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Watermelon Zkittlez – WTFCannabis

I saved the premium budder for the end since they were a few more dollars. I wanted to compare premium with the regular budder to see if there’s a difference. The only difference that I could notice was the smoothness. The regular budders are smooth but sometimes leave a dry throat after a couple of […]

Gorilla Glue #4 * Weed Mart Online * December

Strain – Gorilla Glue #4 Crumble Smoke – the terpenes off this while smoking were very similar to its OG form. The taste of diesel piney earthiness with slight nutty hints to it. One of the smoothest forms of concentrates that I’ve tried. Found it easy to take fairly big pulls and hold it in […]

Purple Mendocino * Weed Mart Online * December

Strain – Purple Mendocino Budder Smoke – I’ve tried the Purple Mendocino strain a number of times in flower form but this is the first as a budder. The smell coming off this was fairly minimal but once inhaling you get the earthy grape with citrus terpenes coming out. Fairly smooth on the inhale with […]

Purple Punch – WTFCannabis

Recently tried the purple punch budder from wtfcannabis and it did not disappoint. I have heard from others that the budder has a live resin texture making it easy to mold and scoop your dabs and it was completely true. I loaded up some big dabs so I can get a real nice taste of […]

Jillybean – WTFCannabis

I recently tried the Jillybean budder from WTFcannabis and it wasn’t the best budder I’ve tried from them but it still did the job. The terpenes on this strain were very fruity, I was not able to determine which fruit but it was still a pleasant taste. When dabbing the budder it was smooth on […]

Purple Punch Budder-Wtfcannabis

I am very new smoking concentrates. At first sight i had a feeling this is going to be something special! Very premium looking budder. Dark amber with a wet waxy and sugary texture, very easy to work with!🥳.Smell is excellent! In your face piney🎄 with slight gas⛽ in the backgorund. Taste is super piney and […]

Slurricane Budder-Wtfcannabis

Light brown with a dry waxy texture, moist to touch and very easy to portion and work with!🥳 Smell is nice and pungent once agitated!! I get stong in your face citrus with some gassy notes! Taste is very lemon citrus with some berry. High mid-level and very functional. Easily carry a conversation or pay […]

Jet Fuel – WTFCannabis

When I first received the budder it was frozen because I left it in my mailbox almost all day. When it warmed up the budder could easily be worked with and easily scooped up to drop in the atomizer. The taste of the budder was quite pungent and sweet. The smoothness of the budder was […]

Guava Cake Budder-Pacificcanny

I’m very new to concentrates! Golden Brown and glimmering in the light, this product looks like a tiny slab of shiny fudge. Waxxy candle like material so very easy to work with!🥳 Smell is pretty muted but I get a earthy hash smell. Taste is very similar to smell earthy but some creamy and nutty […]

Guava Cake – Pacific Cannabis

Slightly dry on the outside but still malleable and easy to work with, slightly brown on the outside but amber underneath. The hair in my picture did not come in the budder, (I have 2 dogs and a cat and it’s near impossible sometimes.) Slightly muted tropical terps that come through more once agitated. Clean […]

Blue Venom Budder-Ganjawest

Blue Venom Budder (Blue Og x Royal Kush) Excellent looking product at first sight! Wet and sticky Carmel or honey like consistency. Very rosin like! Easy to work with! Spreads on paper easy to make super joints! Or sticks to dab tool to get super lit! Smell is subtle but definitely sweet and some citrus. […]

Alokai Hawaiian – Shades of Green

Amber in color with a fluffy consistency. Easily breaks down with minimal pressure and whips up, easy to get the desired sized portion. Tropical citrus/berry terps that are noticeable right away but get more enhanced when agitated. Clean melt with the same tropical flavoring when you exhale. Quick head in the clouds euphoric high that […]

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