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Bananas and Blow – Nature’s Fire

Bananas and Blow from Nature’s Fire Visual: The visuals on this one was amazing! It had a beautiful structure and beautiful sparkly crystals! It had a bunch of foxtails coming off in different directions off the buds. Overall it was a dark green but there were lots of other colours like blacks and bright greens and […]

UK Cheese – Nature’s Fire

UK Cheese from Nature’s Fire Visual: The buds had a light green colour and they were very tight looking. Once you get up close you can see that it has a good amount of crystal coverage. They are the smaller compact crystals. There were lots of light brown hairs all over. It was extremely dense, there […]

K-Train – Swift Green

K-Train from Swift Green Visual: It had very nice visuals and colourings. It had some bright greens and some purples and some dark leaves. There was lots of crystal all over and the same on the inside. It was fairly dense and compact, but it still had a light and airy structure. Nose: The smell was a […]

Super Silver Haze – Swift Green

Super Silver Haze from Swift Green Visual: There was one big bud and a couple of smaller buds in my jar. The jar was a nice glass jar that I would totally use again! It had lots of Trichomes which had a yellow tinge to them. The buds had a good structure and they were […]

Purple Drank Breath – Pink Llama

Purple Drank Breath from Pink Llama Visual: These buds were very fuzzy looking, typical to a breath strain. There were some bright green coloured leaves and some dark black leaves. It was a bit hard to see the dark leaves behind the creamy coloured Trichomes. It had patches of orange hairs throughout. It had quite a […]

Ice Cream Cake – Nature’s Fire

Ice Cream Cake from Nature’s Fire Visual: It was a bit stemy but other than that the buds looked great. They had a sugary look and feel to them. They were medium and small sized elongated buds. They gave me a ‘candy buds on a stick‘ feel. The buds had some very cool colourings. There were […]

Peyote Cookies – Pink Llama

Peyote Cookies from Pink Llama Visual: This one had a nice structure to it! It was not too dense and not too fluffy. The leaves on it look dark but the creamy coloured Trichomes lightened them up. There were patches of rusty coloured hairs in patches all over. It was very cool looking! It had a […]

Greasy Pink Bubba – Pink Llama

Greasy Pink Bubba from Pink Llama Visual: There was some different colourings on the buds. One of the buds was a bit lighter than the other bud. The darker bud was a bit greasier and danker looking. There were some black leaves on it and it had lots of small sparkly crystal.  When I opened it […]

Dino Breath – Pink Llama

Dino Breath from Pink Llama Visual: It had a very fuzzy look to it. It was covered in Trichomes and there were a few different colours in the leaves from light to dark green. There were patched of fuzzy brown hairs and when I opened it up there were lots of big fat fuzzy crystal on […]

Bruce Banner Budder – West Coast Releaf

This was my first time trying budder! Visually this Budder was very appealing. It had a creamy brown colour and the texture was like hardened bacon grease. The flavour was sweet and skunky and it was very smooth to smoke. I got a good punch from it and the effects were very relaxing and heavy. […]

Peanut Butter Breath – West Coast Releaf

Peanut Butter Breath from West Coast Releaf Visual: They were very dark green buds. They were covered in crystal but it was a bit hard to tell because they really blended in. It was very sparkly and when I opened it up there was lots of crystal inside and it was quite lighter on the inside […]

Cookies N Cream – West Coast Releaf

Cookies N Cream (AAA) from West Coast Releaf Visual: It had a nice frosty/dusty look to it. It was one big bud that looked like an elongated Christmas tree. The colours were light and medium green and even white with all the Trichomes. Fat sparkly crystals covered the inside of the buds when I opened them up. One of the buds had some dark purple leaves and some even cooler vibrant purples […]

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