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Black Diamond – Black Glove

Black Diamond from Black Glove Visual: The colour was a dark green but not the really dark green/black that I am familiar with for a Black diamond. It was more squishier rather than a still crystallized structure. It had a good amount of crystals all over and throughout. It was very dense but I could still […]

Do-Si-Dos – Happy Clouds

Do-Si-Dos from Happy Clouds Visual: These were some very dense and compact looking nugs, similar to the Grease Monkey but more of a cone shape and tons of red hairs all over. From far away it didn’t look like there was much crystal but once you get close you could see that it had a good […]

Peanut Butter Breath Shake – Happy Clouds

Visually it was quite nice for shake. There were some popcorn bugs and there was a good amount of sugar leaves as well. Overall I was very impressed. It had a decent nose and it smoked not bad either. The potency was higher than I expected as there was a good little buzz with it.

Pink Gelato – Happy Clouds

Pink Gelato from Happy Clouds Visual: The visuals were very nice for a Pink strain. There was a good amount of crystal coverage and it had a nice structure with its peaks and valleys. There were a few different greens and it had some light coloured hairs all over. It was very dense and it did […]

Grease Monkey – Happy Clouds

Grease Monkey from Happy Clouds Visual: These were some dense looking nugs. There was a good amount of crystal the closer that you look. It was a bright green colour and there were patches of light brown hairs in patches all over. The buds were extremely dense. Nose: The nose was a sweet diesel and pine with […]

Purple Gelato #2 – The Canna Society

Purple Gelato #2 from The Canna Society Visual: This bud had a nice structure and nice visuals to it. There were lots of big fuzzy crystal all over that was very sparkly. It had a range of colours like light green, bright green, and some dark purple colours. It was fairly dense but it had a […]

Purple Trainwreck – The Canna Society

Purple Trainwreck from The Canna Society Visual: This Purple Trainwreck has some really nice visuals for a budget oz. It was very frosty and sugared looking. It was a bright green at the bottom of the buds and as you got closer to the tip it darkened in colour. The bud had some foxtailing and it […]

Purple Punch x Do-Si-Dos – The Canna Society

Purple Punch x Do-Si-Dos from The Canna Society Visual: There was some nice crystal coverage on this one. Overall it was a light green but there were some bright greens and some purple leaves poking out from the buds as well. There were lots of rusty hairs all over. It was quite dense with a bit […]

Dolato – Bhang-Bhang

Delato from Bhang-Bhang Visual: It was a very nice looking bud. It was very frosty and sugared looking and there were lots of brown hairs all over. It was very dense and it didn’t have much of a give to it. Nose: The nose was spicy and musky and earthy. Cut/Roll/Grind: It was easy to cut and grind. […]

Slurricane – Bhang-Bhang

Slurricane from Bhang-Bhang Visual: This one had very nice visuals. It had a nice structure and lots of different colours. There were some bright greens, some medium greens and some dark greens closer to the tip with some purple hues to it as well. There was a good amount of Trichome coverage and it looked very […]

Gorilla Glue #4 Diamonds – Shades Of Green

Gorilla Glue #4 Diamonds from Shades Of Green The visuals were similar to the Cookie Dough but a bit lighter in colour. The nose was light and it was a bit gassy with a sweet sugary chemical smell. The taste had even more of that chemical flavour that was similar to glue as well as […]

Blueberry Kief – Shades Of Green

BlueBerry Kief from Shades Of Green I really enjoyed this Blueberry Kief. It had a nice skunky Blueberry flavour and it had a good potency level for me. I got a great instant buzz from it. It was an uplifting rush at first but then it mellowed out with a heavier head and body buzz. […]

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