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Demon Breath – WTF Cannabis

Demon Breath (AAAA) from WTF Cannabis 70% Indica Dominant Hybrid Visual: The visuals were striking with crazy black buds covered with fuzzy, creamy crystal. There were some hints of greens, but it was mostly black and there were patches of contrasting orange hairs. The buds had a looseness to them. Nose: The nose very pungent. I got […]

Rockstar FSE Vape Cart (Cumulus Carts) – WTF Cannabis

Rockstar FSE Vape Cart (Cumulus Carts) from WTF Cannabis Visual: It was darker than the other Vape Carts with a bit of a dirty honey look. Taste: The taste was very terpy. It was gassy and piney and a bit of that hash oil flavour. Potency/Effects: It was very punchy and hard hitting! It makes me very buzzy […]

Animal Cookies – WTF Cannabis

Animal Cookies (AAAA) from WTF Cannabis 75% Indica Dominant Hybrid Cross: Girl Scout Cookies x Fire OG Visual: There was a bit of a dank look to this Animal cookies. It was dark green with lots of sparkly crystal and patches of light brown hairs. It also had a bit of a purple hue to it and […]

Garlic Sherbert – WTF Cannabis

Garlic Sherbert (AAAA) from WTF Cannabis 70% Indica Dominant Hybrid Cross: Garlic GMO Sherbert x Gorilla Glue #4 Visual: This Garlic Sherbert had a cool look to it! They were chunky buds that were mostly dark green with light green at the ends of the short foxtails. It had lots of frosty white crystal like it was […]

Frosted Fruitcake – WTF Cannabis

Frosted Fruitcake (AAAA) from WTF Cannabis 80% Indica Dominant Hybrid Cross: Jungle Cake x Strawberry Shortcake Visual: This one had some crazy visuals! It had a bit of a craft look to it and a darkness as well. There were some bits of green but mostly it was a very dark green with blacks and purples. It […]

Donkey Butter – One Two Treez

Donkey Butter (AAAA) from One Two Treez 70% Indica Dominant Hybrid Cross: Triple OG x Grease Monkey Visual: This one was super compact and fuzzy with lots of different colours. It had some light greens and some dark patched of a black/purple but it was all covered by the fuzzy Trichomes. It had little patches of light […]

Pink Diamond – One Two Treez

Pink Diamond (AAA+) from One Two Treez 70% Indica Dominant Hybrid Cross: Pink Kush x unknown strain Visual: The buds were small to medium in size and had varying colours of light green, bright green, forest greens and patches of light brown hairs. It had tight compact crystal and the buds were very dense. Nose: The nose was […]

Death Bubba Shatter – One Two Treez

Death Bubba Shatter from One Two Treez Visual: The colour was a yellow/orange with some bubbling and a nice look to it. Nose/Taste: Not much on the nose but the flavour was very gassy and skunky. Potency/Effects: This shatter was very punchy and it built up fast to a great potency level for me. I got a great […]

MAC 1 – One Two Treez

MAC 1 (AAAA+) from One Two Treez Balanced Hybrid Cross: Alien Cookies x Columbian x Starfighter Visual: These buds were also small-medium sized and covered in fuzzy creamy coloured crystal. They were a light army green with light brown hairs and they were very dense. Nose: I got a good hit of sweet diesel, some fruitiness, and a […]

Ice Cream Cake – One Two Treez

Ice Cream Cake (AAAA) from One Two Treez Indica Dominant Hybrid Cross: Wedding Cake x Gelato #33 Visual: The buds were small-medium sized but they were covered in creamy frost crystal. It was hard to see the colour of the buds under all the crystal. There were some army greens and patches of dark greens. It had […]

Mike Tyson – Order Weed Online

Mike Tyson (AAAA) from Order Weed Online Indica Dominant Hybrid Visual: The visuals weren’t as nice as the Coma but it was still dank looking with some of the dark green/black patches. It had lots of sparky crystal and brown hairs. It was very dense with a little bit of a sticky squish. Nose: The nose was […]

Coma – Order Weed Online

Coma (AAAA) from Order Weed Online Indica Dominant Hybrid Cross: OG Kush and another unknown strain Visual: They were nice sized buds that had a dank and greasy look to them. It had some dark greens and forest greens and some dark green/blacks. There was lots of sparkly crystal and patched of rusty orange hairs all over. […]

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