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Purple Mendocino * Green Ace * September

Strain – Purple Mendocino Smell – quite the mixture of different scents coming off of this strain, definitely earthy with mixes of coffee and almost hints of berry. Quite the unique nose on this strain Smoke – long consistent burn with a lighter salt & pepper ash. Inhale was majority of the coffee flavor with […]

Dubble Trop Bx1 #4 and #5 – High Tree Farms Canada

  Huge shoutout to the homie Tokey for blessing us with 5 different phenos of this killer strain to test out. Based mostly on smoke, terps, and potency, we decided that #5 and #4 were keeper phenos. While they were all very nice smokes, #14 lacked potency, #11 lacked some terps, and as we were […]

Mimosa- West Coast Essentials

Large chunky buds arrived slightly squished but were significantly dense with some minty and bright green backgrounds. There were also some darker purples near the tips of the buds which helped to provide a contrast to the thick layer of matted trichomes. I did find 2 immature seeds in one of the larger buds I […]

Essential Peaches- West Coast Essential

Great packaging with a thick heat sealed mylar, and a simple, clean and straightforward design. The peach candies looked pristine with a lightly sugared exterior and deliciously sweet-smelling peaches as you’d hope to expect. The candies appeared nearly identical to the 5 cent candies I ate growing up which made the whole experience more nostalgic. […]

Super Nukem – MMJ Express

Bag Appeal: The buds are really dense and too dry. All popcorn or smalls with all options in my order. Might be the trimming though. There’s still a nice layer of trichs on the buds though. Smell: At first it has a sort of sweet earthy/floral type of smell but when you break it up, it reminds […]

Cali Bubba * Green Ace * September

Strain – Cali Bubba Mom – The Green Ace Smell – you can immediately smell that nice bubba stank gassing off this batch once you bust it out of the bag and even more potent once busted up Smoke – quite the smooth consistent burn, salt and pepper ash on the lighter grey side, oil […]

AK47 * Green Ace * September

Strain – AK47 Smell – I wasn’t expecting such a pungent nostril infested blast coming off of this. Darkest AK47 I’ve ever tossed my nose into. Strong smells of sweet cheesy skunk. As soon as I cracked this out I had to find the lineage of this strain which proved to be very difficult Smoke […]

Budget Strain – Black Glove

Budget Ounce from Black Glove Visual: The colour was a light army green. It had a bit of crystal coverage and the buds were very dense. Nose: The nose was very light and it was a sour citrus. Cut/Roll/Grind: It was very easy to grind and to cut up. The moisture level was pretty good. It was the […]

Pink Unicorn – The Leaf Express

These nugs have a beautiful look to them, they have these deep purple leaves mixed in with some light green ones as well. To go along with that the surface is covered in trichomes. Taking a whiff from the bag i get aromas of pine and some earthiness along with a hint of citrus. The […]

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