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SuperNova – MMJexpress

Supernova rated as AAA Indica. A cross of The White x Malawi Gold x Acapulco Gold Bright green buds with long orange hairs. A super dense and tight structure. Looked frosty but lots of headless stalks seem to have brushed against the bag. It had decent ammount of heads on the inside mostly bright. A […]

Sunshine Sherbert * Tegridy Farms * December

Strain – Sunshine Sherbert (Sunshine x Sherbert) Smell – the nose that this strain presents is full of really great smelling tropical fruitiness. It has an overpowering skunky citrus scent that has a mash up consisting of herbal, and subtle  lemon, doughy notes Smoke – the translation from smell to smoke is on point with […]

Jet Fuel – The High Club – January 2021

This beautiful heavily caked out and gleaming with trichomes flower is called Jet Fuel. Has a color that is of a milky darker green color with a bit of purple. The buds were of a pretty well rock hard density. Cured and trimmed awesomely, pretty well perfect as well. These beautiful flowers have a pungnent […]

MAC 1 – Order Weed Online

MAC 1 From Order Weed Online Visual: The visuals were amazing! The buds were whitened with frosty crystal. They had a funky shape with some funny foxtailing. The colour was a very light green but it was almost turned white from all the fuzzy trichomes covering it. It had some light brown hairs but they blended […]

Blue Fin Tuna – Private ACMPR

Blue Fin Tuna Hybrid rated as AAA+ Indica Dominant A cross of Tuna Kush x Blueberry Dense and chunky nugs, mostly deep green with a white hue on some more coated areas. A slightly loose structure with heavy stacking of milky heads emerging from the core. Couple leafs here and there but a good trim […]

Bad Betty – Private ACMPR

Bad betty rated as AAAA Indica A cross of ; Tina x Strawberry Big buds that looked dense but where actually pretty airy with a loose structure once busted open. Light mint green for the most part with purple hues and darker sugar leafs. A generous coating of trichomes on the outside giving the whole […]

Peanut Butter Breath – AC Medical Shop – January 2021

These gorgeous buds are heavily caked out in trichomes giving it a stunning milky purple green appearance. These buds are like artwork, almost making me not want to smoke them. Hand trimmed expectionally and cured to absolute perfection. The buds were of a medium to large size while being near rock hard in density. The […]

Banana Runtz- The Forest

Mainly small to medium sized compact nugs that arrived with a healthy coating of visible trichomes. Moisture level was nice; as the buds bounced back from pressure and felt mildly sticky on the exterior. The resin gave the buds a pale white appearance with light greens and dusty purples trying to peek out below. A […]

Lebanese Hash * High Garden Marijuana * January

Strain – Lebanese Hash Smoke – it is really smooth to the inhale, easy to take big hauls and hold them with no major issue of coughing. Clean, light greyish white ash. It also burned for a long time, evenly, and didn’t require a constant re lighting. Light it up once and pass it around […]

Red Dwarf – The High Club – January 2021

This beautiful flower is nicely caked, it’s called Red Dwarf. Trimmed well and cured to absolute perfection. The buds are near rock hard. Aroma is of a pungnent sweet floralness. Burned well having a white ash. Upon smoking I tasted a rich sweet skunky floral taste going on. Smoke was surprisingly smooth and ever so […]

Tom Ford Island Pink * Beevoke * January

Strain – Tom Ford Island Pink Smell – powerful nose coming off of this strain, it was vac sealed inside of a mylar to contain the terpenes. Opening the vac seal up, the air and your general surrounding is introduced to its presence. That really pungent floral stank mashed together with gassy pine and slight […]

Maui Waui – MMJexpress

Maui waui rated as AAA Sativa A cross of Hawaiian x Unknown strain. Big schunky nugs with a dense elongated and really tight structure. Fresh bud with a good humidity level didnt felt snappy or wet just perfect. It had a nice mixe of light and dark green with long orange hairs getting thicker and  […]

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