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Dosi Pie – High Garden

Dosi Pie from High Garden Visual: The buds were very light coloured but they were masked by tons of crystal was a creamy colour. They really changed the colour of the buds.   The army greens and lime greens were hard to see and the orange hairs blended right in. They were pretty dense. Nose: There was a funky […]

Girl Scout Cookies – High Garden

Girl Scout Cookies from High Garden Visual: The colour was very dark on this one as well, even darker I would say. There was lots of crystal all over and when I opened it up there was more of a fuzzy crystal and some nice purples. The crystal was a creamy colour which muted the dark and […]

God’s Green Crack – High Garden

God’s Green Crack from High Garden Visual: These buds were very dark green and a bit dank looking. There was lots of sparkly crystal all over and throughout. It was a bit leafy but the leaves were covered in fat sugary crystal as well. The leafy parts were a bit squishy but the main buds were pretty […]

LA Confidential – Crazy Cannabis

LA Confidential from Crazy Cannabis Visual: The colour was very dark. It had the look of a heavy Indica to me. There were some lighter green leaves and there was lots of sugary crystal all over and throughout. It had a very stiff crystallized structure. Nose: I got a nose that was similar to a Black Diamond. […]

Sour Mango – Crazy Cannabis

Sour Mango from Crazy Cannabis Visual: The colour was a light green overall with some dark green leaves. There was some small compact crystal. The buds were very dense. Nose: The nose was mainly earthy and sour. Cut/Roll/Grind: It was easy to cut and to grind. Taste: The taste was pretty much the same as the nose. Earthy and sour. […]

Space Queen – Crazy Cannabis

Space Queen from Crazy Cannabis Visual: The visuals were a little bit lacking but the flavour, potency and effects made up for it. It was a bit leafy and it had the smaller compact crystal. It had a real old school skunk strain look to it for me. It was a dark forest green with a […]

Grand Daddy Purple – True Craft Cannabis

Grand Daddy Purple (AAAA) from True Craft Cannabis Visual: It was dark forest green in colour and it had patches of bright green and dark purples. It had more of a tight compact crystal and patches of brown hairs. The buds were very dense. Nose: The nose was almost like a savory cheese with some sweet fruitiness […]

Grapefruit Cookies – True Craft Cannabis

Grapefruit Cookies from True Craft Cannabis Visual: The colour was a light army green with some dark green/purple leaves near the tips. There was lots of nice crystal all over and throughout. It was a bit of the fuzzy crystal and it had a creamy colour to it. It was a bit squishy with some denseness […]

Ice Cream Cake (Craft) – True Craft Cannabis

Ice Cream Cake from True Craft Cannabis Visual: Wow! What a beauty! This one was super caked! There were tons of fat crystal all over and throughout and it had a creamy look to it. It had some light green colours and some dark green/black leaves. It looked good enough to eat and it had a […]

Pink Unicorn – The Leaf Express

Pink Unicorn from The Leaf Express Visual: This Pink Unicorn was very dense and compact looking. It was a very dark green with some bright green leaves and some purple leaves. I could hardly see the orange hairs because they really blended into the bud. There was lots of tight compact crystal all over. When I […]

Mendo Breath – The Leaf Express

Mendo Breath from The Leaf Express Visual: It was not as fuzzy as I thought it was going to be. It was still a bit fuzzy but it had a bit more of the tighter compact crystal. It was pretty funky looking with the dark purple leaves and it had a bit of a greasy look […]

Zombie OG – The Leaf Express

Zombie OG from The Leaf Express Visual: This Zombie OG was very nice looking. It had lots of crystal and it was light green in colour with patches of light brown hairs. It was very compact and dense. Nose: The nose had a bit of the sweet berry and some diesel and some pine as well. There […]

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