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Banana Milkshake OG – BC Medi Chronic

Banana Milkshake OG from BC Medi Chronic Visual: They were some compact looking buds and they were. There was lots of the tight compact crystal all over and when I opened it up the crystals were quite a bit bigger. It was a light army green with some creamy colours to it. Nose: The nose was very […]

Pre 98 Bubba – BC Medi Chronic

Pre 98 Bubba from BC Medi Chronic Visual: The colour was mainly a dark green. It had the small compact crystals but lots of them and the buds were dense and compact. There were lots of patches of brown hairs all over. Nose: The nose was sweet woody and earthy smell and it was quite pungent. Cut/Roll/Grind: The […]

Red Congolese – BC Medi Chronic

Red Congolese from BC Medi Chronic Visual: There were lots of red hairs all over. Not a lot of crystal but that is what I have experienced with this strain. It was very squishy and fresh! Nose: It smelled very woody and earthy with a bit of sweetness It was very nice and typical to the strain. […]

Gelato – BC Medi Chronic

Gelato from BC Medi Chronic Visual: The visual on this Gelato was pretty funky. It was quite dark and frosty overall. It looks like a heavy Indica and it hits like an Indica but it is a balanced hybrid. It was very dense and it had a good moisture level to it. Nose: There was a big […]

Death Tuna – BC Medi Chronic

Death Tuna from BC Medi Chronic Visual: This Death Tuna had that classic skunk look to it. It was a little bit leafy with small compact sugary crystals and patches of red hairs all over. Once I opened it up the crystals were quite big. It was a bit dense, the moisture level was great and […]

Strawberry Cream – BC Medi Chronic

Strawberry Cream from BC Medi Chronic Visual: I was really impressed with the visuals on this one! It had a very nice structure and it had lots of fat sparkly crystal. It was a lighter green, but it also had a bit of a creamy colour to it. It was fairly squishy, and it had a […]

Jet Fuel OG – Big Boss Farms

Jet Fuel OG from Big Boss Farms Visual: This Jet fuel OG was the darkest overall. It had lots of the dark purple/black colours to it. There were lots of orange hairs which gave a contrast to the dark colours. Nice crystal coverage on the bud and the moisture level was good. The bud was very […]

Master OG – Big Boss Farms

Master OG from Big Boss Farms Visual: I am getting that dank and greasy feel from all of these strains so far. The colour was darker overall with dark greens and dark purples and blacks. Lots of sparkly crystal covered the bud which gave it a sugared look. It was very dense and it had a […]

Larry Bird OG – Big Boss Farms – Aug

Larry Bird OG from Big Boss Farms Visual: I was expecting an Indica leaning strain from the sights of this one. It also had a bit of a greasy and dank look which is more typical to an indica. The structure was a bit different than the Island pink with more of a dense and compact […]

Island Pink OG – Big Boss Farms

Island Pink OG from Big Boss Farms Visual: Quite greasy looking! The bud was nice and frosty with lots of sparkly crystal all throughout. The colours were bright greens and some dark green and some very dark, almost purple or black leaves as well. There were patches orange/brown hairs all over. Very nice visuals on this […]

LA Cakes – Tegridy Farms Cannabis

LA Cakes from Tegridy Farms Cannabis Visual: It was a very nice-looking bud! It was very frosty and fuzzy looking, typical to a cake strain. It was a bit on the dark side with some nice spots purple colours. There were also some light greens and the structure was very cool. It was very dense, but […]

Astroworld Pink Kush – Tegridy Farms Cannabis

Astroworld Pink Kush from Tegridy Farms Cannabis Visual: The buds were very greasy and dank looking. They had lots of dark purple/black leaves stuck onto the frosty bud. There was good sized crystal for a pink strain and it made it look very sugary. It was extremely dense and the moisture level was great. Nose: It was […]

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