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London pound Cake – Pink Llama

London Pound Cake from Pink Llama (grower – Poncho Farms) – (AAAA) Visual: It was very beautiful! There were lots of different colours from bright greens to dark greens to purples. There were a few patches of light brown hairs and there were tone of sparkly Trichomes and I mean sparkly! Amazing visuals! It was very […]

Blue Fin Tuna – Pink Llama

Blue Fin Tuna from Pink Llama (sourced from Sacred Gardens) – (Craft) Visual: It was a dank looking bud with lots of small tight crystals on the outside. It was a bright green on the outside and when I opened it up the crystals were a bit bigger on the inside. The Trichomes were very […]

Death Butter – Pink Llama

Death Butter from Pink Llama (sourced from Big Boss Farms) – (AAAA) Visual: Lots of crystal on this nice looking bud! There were a bunch of different colours like bright greens light greens and purples. It was very attractive! When I opened it up it was quite a bit lighter and it still had tons […]

Grape LA (AAA) – True Craft Cannabis

Grape LA from True Craft Cannabis – Indica Dominant Hybrid – (AAA) Visual: It was a lime green colour with bunches or dark brown hairs. It had smaller crystals, especially when compared to the ICC and the Violator. It had a dense look to it but it was very fresh and squishy. Nose: The nose was quite […]

Violator Kush (AAAA) – True Craft Cannabis

Violator Kush from True Craft Cannabis – Indica Dominant Hybrid – (AAAA) Visual: It was a darker colour with some bright greens but mostly a dark green/purple colour. There were patches of brown hairs and tons of big crystal all throughout. It had an inner density with some outer squish to it. Nose: The nose had an […]

Ice Cream Cake (Craft) – True Craft Cannabis

Ice Cream Cake from True Craft Cannabis – Indica Dominant Hybrid – (Craft) Visual: What a seductive and sexy bud! It had a few different colours to the buds like a bright green and a dark green but they are mostly hidden by all the crystal. It is just covered in beautiful Trichomes. When I spread […]

Bubba Kush (AAA+) – Low Price Bud

Bubba Kush from Low Price Bud – Indica Dominant Hybrid – (AAA+) Visual: They were small to medium buds and some were a lighter green and others were a dark green to deep purple colour. The darker buds had a bit of a dank look to them. There was a very good amount of crystals on […]

Cali Bubba – Low Price Bud

Cali Bubba from Low Price Bud – Indica Dominant Hybrid – (AAA+) Visual: They were nice little frosted nugs. They were a medium and bright green with lots of crystal all throughout. Some of the buds were very solid and some were squishy. Nose: The nose was earthy and gassy with some skunk and pine to it. […]

G13 Gas – Low Price Bud

G13 Gas from Low Price Bud – Indica Dominant Hybrid – (AAA+) Visual: They were a light green small to medium buds. There were some small crystals throughout and there were lots of brown hairs all over. It was a bit lighter on the inside when I opened it up. It was fresh and squishy. Nose: The […]

Shishkaberry – Low Price Bud

Shishkaberry from Low Price Bud – Indica Dominant Hybrid – (AAA+) Visual: They were small to medium buds but they were very frosty looking! They were a dark green colour and I was impressed with the amount of Trichomes on it. It was quite dense, but it still had a bit of a squish to it. […]

Miracle Alien Cookies – SpeedGreens

Miracle Alien Cookies from SpeedGreens – Balanced Hybrid – (AAAA) Visual: I really enjoyed the visual on this MAC. There was lots of big Trichomes all throughout the bud. The colour was a light to medium army green with some darkening to almost a purple colour on some of the leaves at the tip. There were lots of light brown and yellow hairs all over the bud. It had an inner density but still […]

Pink Nuken – SpeedGreens

Pink Nuken from SpeedGreens – Indica Dominant Hybrid – (AAAA) Visual: This beautiful bud is tight like a Nuken and has tone of Trichomes all over and throughout! It was nice and fresh and I just loved the visuals on it. It was a lighter army green colour with some light brown hairs all over. It […]

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