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UK Cheese * Tegridy Farms * September

Strain – UK Cheese Visual/Texture – the structure of the pepper shaped bud is a shared density of fresh, and sponge feeling texture. Bold darker forest green, and an olive shading cast over the nug, with emerald undertones, and bright violet spots peeking through in moderation. Thick orange pistils decently threaded through the mass, and […]

Quad Pink * Tegridy Farms * August

Strain – Quad Pink (Quad Dog x Pink Kush) Vistual/Texture – compact together with a good density allowing very little give when squeezed, crisp shelled exterior on this spade shaped bud, a sticky interior once cracking the meaty nug open. Mostly made up by a mossy shading, with minty green undertones, and dark purple hues […]

Master Tuna * Tegridy Farms * August

Strain – Master Tuna (Master Kush x Tuna Kush) Vistual/Texture – smaller sized bud, fairly rounded with an equal fluffiness to sponge like texture, giving up a fair amount of squeeze, and slightly crisp exterior. Lighter mossy green colored, having undertones of darker forest shading, some remaining sugar leaf presence. Short, deep colored copper pistils […]

Chilla Rockstar * Tegridy Farms * August

Strain – Chilla Rockstar (Chilla x Rockstar) Vistual/Texture – medium sized bud sharing its density evenly, with a texture of fluffy to spongy, the exterior feel is crisp while still greasy to the touch, sticky when pressed, and the awaiting interior being more fresh, and resin lined. Brighter mint shaded, with medium emerald green undertones, […]

Pink Northern Skunk * Tegridy Farms * August

Strain – Pink Northern Skunk (Northern Skunk x Pink Kush) Visual/Texture – thick spear shaped chunky structure, medium sized, dense and compact with little to no give when squeezed together. The exterior with a crisper texture, once you bust into this chunky bud to expose the fresh, greasy, sticky interior. Shading by a light lime […]

Milky Way * Tegridy Farms * August

Strain – Milky Way Vistual/Texture – one bulky round/oval shaped bud, a light crispness to the exterior, giving up some sponginess when squeezed together. Fresh, and sticky once cracking open, with a resin lined interior. The entire structure shaded by a bright minty green, with medium emerald undertones, and massively populated by copper pistils. There’s […]

God Bud * Tegridy Farms * August

Strain – God Bud (Hawaii x Purple Skunk) Vistual/Texture – medium sized, spade shaped bud, quite the give once squeezed with its spongy texture. Sharing its freshness with equal crisp outer layer density, holding its sticky resinous layer within. Olive coloring through most of the structure, with slight hues of forest green, and deep dark […]

Purple Haze * Tegridy Farms * August

Strain – Purple Haze (Purple Thai x Haze) Vistual/Texture – medium sized nug, light sponginess, with a mild crisp feeling texture. Pepper shaped, and lined with a light resinous interior. This head turning bud has a deep rich vibrant purple coloring, with signs of mint green showing in some portions. Light orange pistils evenly distributed […]

Northern Violator * Tegridy Farms * August

Strain – Northern Violator (Violator x Norther Lights) Vistual/Texture – elongated conical shaped bud, medium sized, mossy green shading with olive colored sugar leafs curled in, gripping onto the mass. Fresh feeling with a spongy texture, sticky resin covered exterior, tearing into the fresh nug only exposing a stickier, feeling interior. Short rusted copper thin […]

French Toast * Tegridy Farms * August

Strain – French Toast (Paris OG x Face Off OG BX2) Vistual/Texture – this came as one unit formed together as a giant mass. Crisp to the touch, giving up some sponginess when squeezed, while sealing in a sticky resin filled interior. Colored by shades of dark forest, mossy green, and giving off a vibrant […]

Obama Runtz * Tegridy Farms * August

Strain – Obama Runtz (Afghani x OG Kush x Runtz) Vistual/Texture – light minty green occupying the majority of the coloring, with undertones carrying mossy tones, and fairly dressed up by vibrant purple hues surfacing on the pepper shaped bud. Crisp shelled exterior, giving up some sponginess when squeezed, fluffy yet airy formations, really hiding […]

Old School OG * Tegridy Farms * August

Strain – Old School OG Vistual/Texture – round shaped bud, airy, fluffy, crispy outer surface, and slightly dry texture. Olive green shaded over the majority, darker forest sugar leafs, and purple highlights being cast. An infestation of thin copper pistils over throwing the structure, and generously dusted up by milky white trichomes Scent – the […]

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