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Platinum Pina Colada HCFSE- Arcana Extractions

First time I’ve heard of the strain, including the parents on either side; being a cross of Platinum Bubba x Pina Colada (CBD Lilly). I am going to start off with the nose on this one because it lives up to its name and may be one of the first cannabis products, I’ve personally had […]

Pink Kush HCFSE- Arcana Extractions

Product arrived as a singular deep yellow to rich orange boulder consisting of a multitude of tacky and chunky diamonds. Not as saucey as the last one but rather sticky as the consistency of the sauce just appeared thicker. Took some effort to break down the HCFSE as it almost was slightly hardened on the […]

Gorilla Glue Thca – @officialsmokeyslounge

Gorilla Glue Diamond Thca Crumble of little thca chunks. Slightly sandy got a bit sticky when warmed up. Rather easy to handle on bigger chunks the smaller piece kept falling of the dab tool. Smelled piney and citrusy mostly. All transfered to the smooth vapor. Left almost no residue super easy to clean and take […]

Miracle Whip Terp Diamonds – HappyClouds

Extremely unique texture on these diamonds. It’s a soft and uniform consistency, like a jam or jelly. You can’t spot any separation of terps from diamonds, it’s all mixed into one apple sauce texture. The colour is a very nice and light gold. The aroma on this is sweet and tropical, reminding me very much […]

Tang Breath Dry Diamonds – HappyClouds

These chunky diamonds with no sauce at all are very easy to work with and perfect for cold starts. Surprisingly, although there is no terp sauce the terps are still very present. The nose has a weird mix of funk and floral citrus that initially made me pull back, but as I kept smelling it […]

Guava Cake Diamonds – WTFCannabis

These smaller diamond formations are all glued together with a good amount of terp sauce. There is basically no loose sauce, it’s all lathered onto the diamonds. The aroma truly lives up to the name with exotic/tropical sweet fruity notes paired with some deep cake/doughy terps. It genuinely reminds me of a guava mixed with […]

Blue Dream Sauce x Solventless Diamond – @thelittlerosincompany

Blue Dream HTFSE x Solventless Diamond rated as Hybrid A cross of Blueberry x Haze Huge chunks of solventless diamonds, one jar had litteraly one big diamond laying in a super clear terp sauce. A bit hard to handle but super attractive. Id say 80/20 70/30 diamond / sauce ! Big chunks ! It smelled […]

Guava Cake Diamonds- WTF Cannabis

Diamonds arrived in a wide shoulderless jar with a neatly stacked pile of medium to large boulders in lightly golden to amber coloured in areas that were more stacked. Found it easy to manipulate with the sauce being thicker and tackier than I expected. Smells were unique and exotic with prominent sweet and sour tropical […]

Sunset Sherbert * Weed Mart Online * December

Strain –  Sunset Sherbert Smoke – this stuff provides a decent flavor profile on the inhale that allows big hauls to be puffed on without any major coughing issues. Followed by the exhale becoming a giant cloud of thick smoke that has a sweet tropical taste that lingers on the taste buds. The terpenes are […]

Juicy Fruit Caviar – Northstar Rosin

Juicy Fruit Caviar rated as Hybrid Indica dominant. A cross of Afghani x Thai Big chunky diamonds with a light yellow and shiny appearance. Once broken open you could see a bit of lighter runny texture in them. Not the easiest to work with a bit sandy. The smell is really strong piney almost sweet. […]

Orange Cream Sickle Rosin Jam – Private ACMPR

Orange Cream Sickle Rosin Jam Sativa A cross of : Orange Crush x Juicy Fruit Medium to small sized diamond with a white fuzzy hue laying in a light gold and translucide terp sauce. Easy to work with and grab a decent dab. The smell and taste is insane on this. Hands down the best […]

Biscotti Diamonds- West Coast Express

Concentrate arrived in a shoulder less jar with a light golden hued background with small to medium sized transparent diamonds. A thin sauce was also present on the product which was just enough to cover the diamonds and give it a wet look. The colour rendering on my camera likely made the product look a […]

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