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Golden Goat by Skookum – Budmail

Always excited to see a sativa on the Budmail premiere line. Picked this up a month or so back and have been rationing it very carefully. I don’t usually go out of my way for Golden Goat, it hasn’t always treated me well in the past. This is certainly an exception – large, trich glazed […]

Banana Punch #9 – Kootenay Craft

Opening this jar of Banana Punch #9, I was immediately greeted by beautiful frosty nugs and a very sweet and pleasurable nose. The buds themselves were small-to-medium sized with a slightly loose bud structure and were a little on the dry side. Healthy orange clusters of pistils poke out through the varying greens and purples, all […]

Cream Zkittlez Cake #6 – Cannasseur North

Very fortunate to have grabbed some of this private pheno hunt drop; in short it’s outstanding. The buds are very dense, showing a gorgeous dark green absolutely caked with sparkling white crystals and some bright purple and other dark purple hues. It has a sweet, creamy, floral nose and these terps really come through on […]

Vanilla Fire OG / Carly’s Garden

First thing to note was the sheer size – the full oz arrived in 2 gargantuan buds, very sticky to break up, fresh, and with a heavy sweet earthy nose. Smoked well with light grey ash, moderate-strong potency, with indica leaning hybrid effects. Very pleasant to taste with notes of vanilla and earth. Carly definitely […]

God’s Green Crack / BC Medichronic

First off, great customer cs, professionalism, and packaging from BCMC. The bag appeal for the tag is great, frosty purple medium-small nugs with no shake. Smoked decent with grey ash and an nice oil ring on the joint, hit with solid 50/50 hybrid effects. Oddly smelled and tasted primarily like cream, no complaints though, it’s […]

Citrus Skunk – The Prince’s Private Reserve

Smaller buds which is the only demerit I can take away from an overall flawless experience. The buds are perfectly trimmed drenched in crystals with globs of heads. I would love to see this under a macro lens but unfortunately don’t have one currently. The terpene profile is exactly as the name suggests, citrus skunk […]

Strawberry Kush – TheChronFather

Chron Father doing his work. This time around I grabbed the Strawberry Kush. The bag was filled with dense colas of bright green buds covered in fiery red pistils. Mild strawberry notes came from the bag reminiscent of the Strawberry cough. Keif coated on the inside, this stuff was not lacking in bag appeal. The […]

Alien OG – King Tuts

Alien OG is anither hard hitting sativa from my boys over at king tuts. Recently tried their fresh batch and I’m very impressed. Upon opening the bag, you were greated with some citrus/musty notes directly to the face. The stuff had some larfier loose nugs, but it still had the classic Alien OG nugs. The […]

Blue Dream #2 / Canada Cannabis Shop

A great budget strain pickup, if you’re no stranger to blue dream then you know what you’re getting with this one. Proper cure with an aroma of sweet, sour, and kushy pine. Came in decent sized buds upwards of 1g for the most part, some good looking stuff for budget. Smokes with some harshness and […]

Death Violator / Carly’s Garden

Came properly vac sealed and seemed very fresh upon opening. A mix of medium buds with some smalls that are well cured and quite frosty. This is an indica dom smoke that smells/taste of earth and wood. Burned well for a smooth smoke, has nice potency that is great for relaxing but not knocking you […]

Platinum Bubba Kush

Platinum Bubba Kush was not one of my greater experiences with this mom unfortunately. My package came extremely vac sealed to the point it was ruining the product. That aside this mom was notorious for not jar curing, and it was apparent. The musty Bubba terps were heavily apparent despite the lack of cure. The […]

Cherry AK-47 – Low Price Bud Jan 2020

Christmas tree shaped nugs covered in trichomes, very nice head coverage throughout the bud. A little on the leafy side but not super bad. A nice smooth herbal pine terpene profile that goes from smell to smoke leaving a nice cherry like after-taste on exhale. Very nice sativa-dom effects, very calming and relaxing.

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