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Black Diamond – EZWeedOnline

This is some good flower. They have it rated as an AA but it could definitely pass as AAA. Tight dense nugs that are nicely colored with purple tones throughout. It has a strong fruity sweet smell to it. I get sweet berry tones from it with a little bit of pine as well. I […]

Morning Dew – Evening Star Farms

🌲🍭🍦💐 This is an absolutely amazing pure sativa strain, probably my favorite ever. From the outside the nugs are dark green and decently caked with long orange hairs. But on the inside, they’re impressively coated with a sea of trichome heads. The aroma is hard to pinpoint, I’d say it’s best described as a sweet, […]

Tom Ford Pink Kush – Cannabis Kings

Wildly frosted buds with extensive trichome and pistil development. Nicely hand manicured with a small amount of purple sugar leaves. Nice creamy pink gas terpenes to the nose. Clean white ash with a creamy peppered gas flavor on exhale. 80/20 indica dom hybrid that hits the sweet spot for me, making you very comfortable and […]

Peanut Butter Breath – Grasscove

I’m in love with this smell. It’s unique pungent gassy aroma is probably my favourite weed smell. I just can’t get enough of the nutty chocolaty smell that this strain has. It’s an absolute delight to smoke. Smooth and nutty. I don’t know if anyone else is like me but I’m not a fan of […]

Honey Oil by Hillside Pharms

This full spectrum honey oil from Hillside Pharms is high in THC and caryophllene, which is likely what gives it that spicy taste. The first time I consumed this oil was in a ccell vape cart, and it tasted like spicy weed roses. It is an indica-leaning hybrid and induces a variety of effects in […]

Arise – Evening Star Farms

🔥🍋🌲 I must say, at first glance this flower did not impress me at all. However, this is actually some extremely smooth and potent flower with great terpenes. On the outside there are very little trichomes, but on the inside the buds are absolutely caked with a sea of trichome heads. The aroma is also […]

Slurricane- Buyweed2go

Tapered buds dominated by a dark purple and green background with long thin darker orange pistils visible throughout. Pungent yet satisfying sour and fruit dominant smell with some noticeable sweet scents as you broke apart the bud. These buds were moderately dense and had a perfect cure which assisted the amazing aromas coming off this […]

Purple God // Organic, Living Soil – Kush Station

  Honestly it was difficult to photograph this flower due to the sheer fact is was coated beyond belief with trichomes. A constant battle between the buds and my line of focus made for a frustrating shoot but managed to snag a few that do this Purple God justice.   A sweet, pungent earthy aroma […]

3 Queens – EZWeedOnline

This is pure gas. The flower reeks of diesel and pine in the best way possible. It’s dense, coated in trichomes, and very sticky. Not to mention the nugs look great and are all fresh and squishy. I’ve never had Three Queens before but from what I read, it’s a cross of Bubba Kush and […]

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