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Purple Candy Cart by HVE

The Purple Candy cartridge by High Voltage Extracts is a medium strength indica which relaxes the mind without giving an intense full body stone.  The taste is smooth & earthy with a sweet grape twist.  I tend to reach for this cart earlier in the day when I’m craving an indica, but also need to […]

Romulan Cart by HVE

The Romulan cartridge by High Voltage Extracts is a staple for me.  It has that sweet fruity taste and might be one of the best-tasting carts offered by this MOM.  The high is great and this cart’s potency will be plenty strong for the occasional to daily user.  I find myself reaching for this cart […]

Grape Dosi Cartridge / Enigma Extracts

Shipping was quick and the  package was well protected on its journey. Battery came charged and with a little warming the cart worked great for the rest of its use. Hits like a mini dab with sweet grape flavour and potent hybrid effects. Not harsh except when taking larger consecutive rips and lasts an amazingly […]

Cherry Pie Cartridge / Kush Station (Enigma Extracts)

My favourite cart thus far, delivers flavourful and potent hits on demand. Tastes like straight cherry candy on the exhale and hits with indica leaning effects. Lasts a long amount of time too so it’s great value, highly recommend picking up multiple because they go fast.

Black Guava, Pink Crack, CO2 Vape Cart -The Wholesome Monkey

MoM- The Wholesome Monkey Customer Service-  Koko the rep for this MoM is very attentive and answered all my inquiries over discord within a few hours of me asking.  She was very helpful with advise of strains to try and what to expect from them.  She also kept me informed when my shipping info was delayed […]

Root Beer Kush Cartridge Kit by Vanpen – Cheebas

I actually really enjoyed this cart. I’m not usually one to use distillate carts, but this one is very tasty with a nice sativa kick. The kit comes with a 510 thread battery, a cartridge filled with 1200mg of distillate and a USB charger. This pen as a whole is very nice. It is inhale […]

White walker live FSE ceramic cart – Enigma Extracts

This is the closest a cart has ever come for me to tasting and feeling like a real dab, and it only takes a couple puffs for me to really feel the effects as opposed to carts with distillate or cut with distillate. I got a really nice citrusy grapefruits flavor from this cart, im […]

The Gorgon Cart – Enigma Extracts

My first experience with extracts. Did not know what to expect on my first pull. The flavors is unreal and the potency is on point. This cart sent me down the path of extracts and i’ll forever remember the first hit I took off of this.

QNTM Clouds THC E-Juice – BudExpressNow

Was really skeptical of this product before purchasing… and lets just say I was right to be. These little bottles are filled with e-juice to use with nic vape tanks. I went ahead and filled my tank with the QNTM juice on its own and gave it a try. It was super harsh at all […]

Platinum Tuna Kush Cartridge by Kind Selections – Ghost Drops

One of Ghost Drops’ new cartridge offerings from Kind Selections. Insane tag at $120, not including battery. Other high end carts are going for $80, $90 max for 1 gram so expectations are high! Upon first inspection, I was immediately drawn to the texture and colour of the extract inside of the cart. It is […]

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