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Fire OG Budder – WTFCannabis

The name Fire OG brings back so many memories. Its the name of the strain that first got me high. Naturally I was excited when I ordered this budder strain and like before it didn’t disappoint. The terpenes resembled  an earthy tone. I really enjoyed the terpenes on this budder, especially with the smoothness that […]

Pineapple Punch Budder – Shades Of Green

Pineapple Punch Budder from Shades Of Green Visual: It was a bit dryer and darker looking than the Alokai Hawaiian Budder. It had almost like a green tinge to the brown sugar colour of it. Nose: The nose was sweet and tropical and fruity with a hint of pine. Taste: It was mainly a piney taste with some […]

Seaberry Crumble – Shades Of Green

Seaberry Crumble from Shades Of Green Visual: It looked like a bubbly maple fudge but a bit more crumbly. Nose: The nose was a bit skunky and sweet. Taste: It had a nice taste which was skunky and piney. Potency/Effects: There was a good punch from it and it was very relaxing. I got a good body buzz and […]

Alokai Hawaiian Budder – Shades Of Green

Alokai Hawaiian Budder from Shades Of Green Visual: The colour was a nutty brown and it had a wet brown sugar look to it. Nose: The nose was woody and nutty with some sweet brown sugar. It was a bit light though. Taste: It was a sweet nutty flavor with some of the brown sugar sweetness. Potency/Effects: It was […]

24 Karat Budder- Bhang Bhang

Powerful sweet tropical citrus aromas with some mild skunky undertones assaulted my nose as I opened the container. The budder itself was a darkened amber colour with a slightly yellowish hue. Presented as a greasy cube that was stable at room temperature with a finely granular texture only noticed on closer inspection. Smoke provided citrus […]

Guava Cake budder — WTFCannabis

Nice amber colour, easy to work with. A sticky play-dough consistency. Smells slightly sweet and tastes kind of earthy but in a tropical beach kind of way. Dabs clean, pretty smooth, very little coughing hit at the proper temperature. Pretty potent, hit pretty hard off one dab. I was expecting a mild daytime high. It […]

Pineapple Express Crumble — WTFCannabis

Sweet tropical fruit terps, soft sand-like texture, crumbly as you could guess, not overly hard to work with but a little harder to scoop up than most concentrates. Tastes like a vacation, starts with a fresh fruity, citrus flavour, which dissipates into a slightly earthy taste. Fast acting, nice relaxing buzz, not overpowering but not […]

Banana Lime Budder * Pacific Cannabis * October

Strain – Banana Lime Budder (Lemon Skunk x Sour Banana Sherbert) Smell – the jar once busted open had a very smooth lime nose on it with a hint but faint smell of banana Smoke – the flavor was more present while smoking on this with a sweet citrus flavoring taking over the most of […]

Black Dog Budder – CG Extracts – WTFCannabis

Budder was a deep yellow with a smooth texture, very light consistency. Reminded me of a live resin texture. I found this particular Budder had quite a wide variety of different flavours from a citrusy berries to woody, herbal notes, it’s quite the range of flavour. Every hit I would take would bring on a […]

Watermelon Zkittlez- WTF Cannabis

I had some expectations coming into this review as I typically really enjoy the overwhelming scent Watermelon Zkittlez typically delivers. This did not disappoint. Found the aromas that came blasting out of the jar were very reminiscent of the pungent sour citrus and sweet fruit smells you’d expect. The texture was slightly dryer then the […]

Jamaican Dream Budder- WTF Cannabis

Compared to the other two; Jamaican dream had the most appealing visuals with a fresh and wet texture along the exterior; making it look like fresh fudge that hadn’t quite set. As I collected a dab; it was surprising to find the budder was much firmer than its appearance lets on. Making it simple to […]

Guava Cake- WTF Cannabis

Caramel colored cube with a wet doughy consistency with a slight crystallized appearance upon closer inspection. There was also greasy sheen on the outside adding to the visual appeal, which is also likely the reason it was stuck to the lid as I opened the jar. Smells delivered on at least one portion of the […]

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