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Strawberry Cream – Evening Star Farms

This flower is absolutely stunning with a dense coat of trichomes inside and outside of each nug. It shows both light and dark shades of vibrant green with some extremely bright orange hairs. The aroma on this flower isn’t very strong, from the bag it smells fruity and nutty but once ground up some creaminess […]

Blackberry Kush – Nature’s Fire

Frosted, dense, hand manicured buds with extensive pistil and trichome coverage, small amount of purple sugar leaves over a dark green canvas. Berry citrus terpenes to smell. Clean white ash with the same berry citrus flavoring in full, smooth smoke. 80/20 indica dom that makes it’s way from your toes to your eyes in waves […]

Quadra Island Pink – Sacred Gardens

This is quite a nice pink, floral with almost a raisin scent on the backend, has that nice dank pink smell. Flavor translates great to the smoke. Only issue I had was with the burn, found myself grabbing the torch when taking bong rips, salt n pepper ash, not overly harsh. Won’t completely knock you […]

Mandarin Cookies – Kush Station

I decided to start my day off with some mandarin cookies. Light green and fluffy bud with a medium nose of citrus oranges. Really smooth smoke, and the orange terps really do come through. Excellent during the day, a nice productive smoke to get the daily tasks done.

Sour Lemon Diesel- Low Price Bud

My attention was immediately drawn to the tangled red hairs and caked nature of the trichromes as I first opened the bag. The large dense buds otherwise had a bright green background that helped the pistils pop. Funny for a lemon sour diesel, I was instantly hit with the smell of heavy duty skunk. Followed […]

Crunch Berry – Kush Station

This bud was bright green, medium density and covered in sugar. Your nose is greeted with pungent berry, citrus, and floral tones. It was grown in living soil with no pesticides. The smoke was smooth with berry terpenes, earthiness and a pine exhale, the ahes where light gray. It is a hybrid high leaning towards […]

Papaya Punch/ Pink Llama/ February 20th 2020

On my conquest to the best, the hybrid that’s vibing, we got the heavy 🥊🥊🤤 that is papaya punch! Papaya and purple punch, we got the flavour and the potency from both parents. A wicked combo that is caked with Trichomes. Lime green nugs glistened in amber trichomes heads and full pistils. Theres no lack […]

Godbud – Nature’s Fire

Dense, frosted, dark green buds. Hand trimmed with robust pistil development all over. Musky berry terpenes to smell familiar to other cuts and extracts i’ve previously had of this strain. A little bit of salt and pepper ash but mostly white with a more earthy-berry flavor on exhale. Quick hitting indica dom that’s very soothing […]

Violator Kush – Cannabis Kings

Dense, resinous buds, neatly hand manicured. Very nice trichome and pistil coverage. A bit on the leafy side but is reflected in the vendor rating. Lemon pine terpenes to smell, pungent. Grey ash with the same terpenes coming through in the flavor. 80/20 indica dom that takes a few minutes for full effect but over […]

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