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Harlequin 1:1 Live Resin Cart – WTFCannabis (Cumulus Carts)

This was my first time trying a 1:1 THC:CBD strain and man I really fell in love. I was initially impressed by the gorgeous light gold colour and the minty/herbal sweet aroma that exuded from the cart. I could smell this immediately upon opening the tube that it was packaged in. The refreshing minty sweet […]

FSE Death Bubba Vape Cart (Cumulus Cart) – WTF Cannabis

FSE Death Bubba Vape Cart (Cumulus Cart) From WTF Cannabis Taste: It was skunky and gassy with some spice to it. It was more like the taste of flower but a bit concentrated and more natural as compared to a Distillate vape. I really enjoyed the flavour. Potency/Effects: This FSE Cart had full flavour and it kicked! […]

GG44 Distillate Cartridge – Gold Dreams

Gram of distillate arrived in a long skinny rechargeable and disposable unit which was protected by a plastic sleeve with a rubber topper. To pen automatically would heat as you took a haul from it; which was relatively easy with no significant resistance. This is something I had an issue within the past with a […]

Pico Vape Pen Kit (Afghan Kush) – Mailbox Marijuana

Pico Vape Pen Kit (Afghan Kush) from Mailbox Marijuana Organic Distillate – 87% THC (Lab Tested) Taste: It was skunky and spicy. The taste wasn’t overpowering like some carts can be. It was nice to smoke and it was fairly smooth for me. Potency/Effects: I got lots of smoke from it and it was nice to be […]

Elev8 disposable pen – @budparadisecanada

Elev8 Mojito Disposable Pen Classic pen came in a gold colored boxed with a magnetic clip nice and discreet for public use. Works nice a big airflow for this small of a cart i refilled it 2x with distillate works fine still. I got the mojito one and it was super refreshing i vape a […]

Live Rosin Cart / lemon haze – Northstarrosin

Super Lemon Haze Live Rosin Carts LHR/Disti  80/20 A nice golden sauce 80/20 rosin to distillate. Came in the ccell looking verified cart. Easy to take decent rips didnt seem to clog on the tip. Tasted just like the hash rosin i got a couple weeks back a super present sour citrus taste with just […]

Mango Elev8 Vape *Bud Paradise * February

Strain – Mango cartridge by Elev8 Smoke – smooth smoking cart/pen on the inhale and exhale, but as per any cart make sure you know what you’re capable of in taking before you regret it. This Mango cart was by far the most terpene infested that I’ve had the pleasure or trying. Both inhale and […]

King Louis XIII Distillate cartridges-Tfcannabis

Great looking product at first sight. Golden amber in color and thick in texture. Zero clogging after a few days using.Taste is subtle but nice using yocan uni pro at 3.8 watts! flavor im getting is lemon with diesel in the background. Very smooth and not hard on the throat like some distillates. Im finding […]

Grapefruit Romulan Evovle Vape Pen – Flawless Flowers / Gold Dreams – February 2021

Having a sleek black color with some cool arty detailing. Has a light golden yellow liquid that is see through. Has an awesome circular glass mouth piece, which resulted in it being clean and easy to puff on. The vapour from this vape pen was of a lightly sweet and citrusy taste that was very […]

Mimosa distillate vape-Tfcannabis-February

Second time trying these cartridges, what I really liked about the first was how much it didn’t smell in a public setting or at work😬 high isn’t super potent with 3-4 puffs but was enough to keep you going and feel good in the process. This one was definitely similar to the first for the […]

Stardog Cartridge by Sauce House

Here we have a little puppy Stardog 100% live resin cartridge by Sauce House.  Woof!  It is stunning… beautiful consistency. Sweet floral terpenes on the inhale with a sweet musky earthiness & slight touch of gas ⛽ on the exhale. The tastes really do come through in the Verified hardware, and the performance is rockin’. […]

Durban Poison Distillate- WTF Cannabis

Out of the three this one was easily my favourite. Arrived again in clean packaging and the same metal tipped cartridge. Flavor profile offered nice clean pine, with some mild sweet herbal and citrus undertones. Found the vapor to be pleasantly smooth with no odd tickle felt at the back of the throat; which I’ve […]

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