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Carly’s Cupcakes – Carly’s Garden

Large nugs with a beautiful color profile, orange and purple hues. Super sticky nugs with little to no smals/shake. The smell is very buttery/cheesey, pungent enough to fill the room. Smokes incredibly smoothly with a cheesey taste on the exhale. Very unique, tastes more cheese-like than cheese strains I’ve tried. The effects were potent, very […]

Red Congo – ACMedical

These nugs don’t look too impressive. They are a little small. They are, however, caked in trichs and tiny red pistils. The smell is very unique, a mixture of moldy cheese and tropical fruits. The nugs are very dense and grind up nicely. The smoke is incredibly smooth and tasty, more reminiscent of the tropical […]

Donkey Butter – Ghost Drops

Pungent diesel/gasoline smell. A little bit fruity/citrus as well. The nugs are absolutely beautiful, caked in trichs with long orange pistils and dark purple hues. Smoked incredibly smoothly with a delicious gasoline/citrus taste. White ash as well. Produced a unique stone that was intense for both the body and cerebral. Fairly quick acting, not a […]

XOLBG – Ghost Drops

Medium sized nugs that were expertly trimmed and absolutely caked in trichs. Sparkly under direct light. Smell was very earthy with hints of kush/citrus. Very tasty stuff, kushy/citrus on the exhale. Effects were unfortunately a bit underwhelming, providing a sturdy body stone. Expected a little bit more but there was a lot of hype. Decent […]

Tangerine Dream – Sauce House

Gassy and citrus notes galore, with a pronounced orange zest. I found myself opening the jar multiple times a day just to enjoy the aroma. Very subtle orange flavour, not nearly as tasty as the smell implies. Otherwise a pleasant earthiness dominats the palate. The high strikes rather quickly! Expect an intense, albeit slightly brief, […]

Cookie Cake – Ghost Drops

Gorgeous buds, dense and caked with trichs. The smell for this strain is incredibly unique. Buttery/cheesey/earthy/sweet. The smell almost reminds me of President’s Choice chocolate chip cookies. The flavor is pretty incredible as well, earthy cheese on the exhale. Effects creep up on you slowly, you find yourself with short term memory loss and full […]

Pink Rockstar – Supreme BC Buds

Received this as compensation for the shake QP. Came in large nugs covered in a healthy dose of trichs. Very pungent kushy smell as well. Smoked somewhat smooth and got me blasted pretty quickly, definitely not a creeper. Decent bud overall but not what I would consider AAAA quality. I would have been happy to […]

Cereal Milk – Supreme BC Buds

Brutal. These nugs were caked in trichs, smelled incredibly sweet/citrusy and had the most amazing fruit loops cereal milk taste. Unfortunately the quality of the bag was very poor. I brought this bag up on Discord and SupremeBCBuds was nice enough to reach out and compensate for the poor state of this delivery. Their customer […]

9 Lb Hammer – Kootenay Craft

Big nugs caked in trichs, dark purple hues. Smells earthy/gassy. Tastes very gassy with a hint of citrus. Effects were pretty strong. Heavy body stone that lasted for far longer than one usually does. Overall some quality smoke, great for night time.

Ice Age – Kootenay Craft

Always a treat bringing this out of the jar. Massive nugs, caked with trichs and beautiful hues of purple/orange pistils throughout. Smells like sweet blueberries. Burns sooo smoothly and ashes completely white. This was probably the best strain that I had tried from KC. Tastes like creamy blueberries and produces a very clean, clear headed […]

Crunchberry (Living Soil Organic) – Kootenay Craft

I don’t have much to say about this stuff. It came in one large nug, has a great fruity/spicy taste and produces a solid dose of relaxation to the body and mind. Smokes incredibly smoothly as well. It wasn’t much of a standout though. It was good weed but lacked the unique characteristics that the […]

Oregon Golden Goat – Kootenay Craft

Came mostly in one nug which was a nice treat. Pale green with dark orange pistils throughout. Had a very fresh scent, citrusy and a bit peppery. Burned very smooth to salt and pepper ash and produced a very clean stone. Effects were not vulgar at all, just a very clear headed stone with some […]

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