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Apollo 11 – TFCannabis

Neatly manicured buds, amber trichomes and darker amber pistils. Minimal purple and green frosted sugar leaves. Citrus candy like terpenes with a little bit of sharp pine coming in at the end. Mostly white ash with a slight but of peppering and the flavor shifting towards a smoother almost lemony flavoring on exhale. Nice heady […]

Grapefruit Blaze – TFCannabis

Dense, neatly trimmed buds, ambering trichomes and wild pistils. Slight amount of selectively left sugar leaves.  Smooth citrus berry terpenes to smell. Salt and pepper ash with a more pronounced berry flavor coming through on exhale. Slightly leaning sativa hybrid that gives you a euphoric high while still maintaining clarity of the eyes that settles […]

XXX OG – Tfcannabis

Very pleasant sweet and piney aroma with slight creamy undertones which translates into more of a sweet and dank flavour. The nugs are extremely dense and have a great moisture content. There are shades of both light and dark green throughout each bud with a good coating of trichomes. The smoke is a little harsh […]

Pink Salt Tuna – TF/Tegridy Farms Cannabis

Here we are again, reviewing another sample provided to us by the great team over at TegridyFarms Cannabis, thanks again guys! My wife and i love your products and we feel very honored to be GIVEN them for review :). Now, lets start! At First glance : Upon first examination of the bag, I noticed […]

Dr. Pepper – Tegridy Farms/`TfCannabis

Tegridy Farms/`TF Cannabis Dr Pepper Flower(AAAA) First Glance: One large dense nug, very clearly coated in crystal and purple/orange hairs visible through bag. Looks quite nice. The trim on this one was really well done. Smell: Actually smells sort of like cola, or sweet in an artifical(not added) way. You’ve got this berry/cherry undertone that […]

Pineapple Express – Tegridy Farms/Tf Cannabis

Tegridy Farms Cannabis hooked me up with an order, at first I wasn’t too impressed and I talked to them about… They immediately rectified all my qualms and got the job DONE. Initial Thoughts/Bag Appeal : Pineapple Express weighed just over a gram, and upon initial viewing didn’t look all that impressive. Smell: Once taken […]

Purple Punch HTFSE Sauce – Tfcannabis

Really soft texture almost like wet sand which is very easy to work with. Beautiful yellow-golden colour with micro diamonds throughout. The aroma is mostly sweet and gassy with an earthy undertone but the flavor is mostly herbal along with a very earthy finish. The high is a strong hybrid with an intense initial head […]

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