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Mimosa Hash Rosin [email protected]

<span;>Hash Rosin Mimosa Hash made from sun.grown whole plants. Pressed at 170, came out really nice caramel colored with a see thru glance. Really tacky could handle it with the hands coming out the press and roll snakes for joints. Smelled nice once pressed but after a week of cure or so it got a […]

Cherry Cake – MMJ Express

Cherry Cake (AAAA) from MMJ Express 80% Sativa / 20% Indica Cross: Norcal Goo x Cherry Thunderfuck Visual: It looked very light and cakey with its light greens and bright greens. Everything was surrounded by lots of   frosty white crystal and there were tiny little patches of light brown hairs. The buds were small – medium sized […]

Candy Bones * Big Boss Farms * April

Brand – Gummy Bones by Hansel & Edibles Flavor – these brightly colored bones come as twosome of Pink and Blue. Great flavors on each, so delicious it would be difficult to tell if they were real edibles at first. Any sort of taste comes in after they are polished off, only recieving an aftertaste […]

Blueberry Pie * Tegridy Farms * April

Strain – Blueberry Pie (Girl Scout Cookies x Blue Dream) Visual/Texture – spade shaped nugs with a crispy shelled exterior, and a more fresh sticky to the feel interior. Wearing a fashionable color blend from an olive green shading with some bright emerald, and sharp purplish blue undertones. Shorter lengthed thin copper pistils throughout the […]

Pink Rockstar – AC Medical—strain-review-106231Pink Rockstar from AC Medical Cross: Pink Kush x Rockstar Visual: They were small and medium sized forest green coloured buds that had the tight compact crystal which is typical with a Rockstar or a Pink Kush. It had lots of small wispy light brown hairs all over and they were pretty dense. Nose: The nose was gassy […]

AJ Sour D – @chemical_valley_cannabis2

AJ Sour Diesel Sativa Dom A cross of Sour Diesel x unknown pheno Classic Sour Diesel look on those caked nuggets. Bright green with darker shades on the sugar leafs. An insane ammount of healty heads on the outside looked like its been meticulously handled. This one smells amazing really pungent and funky just like […]

Bangers and Mac –

Bangers and Mac Rated as Sativa Came in smaller size nugs light greens showing thru an heavy coating of trichomes and light amber pistils. A couple headless stalks outside on the inside super long stalks packed side by side. Super strong smell, nose tickling citrus and pine notes gives it a pungent musky nose. Transfers […]

Jet Fuel * Bud Cargo * April

Strain – Jet Fuel (Aspen OG x High Country Diesel) Visual/Texture – made up of a few small to medium sized buds, light minty green shaded, with emerald colored undertones, and popping off some vibrant violet hues. Fresh stick nugs with semi decent sponginess, and an even fresher resinous interior. Light brown thin pistils adding […]

Bell Ringer * Tegridy Farms * April

Strain – Bell Ringer (Hindu Skunk x Stardawg x Pre-98 Bubba) Visual/Texture – a small to medium oval shaped bud. Lighter mossy green color shading, with some dark purple undertones, and sugar leaves gripping the structure. Rusty copper thinner looking pistils popping throughout the entirety, and topped with a snowy layer of trichomes. Snapping into […]

Mikro Cranberry Gummies/ Bodega Distro

New MOM: Bodega Distro- specializes in edibles. Discord contact: Bodega_distro#5964 Customer Service: Amazing. Contact was through discord. Product: Mikro Cranberry Gummies- 100mg per pack- 5mg per gummy. Appearance: package came sealed. No temp or spoilage issues. Potency: This is a very light gummy. The first sitting I had about 4 pieces. The effects kicked […]

Slurricane IX #9- Rootbase

The bud structure on this one appeared more segmented and loose with smaller popcorn sized buds making up the jar. Buds were a touch on the dry side but a day with a humidity pack remedied this, Light and dark greens with long whispy light peach pistils dominated the visuals. As was consistent with the […]

Guava Cake –

Guava Cake A cross of  Gold leaf from Wedding Cake Big to medium size nugs, felt nice and fresh lightly sticky dense but with a nice give to it. Dark look  overall dark shades of green with purple sugar leafs all over and rusty pistils. A lot of healthy biggrr sized heads inside this one. […]

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