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Red Congo – ACMedical

These nugs don’t look too impressive. They are a little small. They are, however, caked in trichs and tiny red pistils. The smell is very unique, a mixture of moldy cheese and tropical fruits. The nugs are very dense and grind up nicely. The smoke is incredibly smooth and tasty, more reminiscent of the tropical […]

Tangerine Dream – Sauce House

Gassy and citrus notes galore, with a pronounced orange zest. I found myself opening the jar multiple times a day just to enjoy the aroma. Very subtle orange flavour, not nearly as tasty as the smell implies. Otherwise a pleasant earthiness dominats the palate. The high strikes rather quickly! Expect an intense, albeit slightly brief, […]

Oregon Golden Goat – Kootenay Craft

Came mostly in one nug which was a nice treat. Pale green with dark orange pistils throughout. Had a very fresh scent, citrusy and a bit peppery. Burned very smooth to salt and pepper ash and produced a very clean stone. Effects were not vulgar at all, just a very clear headed stone with some […]

Double Sour (Living Soil Organic) – Kootenay Craft

I love sour diesel. This stuff was a little bit different, but I love it too. Super pungent sour smell and notably smooth smoke. I find that all living soil strains that I try burn incredibly well and this one was no exception. The taste was pretty insane. Complex array of earthy notes mixed with […]

Durban Poison – Kush Station

This came in nice small little nugs as well. Dense, sticky and well trimmed. Earthy/coffee smell and taste. Burned fairly smoothly and quickly produced vibrant cerebral effects. Definitely a facemelter. Great bud for getting stuff done as long as that stuff isn’t too important, you’ll probably fuck up a lot.

Lemon Skunk (Organic Living Soil) – CannaBudPost

A standout from my order. Large, beautiful nugs absolutely caked in trichs. Super pungent lemon/citrus/funky smell. Absolutely delicious in the vape. Burned incredibly smooth as well, could toke on this stuff all day. Most of the stuff from CBP is cured very well so the smoke is smooth but this stuff was on another level. […]

Purple Moby Dick – CannaBudPost

Nice medium sized nugs, covered in orange pistils. Citrusy/sweet smell that carried over to the taste. Citrusy/sweet/sour on the exhale. Burned very smooth with salt and pepper ash. I found this stuff to be pretty weak in terms of potency. Perhaps the effects were a little bit understated. I had a very clear head high […]

Jack Herer – CannaBudPost

Some standard jack. Small to medium sized fluffy nugs, classic smell and taste. Burned pretty smooth and produced surprisingly potent uplifting effects. Their jack doesn’t look to impressive but it packs a punch.

Cactus Breath – Kootenay Craft

Tiny buds but absolutely coated in trichs. Not an understatement. Purple hues throughout with long, thin orange pistils. Nose reaks of fresh herb and funk. Amazing smoke, pure white ash and incredibly potent effects. Soaring cerebral high that leaves your body tingling as well. Definitely some of the most potent herb I’ve come across in […]

Bottle Rockets (Mimosa #6) by Skookum – Budmail

Some of the tastiest stuff I’ve had my hands on! Bag reaks of blood oranges with a hint of grapefruit. The buds are little purple gems, absolutely coated in trichs. Trimmed and cured to perfection, always an amazing job from Skookum. Effects are incredibly potent. Upon first inhale you’ll experience a rush of energy accompanied […]

Ghost Train Haze by Unlicensed Producer – Ghost Drops

This Ghost Train Haze was really impressive! I had high expectations for the quality considering the price and was not disappointed. Very pungent sweet and fruity smell, very similar to Neville’s Haze. Dense and sticky to the touch, your fingers become sticky with resin after a few seconds of handling. As far as the effects, […]

Headbanger – Grasscove

Nice caked nugs with dark purple hues throughout. A little bit fluffy but still dense. Very floral/fruity nose with a little bit of funk. Smokes decently, smooth with salt and pepper ash. Potency leaves a bit to be desired for an “AAAA+” rated strain but it is a nice sativa buzz. Nice bud overall but […]

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