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Carly’s Cup Cakes – Carly’s Garden

A rather muted nose on this one. Gassy, with subtle hints of vanilla. Taste is a strong and pleasant earthiness, with pine and vanilla notes on the exhale. This one is a knockout! A mind melter you’ll start to feel behind your eyes immediately. The buzz eventually settles over the whole body. Intense relaxation and […]

Forum Cut Girl Scout Cookies – Prince’s Private Reserve

Large, beautiful nugs. Absolutely caked in trichs, almost as if they had been run under the Krispy Kreme donuts glazer. Very shiny in the jar and extremely dense as well. Safe to say that I am impressed with the visuals here. The smell is a treat as well, earthy/kushy notes with a distinct mint scent. […]

Classic Pink – Prince’s Private Reserve

My favorite from the Prince. Small-medium sized nugs that reak of kush and diesel. Super sticky and coated in trichs. Very strong flavor as well, straight gas. I enjoyed this strain the most. It produced, for me anyways, a more sativa-like high. Cerebral uplift and energizing body stone, left me ready to take on the […]

Peanut Butter Breath – Blowout420

Light and fluffy nugs with orange pistils and dark purple hues. Deep and rich smell that earns the peanut butter breath name appropriately. The smoke was incredibly smooth and burned white. Produced a nice well-rounded stone that was a bit of a creeper and stayed around for a while. This is a great daytime smoke.

Michigan Mouth – Ghost Drops

A bit of mild earthiness but altogether muted. Taste was a similar story, a bit of spice but no discernable flavour profile. Tokes were a little harsher than I like. This one’s quite the creeper! Decent and relaxing buzz to follow. Arrived rather dry. *Burned poorly*

Tom Ford Pink Kush – Blowout420

Also came packed tightly in a jar. Nice small nugs, covered in trichs, light purple hues throughout. The smell is notably the classic kush smell, very pungent. This stuff smoked nicely with white ash. Produced a very quick hitting indica body stone and a little raciness in the cerebral. Not what I would consider quads […]

Super Silver Haze – Blowout420

Came packed tightly in a can. Mostly smalls but who can complain, this is a $99 oz. Very pleased with the quality of the nugs for the price, tiny tight nugs caked in trichs. Bag reaks of floral haziness. Smokes smoothly, salt and pepper ash. Produces a nice, pure sativa kick that lasts a decent […]

Purple Riley – Kootenay Craft

The picture really doesn’t do this bud justice as this is the most purple strain I’ve yet come across. This one smells wild! A spicy musk and a burst of fresh flowers, quite pungent. It tastes incredibly earthy, with some detectable fruity notes. Very unique, definitely not for everyone. This one offers a solid and […]

Carly’s Cupcakes – Carly’s Garden

Large nugs with a beautiful color profile, orange and purple hues. Super sticky nugs with little to no smals/shake. The smell is very buttery/cheesey, pungent enough to fill the room. Smokes incredibly smoothly with a cheesey taste on the exhale. Very unique, tastes more cheese-like than cheese strains I’ve tried. The effects were potent, very […]

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