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Cookie Dough – Cannalyft

Cookie Dough from Cannalyft Visual: This one had very nice visuals! It was a light green because of all the creamy crystal caking the buds. There were light brown hairs all over in patches which were hard to see from all the crystal. It had a nice shape and structure to it and it was very […]

Tuna Kush – AC Medical

Tuna Kush from AC Medical Visual: It was one huge sparkly bud. The crystals were small and compact but very nice with pristine heads visible to the eye. It had a good structure and some different greens like forest greens and dark greens and patches of rusty brown hairs all over. It looked pretty dank! Nose: The […]

Miracle Alien Cookies – AC Medical

Miracle Alien Cookies from AC Medical Visual: This MAC was very funky looking! It had an alien look to it. It had pretty much no leaf to be seen around these dense nugs. Everything seemed to blend into each other. The colour was a lime green with creamy crystal and light orange hairs that were barely […]

Reefer Peanut Budda Cup – AC Medical

Reefer Peanut Budda Cup from AC Medical Visual: I looked very yummy! The size was like a classic peanut butter cup, not the newer reduced size ones that they have now. The chocolate looks great and appealing and the inside looks like the inside of a peanut butter cup but a little less dry. Nose: […]

Death Mint – AC Medical

Death Mint from AC Medical Visual: This Death Mint looked nice and greasy. There was lots of nice sparkly crystal over this forest green nug. There were small patches of brown hairs all over and there were some dark green/black leaves. It had a nice structure and it was pretty dense with a bit of […]

Electric Black Mamba – AC Medical

Electric Black Mamba from AC Medical Visual: The buds were very dark and dense looking. There were lots of dark forest greens and blacks and purples and there was lots of crystal all over these round buds. They were similar looking to a Black Diamond with the stiff crystal and not much visible leaf. They were […]

Death Bubba (AAAA+) – AC Medical

Death Bubba (AAAA+) from AC Medical Visual: This Death Bubba was greasy looking with its dispersion of dark green/black leaves around the forest green buds and the beautiful sparkling crystal. I could see the pristine heads on this bud as well! There were lots of brown and orange hairs in patches all over. It looked like […]

Red Congo (AAAA+) – AC Medical

Red Congo (AAAA+) from AC Medical Visual: This was a beauty looking red Congo! It looked like a classic Red with the crazy amount of wispy red hairs all over the buds but this one had a lot of beautiful crystal covering the buds underneath all the Stigmas. The buds were a forest green under the […]

Big Buddah Live Resin – Shades Of Green

Big Buddha Live Resin from Shades Of Green Visual: It looked like crystallized honey and the colour was like a light honey. Nose: The nose was a sweet citrus and also piney and fruity. Taste: I got a lot of the pine and a bit of the sweet fruitiness. Potency/Effects: It hit me pretty big in my face making […]

Pineapple Punch Budder – Shades Of Green

Pineapple Punch Budder from Shades Of Green Visual: It was a bit dryer and darker looking than the Alokai Hawaiian Budder. It had almost like a green tinge to the brown sugar colour of it. Nose: The nose was sweet and tropical and fruity with a hint of pine. Taste: It was mainly a piney taste with some […]

ACDC – Shades Of Green

ACDC from Shades Of Green Visual: The buds were a dark army green and they had a cone shape to them. There were little patches of orange hairs all over and the crystal was the tight compact crystal. It was very dense. Nose: The nose was a bit spicy, like a peppery spice. There was a little […]

El Jefe – Monkey Budz

El Jefe (AAAA-) from Monkey Budz Visual: The buds were a forest green in colour and there were lots of brown hairs all over. There was lots of tight compact crystal. Not a showstopper but still pretty nice. The buds were very dense. Nose: The nose was earthy and hashy with a hint of chocolate and herbal […]

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