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Fruity Pebbles OG Cart by Sauce House

After thoroughly enjoying the Fruity Pebbles OG live sauce from Sauce House I decided to pick up the cart version from Kush Station for comparison purposes. Overall, I am very happy with the taste, potency, and performance of this cart. The taste is sweet like ripe fruit and it is very smooth with no harshness. […]

Pine Tar FSE – Enigma Extracts

The flavor was smooth, with a sweet, earthy pine exhale. It builds and hits the throat just like a dab, very soothing. This is a pure indica, which helped me relax both mentally and physically. I enjoyed this during the afternoon. These ceramic carts have been working fine with no clogs. The recommended setting for […]

Sour Amnesia FSE – Sauce House

Sour amnesia is a great sativa to enjoy during the day. It was clean and smooth with sweet floral citrus at the start and a light sour diesel finish. I felt uplifted with a clear head and feelings of europhia. It kept me focused and productive throughout the day with no sedation. I enjoyed the […]

Lemon Meringue Cart by Enigma Extracts

The Lemon Meringue FSE ceramic cartridge by Enigma Extracts presents a zesty lemon tanginess that brightens your eyes with each refreshing hit. Lemon Meringue is a cross of Lemon Skunk x Cookies & Cream and this cart will not disappoint those seeking a distinctive lemon taste. It is not overly sweet nor sour and leaves […]

Strawberry and Cream 200mg Chocolate bar – Kush Station

Solid dosing with a light aftertaste, but overall really tasty – consistent with how I remembered the last time I had these. The intensely sweet strawberry with heavy cream in combination really covers up the taste well, and the smooth consistency creates a gooey  melt feel as you chew. The bar is split into 3 […]

Pineapple Sorbet – Kush Station

What stands out most about this is the incredibly fragrant sweet citrus smell; even for a sample bud this gave off quite a scent. Density and stickiness are there as well, good thing I had a two-piece grinder to break up these nugs. I had enough for one sizable joint that gave off a unique […]

Girl Scout Cookies – Kush Station

  Some brilliant dark purple shades and vibrant orange pistils on these hand-trimmed buds. By touch, smell, and looks this is a solid recent batch; good humidity, sticky to handle, strong fragrance, and covered in trichomes. Although some trichs appear to be stalks, this bud is not lacking in heads either. As for the profile, […]

Pine Tar – Kushstation

Medium-small bud size but very dense. Neatly trimmed buds with nice trichome and flailing pistil coverage on a dark green bud. Piney-gas terpenes to smell. Grey ash with a more pronounced piney gas flavoring through very thick smoke. Quick hitting indica dom comes on quickly after consumption delivering sought after couch lock while also putting […]

Black Cat Kush – Kushstation

Extremely frosted, dense, light green buds with shades of purple sugar leaves and very nice pistil development. Piney citrus terpenes with a little bit of gas at the end. Clean white ash with a more pronounced citrus gas flavor on exhale. Nice indica dom that starts at the top of your head and makes its […]

Red Congo Cart by Enigma Extracts

The Red Congo FSE ceramic cartridge by Enigma Extracts delivers an exotic semi sweet lemon taste with potent sativa effects.  The inhale tastes of pleasant smooth lemon citrus which becomes stronger upon exhaling.  The taste is incredible on this cart and even if you think you do not enjoy lemon flavors this cart will likely […]

MAC Cart By Elite Elevation

The MAC Live Resin Terp Sauce Cartridge By Elite Elevation is a very sour and spicy cartridge that delivers balanced and fairly potent hybrid effects. The aftertaste is quite spicy and earthy and it did make me sneeze a few times. This cart is similar to taking a dab of MAC and almost immediately provides […]

Cookie Frost Cart by Elite Elevation

The Cookie Frost live resin cartridge by Elite Elevation feels more like a straight up the middle hybrid than a far indica dominant as I was expecting from this strain. It starts as a head high, but does eventually melt over your body to provide a relaxing state of calmness. I taste sour citrus and […]

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