely floored how heavy the high is. […]

Pink Panties Flower Rosin Jam – Nature’s Fire

Dark amber, thin rosin jam, very sticky, but still easy to get the desired dab size without much difficulty. Sweet floral terpenes to smell with a very small bit of gas coming at the end. Clean burn with the the flavor shifting to a more traditional pink but with more sweetness. Nice calming, relaxing high […]

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