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Grape Bubba * Gold Dreams * February

Strain – Grape Bubba  Smell – the terpenes slightly muted until taking it to the grinder where the true scents began to truly emege. Strong wafts of grape berry, earthiness scented with some herbal and skunky notes also popping in this mashed up mixture of smells Smoke – the taste translation from smell works out […]

Alaskan Thunder Fuck Live Resin from Monkey Budz

ATF Live Resin from Monkey Budz Sativa Dominant Visual: It had a creamy yellow/orange colour to it and the texture was very soft. Nose: The nose was quite pungent with a sweet flowery smell with a bit of a chemical kick to it. Smoke/Taste: It put out a lot of smoke and the taste was woody and skunky […]

Garlic Nut – THC HQ – February 2021

These gorgeous well rounded buds have a milky light green appearance from being so caked in trichomes. The buds are ranging from small to medium size and have a semi dense to dense structure with a slight spongeyness to them. Cured impeccably well and trimmed to near perfection. The buds busted up so nicely and […]

Chem Dawg – Top Tier Cannabis

Chem Dawg from Top Tier Cannabis 55% Indica Dominant Hybrid Visual: They were very dense and compact looking buds. The colour was light green and it had lots of that small, tight compact crystal with little patches of orange hairs that blended in. The buds were very dense. Nose: The nose was earthy, sweet and sour and […]

Wedding Crasher 2.0 – Black Rabbit – February 2021

Upon unscrewing the small artsy glass jar this gorgeous flower came in I received a dank aroma of sweet fruity earthy diesel. The buds were just absolutely caked right out in trichomes with a bit of purple hueing. This flower has a hard dense structure with the ever slightest spongeyness to the buds. Had magnificent […]

Thin Mint Cookies – Theforevergreener

Thin Mint Cookies rated as Hybrid A cross of : GSC  OG Kush x Durban Poison Small to medium sized nugs with a fuzzy coating of trichomes all over mostly milky with some amber gave all the nugs that matted look. A lot of intact heads all over the outside and super coated inside, a […]

Mocha Mintz – theforevergreener

Mocha Mintz rated as Indica Not too sure of the cross ? Mocha/lope  x Kush Mintz Small to medium size buds. Insanely dense with deep purple emerging on the tips. A bit of headless stalks on the exterior. Mostly long stalked shinny heads inside. Stems that snapped easily and a nice trim. It was suble […]

King Louis XIII Distillate cartridges-Tfcannabis

Great looking product at first sight. Golden amber in color and thick in texture. Zero clogging after a few days using.Taste is subtle but nice using yocan uni pro at 3.8 watts! flavor im getting is lemon with diesel in the background. Very smooth and not hard on the throat like some distillates. Im finding […]

Purple Power Cheese-Tfcannabis

Really nice looking herb at first site! Fluffy,fuzzy,light,chunky well cured lime green with flecks of dark purple buds with patches of bright orange hairs throughout and coated in crystals and caked in trichomes so much the herb appears fuzzy. Smell is very creamy and fruity with some hints of diesel. Taste is very nice and […]

Slurricane Shatter-Pacificcanny

Golden amber with a pull and snap consistency at room temperature making it so easy to work with using your fingers and not messy. Smell is very subtle but im getting some pine but mostly fruity diesel. Taste is very citrus and sweet/sugar that sits on the palate and keeps you guessing. High is excellent […]

Red Velvet Brownies-Dreamy Delite

Excellent and delishious looking product at first glance. Totally remind you of those two bite brownies we’ve all grown with. Brownies look well made and well kept(weren’t crushed or out of shape) love the white chocolate touch make them look great and adds a nice flavor. Smell is very cake like and inviting. I really […]

Sour Tangie Budder-Pacificcanny

Great looking product at first sight . Dark amber with a wet sandy look but but waxy texture, this live resin is so easy to work with🥳.Really nice smelling, i get some orange and sour lemon. Taste is excellent! If you melted a lemon and orange drop together and added some gas flavor that’s what […]

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