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Do-Si-Dos Cart by Elite Elevation

The Do-Si-Dos live resin cartridge by Elite Elevation provides an overall delightful vaping experience. The taste is what attracts me most to this cart as it keeps me coming back for more. It tastes predominantly of sour citrus on the inhale and introduces a subtle sweet mint on the exhale. There is a slight pepper […]

Gorilla Breath – Kush Station

The gorilla breath has a light nose of chocolate, skunk and diesel tones. Sharp shaped nugs that were dense & crystalized with long orange hairs. The smoke was a little on the dry side, with a pepper exhale. Great indica dominant strain, the high starting in the mind but quickly making its way to your […]

Mandarin Cookies – Kush Station

I decided to start my day off with some mandarin cookies. Light green and fluffy bud with a medium nose of citrus oranges. Really smooth smoke, and the orange terps really do come through. Excellent during the day, a nice productive smoke to get the daily tasks done.

Crunch Berry – Kush Station

This bud was bright green, medium density and covered in trichomes. Your nose is greeted with pungent berry, citrus, and floral tones. It was grown in living soil with no pesticides. The smoke was smooth with berry terpenes, earthiness and a pine exhale, the ahes where light gray. It is a hybrid high leaning towards […]

Master Tuna – Kushstation

Frosted, dense, light green nugs, very strong pistil development over neatly hand manicured buds. Earthy gas terpenes to smell. Salt and pepper burn with the same earthy gas flavor on exhale. Quick hitting indica effects that makes your eyes heavy with the rest of your body following in suit making it the perfect bed time […]

Ayahuasca Purple (Living Organic) – Kushstation

Very frosted, wild in nature buds with hues of purple, light green, and accompanied with heavy pistil growth. Earthy lavender terpenes to the nose with a very clean, smooth burn that comes along generally with living organic. A nice sweet lavender flavor on exhale. Indica dom that doesn’t come across as the most potent at […]

Agent Orange Cart by Elite Elevation

The Agent Orange live resin terp sauce cartridge by Elite Elevation provides a pleasant orange citrus taste on the inhale with a slight touch of bubblegum on the exhale. The orange taste is very present, but not overpowering or over-sweet. The effects are fairly potent and heavy on the sativa side as I feel energized […]

Dosi Sundae Cart by Enigma Extracts

The Dosi Sundae Cart by Enigma Extracts is a cross between Sundae Driver and Do-si-dos. This cart provides a very pleasant and enjoyable semi-sweet vapor on the inhale, with a strong floral taste on the exhale. While this is an indica dominate strain the immediate effects are right down the middle hybrid as I feel […]

Gorilla Breath – Kushstation

A nice sea of white wrapped around light green foliage with very healthy pistil development. Very nice to look at.  Earthy sweet to smell with a bit of pine on the tail end. Light grey ash and a more prominent pine flavoring on exhale. 80/20 indica dom hybrid which is my personal sweet spot, making […]

Pre-98 Bubba(Cincopax) – Kushstation

Very frosted, resinous, dense buds with wild pistil growth in a sea of trichomes and small amounts of purple sugar leaves throughout. Earthy terpenes to the nose with a trail of gas at the end. Clean white ash with a very smooth earthy flavor on exhale. Pre 98 Bubba is one of my absolute favorite […]

Alien OG – Kushstation

Light green, dense buds with nice pistil and trichome coverage. Small amount of sugar leaves. Earthy-citrus terpenes to the nose, not super loud but you can still pick up the scent easily. Clean white ash with a more pronounced pine-citrus flavor on exhale. Nicely balanced hybrid leaning a bit on the indica side that gives […]

White Cookies Cart by Enigma Extracts

White Cookies is a cross between White Widow and Girl Scout Cookies.  After inhaling I taste mild grapes and a slight sweetness which continues on the exhale. If you dislike the gas/grassy weed taste this might be the perfect cart for you. The effects are right down the middle hybrid for me with relaxing body […]

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