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Purple Punch x Do-Si-Dos – The Canna Society

Purple Punch x Do-Si-Dos from The Canna Society Visual: There was some nice crystal coverage on this one. Overall it was a light green but there were some bright greens and some purple leaves poking out from the buds as well. There were lots of rusty hairs all over. It was quite dense with a bit […]

Dolato – Bhang-Bhang

Delato from Bhang-Bhang Visual: It was a very nice looking bud. It was very frosty and sugared looking and there were lots of brown hairs all over. It was very dense and it didn’t have much of a give to it. Nose: The nose was spicy and musky and earthy. Cut/Roll/Grind: It was easy to cut and grind. […]

Slurricane – Bhang-Bhang

Slurricane from Bhang-Bhang Visual: This one had very nice visuals. It had a nice structure and lots of different colours. There were some bright greens, some medium greens and some dark greens closer to the tip with some purple hues to it as well. There was a good amount of Trichome coverage and it looked very […]

Gorilla Glue #4 Diamonds – Shades Of Green

Gorilla Glue #4 Diamonds from Shades Of Green The visuals were similar to the Cookie Dough but a bit lighter in colour. The nose was light and it was a bit gassy with a sweet sugary chemical smell. The taste had even more of that chemical flavour that was similar to glue as well as […]

Blueberry Kief – Shades Of Green

BlueBerry Kief from Shades Of Green I really enjoyed this Blueberry Kief. It had a nice skunky Blueberry flavour and it had a good potency level for me. I got a great instant buzz from it. It was an uplifting rush at first but then it mellowed out with a heavier head and body buzz. […]

Lemon Lime Kush – Shades Of Green

Lemon Lime Kush from Shades Of Green Visual: The colour was a light army green on this one and it had light brown/orange hairs all over. The buds were quite a bit squished, especially the bigger ones. They had a decent amount of crystal and they were quite dense. Nose: I found the nose to be very […]

Nirvana – Shades Of Green

Nirvana from Shades Of Green Visual: This one had a Sativa look to it. It has light greens and bright greens with orange hairs all over. It had lots of crystal, especially when I opened it up. It had a nice cone like structure and it was a bit dense bit it still had a […]

Sweet Cheesus – Swift Green

Sweet Cheesus from Swift Green Visual: The colour was an army green and it was quite leafy, even for me. The crystal was more on the small compact side until I opened it up. The crystals on the inside were much bigger and quite sparkly. It was very squishy because of the leafiness but the […]

Red Rockstar – Swift Green

Red Rockstar from Swift Green Visual: The look of this Red Rockstar was typical for the Rockstar strain. Not a huge amount of crystal and it is the small compact kind. There were lots or rusty brown hairs all over. It is definitely a sleeper when it comes to looks vs potency. Nose: The nose was very […]

Girl Scout Cookies – Swift Green

Girl Scout Cookies from Swift Green Visual: Nice structure and nice looking buds! There was lots of crystal coverage all over and throughout. It was a light army green colour and it had patches of light brown hairs on it. It was quite dense with a bit of squishiness. Nose: At first I got a sweet and […]

Kush N Cookies – Swift Green

Kush N Cookies from Swift Green Visual: Wow! It had amazing visuals! It was a very dark green/purple colour. Super dank looking! It was just covered in big sugary crystal that sparkled in the light. It had patches of red rusty hairs all over. It was a bit more of an open structure than a compact […]

Cherrygasm – Swift Green

Cherrygasm from Swift Green Visual: This Cherrygasm was very nice looking! There were tons of beautiful crystal all over and throughout making it very frosted and sparkly. It has a nice structure to it as well. It was light green with some darkening closer to the tips. It could squish it quite a bit. The moisture […]

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