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Truffle Butter by Hierba –

Insane nose… So buttery and rich. The nugs received were awesome as well, stashbox really hooked it up. Massive 3-6g nugs all reaking of buttery, creamy floral goodness. Tastes like caramel popcorn and the effects are heavy. Definite couch lock.

Cactus Breath – Kootenay Craft

Tiny buds but absolutely coated in trichs. Not an understatement. Purple hues throughout with long, thin orange pistils. Nose reaks of fresh herb and funk. Amazing smoke, pure white ash and incredibly potent effects. Soaring cerebral high that leaves your body tingling as well. Definitely some of the most potent herb I’ve come across in […]

Amethyst – Kootenay Craft

Smells like straight up grapes and cranberries. Very sweet smell and taste. Burned incredibly smoothly to salt and pepper ash. Incredibly potent indica stone, strong pressure behind the eyes and a daze-like head state. Very impressed with this offering, it is definitely a treat! The bag is all large purple nugs. On par with their […]

Banana Clips by Sacred Garden –

Sticky, medium sized nugs absolutely coated in trichs. Fairly dense, the nugs stick together very easily – great sign of quality. Nose is unassuming, earthy and sweet. The taste delivers though, extremely sweet with an aftertaste/exhale that resembles bananas. Effects are heavy and quickly onsetting, immediate body relaxation and calm headspace with some uplifting cerebral […]

Meow by Sacred Gardens –

The buds came stuck together in a giant brick – a great sign of quality. Super dense and sticky, these gems are a sight to behold. Nose reaks of gas, you can tell it is a heavy hitter from smell alone. Smokes really smoothly with white ash. Effects are heavy couchlock with an uplifting cerebral. […]

Bottle Rockets (Mimosa #6) by Skookum – Budmail

Some of the tastiest stuff I’ve had my hands on! Bag reaks of blood oranges with a hint of grapefruit. The buds are little purple gems, absolutely coated in trichs. Trimmed and cured to perfection, always an amazing job from Skookum. Effects are incredibly potent. Upon first inhale you’ll experience a rush of energy accompanied […]

Ghost Train Haze by Unlicensed Producer – Ghost Drops

This Ghost Train Haze was really impressive! I had high expectations for the quality considering the price and was not disappointed. Very pungent sweet and fruity smell, very similar to Neville’s Haze. Dense and sticky to the touch, your fingers become sticky with resin after a few seconds of handling. As far as the effects, […]

Rockstar – Enigma Extracts

Absolutely stunning representation of Rockstar. Large and dense nugs absolutely coated in trichs. Nose reaks of gas and the buds are incredibly sticky to the touch. Many of the buds are still melded together. Made for an amazing joint. Cured perfectly so it rolls and burns nicely. Pure white ash with a massive oil ring. […]

G-Wiz #2 by Flawless.bc – Redfox Rosin

The buds were a bit on the fluffier side, absolutely coated in crystals though. Really sweet nose, very fruity and earthy – creamy blackberry comes through. Nose carries over to the taste, sweet and creamy exhale that is smooth and pleasant. Effects are very balanced. Heaviness in the body and feelings of relaxation with a […]

Forum Cut Cookies by Pharaoh Farms – Flashbuds

Really solid smoke. Big fan of GSC and this is some of the heaviest. Potent GSC effects, full body relaxation, uplifting cerebral and no burnout. The bud reaked heavily of that classic GSC smell, earthy, minty and a bit funky. Unfortunately the bag was all smalls but they were nice little gems as depicted.

Pine Tar – Enigma Extracts

Sticky, smelly dense nugs. Really earthy and gassy nose, smells as the name would imply – pine and gas. Large and beautiful buds that are coated in trichs. Cured perfectly and makes for amazing joints. Massive oil ring and white ash, delicious gassy taste and heavy indica effects. Pretty heavy smoke that creeps up on […]

Lindsay OG by Pharaoh’s Reserve – Flashbuds

Really impressive nugs, all large sticky and dense. Nostalgic nose, reminds me of some of the better OG kush I’d get my hands on over a decade ago. Smoke doesn’t disappoint, really potent and trippy cerebral with a distinct body stone that has you feeling fuzzy inside. Hard to justify the $160/14g tag but it […]

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