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Sour Amnesia- WTF Cannabis

Eighth came in heat sealed bag which kept in the pungent aroma making the sour and citrus scents blast your nose upon opening. There were also mild undertones that were sweet and gassy; gorgeous smell. The buds themselves were chunky, tapered and well-trimmed with the eighth having less than I could count on one hand.  […]

MAC(Enigma) – Pink Llama

My third time with Enigma’s Miracle Alien Cookies, being a staple strain from Enigma they have really dialed it in improving each time. Very neatly trimmed with a colorful mixture of purple, white, amber, green and orange pistils. Very healthy and vibrant in color. The terps are very unique on this pheno, like a skunky […]

Holy Grail FSE- WTF Cannabis

Another FSE delivered in a wide mouthed shoulder-less jar. The smell upon cracking the jar was initially muted but after agitating the product had distinct sharp sour and citrus notes hit my nose. The concentrate arrived as one large pile of miniature diamonds again coated by a thin coating of sauce. The texture noticed as […]

Dino Breath – Pink Llama

Dino Breath from Pink Llama Visual: It had a very fuzzy look to it. It was covered in Trichomes and there were a few different colours in the leaves from light to dark green. There were patched of fuzzy brown hairs and when I opened it up there were lots of big fat fuzzy crystal on […]

Shiskaberry(Enigma) – Pink Llama

Very frosted, dense, neatly manicured buds, mixture of white and ambering trichomes, healthy pistils and a mixture of minimal purple and green sugar leaves. Earthy wild-berry terps.  Pure white ash, effortless smoke and the same earthy wild berry flavoring coming through in the smoke and lingering for quite some time. A nice, heavy, sinking euphoric […]

Bruce Banner Budder – West Coast Releaf

This was my first time trying budder! Visually this Budder was very appealing. It had a creamy brown colour and the texture was like hardened bacon grease. The flavour was sweet and skunky and it was very smooth to smoke. I got a good punch from it and the effects were very relaxing and heavy. […]

Peanut Butter Breath – West Coast Releaf

Peanut Butter Breath from West Coast Releaf Visual: They were very dark green buds. They were covered in crystal but it was a bit hard to tell because they really blended in. It was very sparkly and when I opened it up there was lots of crystal inside and it was quite lighter on the inside […]

Dino Breath(Sacred) – Pink Llama

Very neatly, hand manicured buds, glazed all over in a combination of ambering and white trichomes. Very strong, healthy wild pistils flailing throughout the bud. Sweet sage like terps almost like seasoning that you would put on a steak but with a definitive sweetness to it. Pure white ash with the flavor shifting to a […]

Ice Cream Cake Live Resin – Sauce House

This is just as I expected it to taste! Sweet and gassy with a cake-like smell! The texture is almost like a wet brown sugar easily scooping it up. Taking a dab the flavour lingers on your palate after smoking, I found it heavy, but overall very relaxing probably best for those lazy days or […]

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