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King Tut Smalls – The Dope Dispensary

Tight nugs, caked, gorgeous colours. Visual appeal on point. Nose is earthy/creamy with some sweeter tones coming out once busted up. Very social, giggly high with an initial head rush. Little body effects, the high mostly stays in the head. Very clean smoke with a mostly earthy taste. Love finding such well grown flower for […]

Slurricane – The Dope Dispensary

This flower has incredible visual appeal showing both dark and lighter shades of green with vibrant purple hues to contrast. Also super caked as you can see. Has a very unique tarty-sweet aroma, almost reminding me of juicy fruit. This translates pretty well into the smoke. Immediately after exhale I feel an intense rush of […]

Platinum Tuna Kush Cartridge by Kind Selections – Ghost Drops

One of Ghost Drops’ new cartridge offerings from Kind Selections. Insane tag at $120, not including battery. Other high end carts are going for $80, $90 max for 1 gram so expectations are high! Upon first inspection, I was immediately drawn to the texture and colour of the extract inside of the cart. It is […]

Golden Goat – Gas Garden

What a unique nose on this one! Heavy notes of citrus and gas, with a little musk to top it off. The flavour is just as wild, think dank OG mixed with an almost toasted vanilla after taste. The buzz from this is like a sativa missile to the cerebellum. Expect an uplifting, energetic high. […]

Quantum Kush – Quantum Genetikz

This fella gives off subtle notes of lemon and pine, though it’s not particularly pungent. Taste is a rather wild mix of Kush earthiness with a sour finish. The occasional sweetness can be had as well. There’s no other way to say it: this stuff smacks you right in the face after the first toke. […]

Ososlow #5 – Prohibition Farms

This is one dank mama! Smells of musk and earth, with a faint nuttiness to it. Very pungent. Taste was a bit underwhelming, though notes of an almost sour pine shine through. The buzz is slow and steady, but immense. Prepare for feelings of extreme relaxation, with a noticeable and profound pain relief quality. I […]

Platinum Bubba OG – Prince’s Private Reserve

Small-medium sized nugs that were very light. Reasonably covered in trichs and an offensive kush nose. Very loud. Taste was almost pure kush as well. The effects were pretty one dimensional, slight cerebral uplift with a heavy body stone that’ll knock you the fuck out. I don’t usually have much to say about these kinds […]

Carly’s Cup Cakes – Carly’s Garden

A rather muted nose on this one. Gassy, with subtle hints of vanilla. Taste is a strong and pleasant earthiness, with pine and vanilla notes on the exhale. This one is a knockout! A mind melter you’ll start to feel behind your eyes immediately. The buzz eventually settles over the whole body. Intense relaxation and […]

Forum Cut Girl Scout Cookies – Prince’s Private Reserve

Large, beautiful nugs. Absolutely caked in trichs, almost as if they had been run under the Krispy Kreme donuts glazer. Very shiny in the jar and extremely dense as well. Safe to say that I am impressed with the visuals here. The smell is a treat as well, earthy/kushy notes with a distinct mint scent. […]

Classic Pink – Prince’s Private Reserve

My favorite from the Prince. Small-medium sized nugs that reak of kush and diesel. Super sticky and coated in trichs. Very strong flavor as well, straight gas. I enjoyed this strain the most. It produced, for me anyways, a more sativa-like high. Cerebral uplift and energizing body stone, left me ready to take on the […]

Peanut Butter Breath – Blowout420

Light and fluffy nugs with orange pistils and dark purple hues. Deep and rich smell that earns the peanut butter breath name appropriately. The smoke was incredibly smooth and burned white. Produced a nice well-rounded stone that was a bit of a creeper and stayed around for a while. This is a great daytime smoke.

Michigan Mouth – Ghost Drops

A bit of mild earthiness but altogether muted. Taste was a similar story, a bit of spice but no discernable flavour profile. Tokes were a little harsher than I like. This one’s quite the creeper! Decent and relaxing buzz to follow. Arrived rather dry. *Burned poorly*

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