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Bubblegum Breath – Sandhills Organics (Sacred Gardens)

Straight Hubba bubba terps on this one. Smells unreal and the terps translate to flavor although they aren’t quite as sweet and a bit more earthy. Smoke is extremely smooth in a bong and a joint. At first glance it doesn’t look super caked, but it has great bud structure and once you look closely […]

Super Pink Bubba – Sandhills Organics (Sacred Gardens)

This stuff is absolutely caked. Has an amazing gassy and sorta creamy and nutty nose, but on smoke the terps feel very gassy with a touch of cream. Extremely smooth smoke. Potent high with a quick head rush which slowly intensifies and then transforms into a body high. All around amazing flower. This would definitely […]

Platinum Blackberry – Sandhills Organics (garyinthegarden)

This stuff is caaaaked. Nice fluffy nugs with a gorgeous array of colours. There is a slight tingle in the throat from a bong rip but other than that the smoke is incredible. Great taste on exhale. Really potent fast acting high that is never really overwhelming but extremely enjoyable. The terps on this one […]

Rockstar – Sandhill Organics

This is a gassy, resinous flower with very dense and well formed nugs. Incredibly smooth with a hard hitting high which is good for just about any situation. I felt like it was a sedative effect but also good for social settings and having a laugh. Once you crack the nugs open you just see […]

Punch Breath – The Dope Dispensary

Gorgeous looking buds with great colours 😍 crazy smooth smoke and super sweet fruity terps 🔥💯The aroma definitely translates into flavor on smoke with a super sweet tea-like flavour. The high is more of a creeper, but when it kicks in it’s like a couch lock but felt more in the head than the body. […]

Gorilla Glue 4 Smalls – The Dope Dispensary

Great value on this. Frosty nugs with a super doughy/earthy/gassy smell. Pretty smooth smoke and quick hitting high right to the head like you’d expect from this strain. Definitely recommended.

Mimosa – The Dope Dispensary

Amazing terps on this exactly like an orange peel with some creamy undertones. Super smooth smoke and nice sweet and earthy flavour just like you’d expect from the aroma. Super dense and beautiful nugs showing dark green contrasted with a white coat of crystal, orange hairs, and purple hues. Very social, euphoric high and pretty […]

Violator Smalls – The Dope Dispensary

These nugs are crazy caked as you can see. Nice creamy/doughy/earthy smell and a creamy/doughy pastry-like taste on smoke. Very nice smooth smoke too. Good indica high but a but more of a creeper than a hard hitter. Amazing value and incredible flower.

Cherry Bomb Smalls – The Dope Dispensary

Smells like dank sweet cherries, bigger buds than their other smalls strains. Pretty airy nugs, good bud structure and most nugs are visibly caked. Very clean smoke like all of their bud, and a good sweet/dank taste. Functional and relaxing high, great day time smoke.

Godfather OG – The Dope Dispensary

Gorgeous buds boasting an array of green, white, and orange, with some strong hues of purple. The nugs are very fresh and have a great balance between dense and airy which makes for a good bud structure. Super pleasant gassy/piney/doughy nose with sweet/lemony undertones. On the smoke the gassy and doughy terps come thru the […]

King Tut Smalls – The Dope Dispensary

Tight nugs, caked, gorgeous colours. Visual appeal on point. Nose is earthy/creamy with some sweeter tones coming out once busted up. Very social, giggly high with an initial head rush. Little body effects, the high mostly stays in the head. Very clean smoke with a mostly earthy taste. Love finding such well grown flower for […]

Slurricane – The Dope Dispensary

This flower has incredible visual appeal showing both dark and lighter shades of green with vibrant purple hues to contrast. Also super caked as you can see. Has a very unique tarty-sweet aroma, almost reminding me of juicy fruit. This translates pretty well into the smoke. Immediately after exhale I feel an intense rush of […]

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