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Guava Cake Budder-Pacificcanny

I’m very new to concentrates! Golden Brown and glimmering in the light, this product looks like a tiny slab of shiny fudge. Waxxy candle like material so very easy to work with!🥳 Smell is pretty muted but I get a earthy hash smell. Taste is very similar to smell earthy but some creamy and nutty […]

Cali Kush-Blowout420

Medium,tight,spongy,sticky very dark and lime green with some purple bleeding through buds. Smell is really nice! Pungent sour and sweet gas that fills the air. Taste is actually very nice and very interesting! Intense sour gas with a very kushy aftertaste(musky/lemon/minty/savory). Great burn! Starts our a little harsh but smooths out,resinous throughout entire joint(1.5g) small […]


Large,tight,moist,slightly sticky bright lime green buds covered in light orange hairs and coated in crystals(caked on the inside) and Smell is really nice and unique im getting sweet earthly vanilla!!! Smells like a cupcake or a dessert. Taste is very nice! Pungent earthy/musky with a sweet aftertaste that lingers on the palate. Burn was a […]

Gummy Bears * Bud Paradise * February

Brand – Gummy Bears by Cannabuzz Flavor – a tasty blend of peach mixed with mango make for a tasty combo packed into each one of these. The dose being of higher proportions for each little bear, one would assume the taste would be effected, this was not the case at all. Delicious and potent […]

Mimosa FSE- Cannabis Essence

Interesting square jar with a glass insert and a lid that opens with a quick squeeze on the sides. The FSE arrived as a thick mildly offwhite slab. The sauce was less apparent seeming to be mixed in with the product itself giving it a wet sugar appearance when agitated. Slightly dryer than the Juicecake […]

Pink Gelato – theforevergreener

Pink Gelato rated as Indica AAA Taught to be a cross of : Pink Kush x Sherbert x Thin Mint GSC Medium sized chunky nug dense and firm to the touch. Felt sticky with a lot of intact big milky heads on the outside clearly showing its been handled with care. Many shades of green […]

Death Cookies – Black Rabbit – February 2021

Having a heavy coating of trichomes making it appear a beautiful milky light green with purple hueing. When the buds are busted open there is a lot of gorgeous purple throughout. Manicured decently well only having a bit of leafage, while the cure is on point being pretty well perfect. Buds have a rock hard […]

Mac1 – Chronic Farms – February 2021

These stunning heavily caked out in trichomes flower is called Mac1. It has a rock hard density with a no spongeyness at all. Trimmed and cured to absolute perfection with no leaf insight and busting up ever so nicely. Has a phemonable aroma of sweet cookie with a twist of citrus. When smoked I received […]

Girl Scout Cookies * Tegridy Farms * February

Strain – Girl Scout Cookies Smell – this distinct smelling strain has become well known, whether by itself or being a parent of another cross. That really familiar cookie dough scent is really present on this stuff, creamy, nutty, and doughy terpenes just reek off and become more pronounced once tearing into this compact beauty […]

Mataro Blue * Bud Paradise * February

Strain – Mataro Blue (Black Domina x Mazar/Sharif x Blue Monster) Smell – a rare strain, and the first time encountering this specimen. The terpenes that this strain possess are just fantastic. An instant pleasure greeting at the entrance of the mylar, giving you pungent aromas of sweet fruity berries paired up nicely with a […]

Pine Tar * Gold Dreams * February

Strain – Pine Tar  Smell – an instant welcome of stanky terpenes greet you as you tear open the mylar packaging. You are blasted by an aroma of a sweet skunky pine, with scents or citrus, and earthy woodiness Smoke – consistent while burning for a good span, before the resin build catches up and […]

AK47 * Tegridy Farms * February

Strain – AK47 Smell – the lineage of this strain still remains a mystery, but is said to be a unification of several strain from I wasn’t expecting such a pungent nostril infested blast coming off of the AK47. Strong smells of sweet cheesy skunk with a mix of sour berry pungent earthiness Smoke – […]

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