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Diesel – King Tuts

Diesel. Another one of his yummy 99ers. Similar issues with a lot of them with lack of density and a lot of larf, there was no lacking on the terps. Diesel and coffee terps trickle our of the bag and translate into the smoke. It was a overall an alright budget option.  

Purple Kush – 6ixspesary

A beautiful display of moldy bud! This is what some budget gets you! Some smelly old buds of pungent purple kush. This baddy hurt my eyes to look at. They luckily replaced the ounce for me in terms of store credit, but this required me to place another order. Was disappointed at this. Found a […]

Banana Butter Cups #7 – Professor Farms

Banana Butter Cups. This one made me question if there was any bud with the keif. Packed with pistols and keif, this one was a beautiful display of Professor Farms work. There wasn’t much to the stank on this bud, the pheno was lacking in terps. More of a banana peel than a tasty banana […]

Cheesequake – King Tuts

Cheesequake, some delicious mids. This baby here reaks of berries and cheese. A nice hybrid swap up of Cheese and Querkle. This one had some flaws for sure. The buds were relatively larfy and light in terms of structure, but thing stems and some solid smoke to par with it made it a good 99er. […]

OG Kush – Thompson Valley Collective

One of my Instagram friends, they source some of my favorite triples in bc. OG Kush. A hybrid cross of a northern Californian strain and one of my personal favorites Hindu. Sourced from some of one of my favorite Instagram pages Thompson Valley Collective. Beautiful triples. Keif production is lack luster on this one and […]

Mandarin Haze – CannaBudPost

Smell/looks: Noticeable but not strong smell that really came out when busted up. It smells of grassy and sweet citrus with a slight tropical hint and overall it really does remind me of mandarins. The bud is dense, pretty sticky, and really caked in trichomes. Smoke/Flavor: It was a bit harsh and left just a bit of […]

Alien OG – CannaBudPost

Smell/looks: This bud had a strong lemon pine smell to me with a bit of a funk. It was a bit leafy and spongy and was moderately coated but felt a bit dry. Smoke/Flavor: The smoke was relatively harsh but not enough to make me cough, it also left a gross taste/sticky feeling on the inside of […]

Muerte – CannaBudPost

Smell/looks: Very strong smell of pungent/sour diesel, pine, seems very true to most Death Bubba’s I’ve had. The bud was dense, sticky, and coated. Smoke/Flavor: This was a great smoke, it was very smooth and had a nice pungent pine exhale and had white ash. Effects: Very potent effects, I was left really relaxed, euphoric, and surprisingly […]

Gentle Death (in-house Death Bubba) – The Gentle Herb

Smell: The smell isn’t strong, but you get a pungent earth smell to me that’s really true to a death bubba from my experience. Smoke/Flavor: Mostly smooth smoke but a bit harsh, sour pungent flavor, grey-white ash. Effects: Mild effects, not overwhelmingly potent, made me hungry and had a melt into the couch feeling that later led […]

Pineapple Express – The Gentle Herb

Smell: Strong smell that was noticeable right away when opening the bag that reminded me of fermented pineapples with a touch of tropical fruit and floral smells, very similar to other batches of this strain I’ve had. Smoke/Flavor: Smoked really smoothly, had white ash and good flavor that held the fermented pineapples. Effects: Strong euphoric, uplifting, and mind […]

Purple Berry – The Gentle Herb

Smell: Grape and Blueberry smell from this strain. Smoke/Flavor: Very smooth smoke with white ash and I got good blueberry flavor from it, though not until a few puffs into the joint. Effects: Mild-strong effects for me with a body buzz that gave me the buzzing/tingling feeling with some hunger and a melt into a couch feeling without […]

Purple Skunk – The Gentle Herb

Smell: Sweet smell with tones of skunk, earth, and berries that was noticeable right on opening the bag. Smoke/Flavor: Mostly white ash with some grey and had a smooth smoke though I didn’t get much flavor from this strain. Effects: Very potent and dopey to me, quite happy and relaxed and I was distracted daydreaming often. A bit […]

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