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Wedding Crasher by Gastown – BHOthority

My first time getting to try Wedding Crasher – heard good things. Buds are funky little gems with a wide range of purples, greens and oranges. The nugs are firm to the touch, well cured and trimmed. The nose is a treat. Really earthy nose, herbal with hints of creamy vanilla. Knew the smoke was […]

Lemon Butter Cream – Princes Private Reserve

This one had some heavy lemon scents on the bag. Even heavier on the bust. This was one of the best triples I have gotten to date. High was a mild day time. Was great for pains and relaxing after work, right before you hit the big blunt for bed. Larfy buds set this apart […]

Orangade – Ghost Drops

Hands down one of my favorite sativas of the year. Some solid quads. The buds weren’t the biggest but they surely packed a punch. Upon opening the air right container I was met with a punch of what can only be described as artifical orange. It smelled like the package of some orange kool-aid. And […]

Eskimo Cookies – Princes Privates Reserve

Triples 🤔 Old school fiyaaahh masta when he was first starting up. We are taking a look at some bulk Eskimo Cookies I grabbed in September. Loose buds that busted up into a keify surprise. There wasn’t much of a nose on the bag to those one, but upon busting it had a nice lemon […]

Zombie OG – King Tuts

Straight from the dead, this zombie OG smelt like some musty coffins. It was amazing. The terps of an old oak tree, the sedative Indica heavy high came instantly after the inhale. The semi dense buds were clear of almost all sugar leaf. The keif production was great on this bud with stems that busted […]

Wedding Cake – Ghost Drops (Unlicensed Producer)

Unlicensed Producer always packing that heat. This beautifully packed Wedding Cake had all the right terps. Reaking of straight vanilla icing, I was blown away on the translation of the terps into the smoke. Some hashish terps slipping in there as well make for a peppery surprise. This was by far one of my favorite […]

Violator Kush – King Tuts

Dense, musty, tight buds. Machine trimmed, but we’ll done at that. This stuff was dank and had the delicious kush taste crossed with some musty terps. It hits differently, with a good couch lock and some munchies to bout. Had this one back in May of 2019, excited to revisit it within the next week! […]

Platinum Black Berry – My Green Solutions

A nice display of some triples. This platinum blackberry had some great bag appeal with some glistening pistols and full heads of trichomes. There was no lack on the smoke either. A nice mild couch lock followed after the tasty bowl of dank berries and cream. Lack of bud density and smell from the jar […]

Purple Candy – Thompson Valley Collective

Wow! One of my favorites of the last quarter of 2019. Tommy always does it right. Pure mixed berries and gasoline from the bag. The smell fills the room. This one was a heavy 80/20 Indica. It hit all the right spots. A big beautiful body blast through out. A heavy couch lock. Night time […]

Death Bubba – Twisted Tree Medicinal

Death Bubba, cross of death star and Bubba Kush. One of those skunky favorites of mine I’ve had not enough times! One of my favorites cuts so far. Loose bud structure, but apparent structure from the death star with the fox tailed nugs. Lots of keif production. This one was no jokes on the high […]

Northern Soul – King Tuts

We got a beautiful display of some low quality mids here. Filled with seeds and loose bud structure, this 89er didn’t impress me. This was an outdoor grow, but at the pricing I was expecting something up to their usual quality. Larfy buds with next to no heads, this was an alright day time smoke. […]

Red Dragon – 6ixspensary

A beautiful display of some low quads. This one was a spicy mix up. Cross of a rare Himalayan kush and some Utopia Haze. This one had some scents that reminded me of ramen that translated into a beautiful lucid high.   Click the link for more info!  

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