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Crunchberry (Living Soil Organic) – Kootenay Craft

I don’t have much to say about this stuff. It came in one large nug, has a great fruity/spicy taste and produces a solid dose of relaxation to the body and mind. Smokes incredibly smoothly as well. It wasn’t much of a standout though. It was good weed but lacked the unique characteristics that the […]

Oregon Golden Goat – Kootenay Craft

Came mostly in one nug which was a nice treat. Pale green with dark orange pistils throughout. Had a very fresh scent, citrusy and a bit peppery. Burned very smooth to salt and pepper ash and produced a very clean stone. Effects were not vulgar at all, just a very clear headed stone with some […]

Double Sour (Living Soil Organic) – Kootenay Craft

I love sour diesel. This stuff was a little bit different, but I love it too. Super pungent sour smell and notably smooth smoke. I find that all living soil strains that I try burn incredibly well and this one was no exception. The taste was pretty insane. Complex array of earthy notes mixed with […]

Cookies and Cream – Kootenay Craft

Delivered in a few large nugs, absolutely caked in trichs and reaking of earthy sweetness. Very smooth smoke that tasted had that classic earthy/sweet cookies taste. Salt and pepper ash. Produced a reasonably potent indica stone that had me feeling relaxed and calm. A very pleasant and uplifting trip indeed, perfect for watching TV or […]

Yoda OG – Coastal Wild fire

Careful where you open this fella, because this one is pungent. Nose is a very strong earthy musk with a subtle hint of fresh flowers and vanilla. The taste comes on strong. We’re talking an incredibly bold candy sweetness that is very pleasant. Flavours are well developed and enjoyable. I found the buzz pronounced but […]

Platinum Blackberry – Kush Station

Super dense nugs that were covered in dark hues and orange pistils. Subtle blackberry nose and taste on exhale. Honestly, super impressive showing for AAA quality and pricing. This is an example of why Kush Station is good. Effects were very indica dominant. Body stone and feeling of euphoria/relaxation.

Blue Gelato – Kush Station

Very tasty strain. Blueberry/minty and a little bit creamy. The smoke produced was also worth mentioning. Incredibly smooth which is a delight paired with the taste. In terms of bag appeal, this came in small nugs that were caked in trichs. A mixture of light/dark green with orange pistils. Produced a very energetic and focused […]

Citrus Sap – Kush Station

I was very impressed with the smell. Extremely pungent lemon pledge smell with a hint of tee tree oil. It didn’t let up on the smoke either, very strong lemony fresh taste. Not at all a creeper, hits you straight away with a relaxing body stone and uplifting/energetic cerebral. Absurd quality for an AAA rating.

Island Pink Kush by Bubba Kings – Kush Station

I didn’t order much so it arrived in tight, small buds. Classic pink kush smell. Earthy, kushy taste and it ashes salt and pepper. Effects were quite potent! This is a heavy hitter. The PK left me feeling couchlocked with a trippy and spacey cerebral high.

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