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Mercedes-Benz Hash – TF Cannabis

Very dark almost black hash with a very slight tinge of green. Soft and almost cumbly, not very sticky.  Minty spicy smell that’s very sharp. Smoked in a bong on it’s own easily combusted fairly smoothly, which to me indicates it would burn very well mixed or used as a topper. On it’s own it’s […]

MDK Bubba Fish – TFCannabis

Here’s another one from Tegrity Farms! Nice dense bud, held together and was super sticky. 100% caked in trichomes, super loud smell. Pungent loud funk, slightly earthy with a hint of spicy burnt fish, but in the best kind of way. The kind of way that this bud wants to make its presence known and […]

Purple Diamond Head-TfCannabis

This dense nug has a strong smell of musty earth & sweet berries. It has trichomes layered over the purple tinted leaves and dark green bud. Upon busting it open, I noticed it has been stored in good humidity, as my fingers are now a little sticky and covered in kief. The joint burned a […]

UBC Chemo – Tegrity Farms Cannabis

Very sweet smell, almost like grape chewing gum mixed with a slight earthy citrus, heavier on the citrus side. Fairly dense bud with a nice trim, dark green with a slight amount of purple and plentiful orange hairs reaching out to the top of the bud. A little dry, spent a couple days in a […]

Bubba Erkle – Tegrity Farms Cannabis

Nice medium sized bud, dark orange hairs to match the dense forest green nug. Defintely has that familiar kushy piney smell with slightly sweet grape notes to follow. Not much sugar leaf at all, well groomed. Perfect christmas tree shaped buds, typical kush. Definitely indica leaning for sure, heavier than I was expecting, hit a […]

Westcoast Diesel Shatter – TFCannabis

Clear amber color with some sugaring and a stable glass like consistency. It was a bend and snap texture that was easy to work with. I noticed a soft herbal smell which was fairly smooth on the throat and finished with a light earthy exhale. I found it to be more of a sativa high, […]

Purple Space Cookies – TFCannabis

Sticky, medium density and covered in trichomes. Mostly purple with some green leaves and wild flaring pistils. Sweet herbal grape/blueberry smell that finished off into a sweet/earthy/musky exhale with a clean burn. A well balanced hybrid that leaves your head in the clouds then drifts off into a medium body stone.  

Grape Slushie Punch – TFCannabis

Sharp shaped buds that were sticky and dense. A mix of purple and green leaves with long orange hairs and a good amount of trichomes. The smell was sharp berry pine with a nutty/diesel finish. The taste was sweet earthy gas finishing off with salt pepper ash. It hits between the eyes providing a light […]

El Muerte – TfCannabis

This el muerte is rated as a quad and has a wonderful coating of trichomes with light to dark green hues on the bud and healthy pistil coverage. The stuff upon opening the bag smells like a light cream upon busting it up you get a funky earthy cream. It’s very pleasant to smell. A […]

Super Sticky Pink Tuna – TFCannabis

Nicely glazed , hand manicured buds, small amount of glazed sugar leaves, healthy pistils and trichomes. Earthy gas terpenes with a small bit of citrus blended together to give you a classic pink smell but with a twist. Salt and pepper ash with a smooth earthy gas flavoring on exhale. Nice euphoric high that puts […]

Gas Leak – TFCannabis

Hand manicured, dense buds, lightly glazed sugar leaves with strong pistils and healthy trichome coverage. Slightly muted spicy pine terpenes that almost come across as a a minty smell, but with a more smooth floral instead of sharp mint. Light grey ash with a skunky pine flavoring when you first exhale that shifts to an […]

Bubba Erkle – TFCannabis

Dense, neatly trimmed, dark amber pistils and healthy trichomes. Minimal green sugar leaves. Sweet grape terpenes to the nose with a faint bit of bubba gas coming at the end. White ash with the smallest almost unnoticeable amount of peppering. Nice euphoric high shortly after consumption with uplifting mental energy that later blends in to […]

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