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Pink Anxiety Flower Rosin- Dabber Dave 420

This one had more of a saucy appearance to it with light amber colours and almost golden hued edges. When agitated the product is much thicker than I anticipated with an almost wet dough consistency that when left to settle; regained its smooth wet look on the exterior. There were also darker brown ribbons throughout […]

Comatose Rosin Drops – @thesquishlist

Comatose Rosin Drops A cross of OG Kush x likely another Indica This one had a more solid consistency almost a sugared up shell on the outside and thca diamonds inside. Got nice and buddery almost sugary inside it seemed when stirred. A nice ammount of terps too had a bit of a wetness to […]

Girl Scout Cookies Rosin- CAMMP

Darkened amber to near black colours when the rosin was gathered at the bottom of the jar. ¬†However, when thinned out appeared more transparent with light golden hues. I did notice there was some small mounts of plant material when it was spread out as well. No significant nose is present but after whipping the […]

Lemon Buttercups Hash Rosin(Professor Farms) – Nature’s Fire

Very thick, slightly dark amber rosin, very easy to work with and returns to form at room temperature. Sweet buttery lemon terps almost resembling a lemon tart dessert. Very clean melt with the same desserty sweet lemon flavor when you exhale. Very potent, heavy indica effect comes on almost immediately starting right behind the eyes […]

Cookies Kush Rosin Jam – Nature’s Fire

Dark amber in color, thin and runny but very easy to work with. Sweet herbal terps coming out of the jar with a bit of spice mixed in as well. Clean melt, very smooth and the flavor shifting towards a more peppered herbal flavoring with the citrus coming through as time goes on. Heavy sedation […]

Vanilla Gorilla #3 Rosin – Rootbase

This rosin smelled just like the flower with sweet/fruity/vanilla tones. It was a light brown/amber color with a soft texture that was easy to manipulate and dab. A very smooth hit that retained its terpenes well; sweet/creamy/fruity tones. It’s a soothing high that creeps up on you. It boosts creativity while retaining a relaxing body […]

Banana Buttercups Hash Rosin – Nature’s Fire

Grown and washed by Professor Farms, then pressed by Nature’s Fire, the end result being a very rich amber, very stretchy almost taffy like medium. Sweet floral terpenes blended together with a subtle fruity hash smell. Clean, smooth melt with the same sweet floral-fruit flavor at first but later settles in to more floral hash […]

Bananas and Blow Hash Rosin – Nature’s Fire

Grown and washed by Professor Farms, then pressed by Nature’s Fire, the end result is a firm amber rosin, malleable, but firm. Smooth fruity-floral terpenes with a bit of spicy hash mixed in to the smell. Clean melt with a more pronounced hash flavor but blended nicely with the berry/floral flavor coming through when you […]

Meatbreath Hash Rosin – Nature’s Fire

Darker amber in color, thinner consistency, very easy to work with medium. Floral earthy like terpenes with a bit of vanilla that combine together to give you an almost spiced meat or meatloaf smell, that is very distinct to the flower. Clean melt with little residue and at first you are met with a strong […]

Diety Flower Rosin – Nature’s Fire

Fluffly, creamy, amber flower rosin, very easy to work with. Almost tropical berry like terpenes going back to the lineage of the flower itself(Godbud x Purple Buddha), leaning slightly towards the berry smell of godbud. Clean melt with little residue and the same god bud leaning flavoring at first, but then settles in to a […]

Gorilla Glue #4 Rosin- CAMMP

Unbelievable nose of pungent woody notes with fragrant overripe cherry undertones which produced one of the most unique and addicting smells. Found myself wanting to dive into the jar repeatedly for another whiff. The texture of the bud was dense, sticky and malleable almost like warm taffy. However, it was solid enough to roll into […]

Ghost OG (Royalty Rosin)- CAMMP

Bright yellow to golden outer edge with a caramel colored inner portion. The entirety of the rosin was filled with countless tiny bubbles which made for eye-catching visual appeal. The smell was bright with noticeable citrus odors upon opening or agitating the rosin; otherwise the scent was dominated by pine and woody smells. Taste was […]

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