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Mango Kush HTFSE- Coast Terra BC (Arcana Extracts)

Mango Kush is never a strain I’ve personally tried but the name intrigued me as I do enjoy a smoke that promises a great terpene profile. This HCFSE did not disappoint with definitive sweet delicate orange and cream flavors hitting my nose, followed by mild undertones of tropical pine aromas. The appearance of the product […]

Tom Ford pink kush (enigma extracts) – Green Hornet

Nice fluffy caked nugs, a little extra leaf on the nugs but even those leafs are caked like crazy. Wild colours tho with dark green, purple and bright orange hairs. Smells earthy with sweet undertones. Translates into same flavour, very smooth. The humidity level on this one came perfect, nice fresh and sticky. Great burn with […]

Purple Kush FSE- WTF Cannabis

The Purple Kush came packaged in a wide base shoulder-less style jar which is a nice touch. Easy access as you’re polishing off a strain is always appreciated. The FSE itself was light peach to rich yellow hues with tiny diamonds collecting in a mass encased by a thin coating of sauce. At first glance […]

Tuna(Enigma) – Pink Llama

Very dense, very resinous buds. Nicely glazed all over with a mixture of amber and clear trichomes. Healthy pistils flowing amidst glazed purple and green sugar leaves. Strong gassy pine terps very easily identifiable. White ash with the flavor shifting to a zesty gassy pine, and a slight bit of berry mixed in, really nice. […]

Greasy Pink Bubba – Pink Llama

Greasy Pink Bubba from Pink Llama Visual: There was some different colourings on the buds. One of the buds was a bit lighter than the other bud. The darker bud was a bit greasier and danker looking. There were some black leaves on it and it had lots of small sparkly crystal.  When I opened it […]

Orange Sophie’s Breath by Cumulus Carts

The Orange Sophie’s Breath 100% HCFSE cart by new brand Cumulus Carts is a refreshing addition to my collection. The taste consists of tangy orange citrus terpenes on the inhale mixed with a sweet vanilla-like dankness on the exhale.  It is very smooth (no coughing induced whatsoever) with a slightly spicy aftertaste. The Effects?  Good […]

9lb hammer – live resin cartridge – Sauce House BC

Full spectrum live resin sauce in a nice quality vape tip.  Fresh tasting flowery vapour. Potency is the real reason I stick to live resin in my carts. Three smalls pulls and I’m medicated for at least an hour. This strain in particular is a favourite for packing a punch.

Cookies And Cream(Enigma) – Pink Llama

Very frosted, dense, resinous buds, coated in dense ambering and white trichomes. Very neatly trimmed with select purple and green coated sugar leaves and very vibrant pistils. The terps very closely resembles white chocolate, like a white chocolate cookies and cream hershey bar, but with a very small amount of spiciness. White ash with the […]

Wedding Cake(Enigma) – Sloth’s Supplies

Dense nugs, hand manicured leaves and caked in trichomes. This wedding cake has chunky buds and releases a pungent aroma of sweet blueberry cake with a creamy gas finish. This translates beautifully over to the smoke with a white ash burn. Potent indica dom high with tasty terps makes this a wedding you don’t want […]

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