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GG4 Disposable Live Resin Cart – BC Medi Chronic(Elite Elevations)

The texture looks to be valid even after a month or so of sitting, there is no sugaring which is always a plus in my books. Sweet grape terpene profile but the built in battery burns too hot and ends up tasting burnt and being harsh on the throat. On an adjustable battery I could […]

Super Silver Lemon Haze – The Dope Dispensary

The second the aroma hit me I was astounded. It smells like lemon dust cleaner in the bag but once ground up it smells more like an amazingly strong citrus juice. Through a bong I tasted a little lemon with a nice creamy undertone, and the smoke is super clean with almost pure white ash. […]

Gangster Kush – The Dope Dispensary

This is some extremely potent stuff. I get a super warm feeling in my ears accompanied by a very heavy feeling in my head and body. It doesn’t have the strongest nose but it has a nice piney, kushy, gassy terpene profile with some mildly sweet and spicy overtones. These terpenes translate perfectly into the […]

Strawberry Cream / BC MediChronic

(Link for full image) As always, BCmedi has come through with great flower and customer service. The order went smoothly and this strain is one of my favourites from them thus far. It has a strong aroma of sweet and sour fruit, is coated with trichomes, tight trim, and large bud structure. Smoked with pure […]

Shipwreck Gummy Bears / BC MediChronic

(Link for full image) I’ve had Shipwreck gummy bears multiple times by now and they have yet to disappoint. As a novice these are a perfect introduction to edibles; the 10mg dosing makes it very easy and enjoyable to dial in a high suitable to your needs. Even now with a higher tolerance I still […]

Purple Candy Cart by HVE

The Purple Candy cartridge by High Voltage Extracts is a medium strength indica which relaxes the mind without giving an intense full body stone.  The taste is smooth & earthy with a sweet grape twist.  I tend to reach for this cart earlier in the day when I’m craving an indica, but also need to […]

Platinum Huckleberry / BC MediChronic

(2g nug in photo) Beautiful large bud structure and glistening in trichomes, this strain is certainly my huckleberry for a great smoke. I was at first hit with a strong creamy scent that revealed a peppery cookies aroma upon grinding. The smell certainly translated to taste with dominant flavours of cookies, cream, pepper – the […]

MK Ultra by Gasleak – Low Price Bud

Look at it. Tell me that’s not what you want to see when you crack open a jar of quads. I hate to schmooze incessantly but so far, it has been the real deal. My half ounce came in all of 4 nugs. One massive unit weighing in at 8g making up for the majority. […]

Greasy Death Bubba – Cannabis Kings

Very dense christmas tree shaped nugs with a plethora of coloring and then glazed in trichomes, a visual treat while shooting. Very nice bubba gas terps come on strong right out the mylar. Very thick full gassy smoke with a rich gas flavor on exhale and a grey ash result. Very potent indica effects left […]

Gelato – The Prince’s Private Reserve

Grown by @rainzforest and sourced by The Prince’s Private Reserve. Quite large dense and frosty nugs each consistently in excess of 1-2 grams. The classic Gelato aroma permeates the room upon opening the bag. Rolled in a joint the Gelato smokes with a salt and pepper ash erring on the saltier side. The smoke is […]

Zombie Kush – BC Medi Chronic

Sourced from Enigma Extracts by BC Medi Chronic. Beautiful caked buds with hues of purple, green and orange throughout. The nose has an earthy musky vibe almost reminding me of a slightly less funky Meat Breath. Smoked in a joint the ash was very clean (near white). The smoke was very smooth with a light […]

God’s Green Crack – Cannabis Kings

Orange hairs bursting through a light green backdrop, visible trichome stalks with smaller sized heads but still very apparent throughout. A very smooth citrus-earthy terpene profile that follows from the nose to the tastebuds. Smooth burn in the bong, grey ash. Very well balanced hybrid that will give you a very nice euphoric high but […]

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