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Platinum Punch * Big Sloth * September

Strain – Platinum Punch (Platinum OG x Purple Punch) Smell – very unique nicely mixed up nose on this strain, hints of creamy cookie dough with a fruity hitting scent at the same time. First time smelling a mash up that hasn’t involved a salad Smoke – smooth smoking, white ash immediately tagging up with […]

Purple Trainwreck – MMJ Express

Bag Appeal: The buds were really dense and pretty dried out. I really like the bright colours on it though. It had some amount of trichs for sure but not that much. The buds look machine tumbled too. Smell: I found it had a type of spicy herbal tea kind of smell. It wasn’t really pungent […]

Peach Puree- Gold Dreams

One complete slab of clean, nearly transparent product that was highlighted by golden hues. No apparent smell upon opening the sleeve outside of some mild earthy citrus notes as you came in for a closer whiff. Solid slab which was malleable with slow movements snapping with any quick jerk. Smoke was easy on the lungs […]

Gorilla Bomb * Green Ace * September

Strain – Gorilla Bomb (THC Bomb x GG4) by Queen of the Quads (Girl Scout Cookies x Face Off OG) Smell – ripping this mylar you instantly are greeted by pungent lemon and pine mixed up hitting your nose. Very pleasant smelling strain that you’ve got no problem dipping your nose into just to catch […]

9lb Hammer – The Green Ace

9lb Hammer from The Green Ace Visual: Very nice visuals on this one! The structure was pretty cool, it had lots of foxtails and lots of sparkly sugary crystal all over. The buds were a medium/dark green with light orange hairs all over. The buds were pretty squishy but they still had a denseness to them. […]

Mendo Breath- West Coast Essentials

Long slender extremely dense medium sized buds, with most of the buds covered by an array of light and dark purples. There were also some vivid forest greens and burnt orange pistils which created a brilliant combination of colours which had to fight to be seen through the thick coating of resin. Upon closer inspection […]

Do-Si-Dos * Green Ace * September

Strain – Do-Si-Dos (Girl Scout Cookies x Face Off OG) Smell – the immediate smell is that nice sweet dough mixed with earthy nutty scen, then you also get hints of spicy undertones Smoke – light grayish white ash, clean burn with oil ring intact. The earthy cookie taste came most on the inhale with […]

Zombie OG – The Leaf Express

The compact buds of this strain are a mixture of light and dark green, with light orange hairs scattered throughout with a good amount of frost. The aroma is very gassy and earthy with a herbal undertone. You get a pronounced earthy flavor while smoking this strain not much else though. The high is a […]

Essential Cherries- West Coast Essentials

Once again arriving in the same great packaging as the peach option. The cherries once again gave me all the nostalgia, since I was a fiend for candy as kid and cherry blasters were always one of my go to options. The product did arrive a bit sticker and stuck together then the peaches but […]

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