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Live Death Bubba Cart by Enigma Extracts

The Live Death Bubba ceramic FSE cartridge by Enigma Extracts tastes like sweet earthiness and grass, but in a good way! If held for a long time I can also taste a slight floral pine on the exhale. Enigma Extracts’ latest creation most definitely provides that classic Death Bubba experience. A potent indica dominant hybrid […]

Zombie Kush Cart by Enigma Extracts

Introducing you to the Zombie Kush FSE ceramic cartridge by Enigma Extracts. If you like sweet-tasting cartridges I highly recommend this one. Initially, I taste sweet grapes, but on the exhale the taste is similar to campfire smores with a tinge of lilac flowers. It is a very smooth cart with zero harshness and great […]

Panic Attack Cart by Enigma Extracts

The Panic Attack cartridge by Enigma Extracts might be the highest quality cartridge I’ve consumed to date. The taste is lemon/lime and slightly sour, similar to 7up or Sprite pop. I didn’t think I liked lemon-tasting carts, but this one is truly spectacular and the taste alone will keep you coming back for more. As […]

Rockstar Cart by Enigma Extracts

Wow, this is a definite crowd pleaser, not that you will want to share!  In a nutshell, the Rockstar cartridge by Enigma Extracts will make you incredibly happy.  After a few puffs you can feel tension ease in muscles all throughout the body, but without a strong sedative couchlock.  While it is an indica dominant […]

Jet Fuel Cartridge by Elite Elevation – Kush Station

Great little packaging. The cardboard is empty apart from the cartridge which makes for a great protective holder during transport. The cart itself was a bit unique looking. White gold in color with a fluted mouth piece. Serious helping of concentrate inside – light amber in color, homogeneous and semi-opaque. Tiny little micro bubbles throughout […]

Cookie Frost Elite Cart – BC Medi Chronic

Nice golden yellow colour with no sugaring at all. Smooth draws with a definite sweet cookie taste to it , nice and tasty. Hits pretty well, nice and potent, feeling it for sure after a few pulls.

Red Congo – Enigma Extracts

The flavor of the live resin was sweet and fresh tasting from first hit to last. Has a nice smooth vapor with a lemony exhale. Very minimal clogging and burn in the cart itself. Few times here and there it would be a little harder to drag on but always fired and produced a quality […]

Do Si Dos Live Resin Cart – BC Medi Chronic(Elite)

Very nice coloring, no sugaring with minimal bubbling. Very nice sweet candy terpenes that have enriched flavor on exhale. Smooth on both short and long hauls with my current battery at 3.3v. (Lower voltages would probably increase the terpenes however my battery only goes to 3.3 at the lowest.) Very nice indica dom effects, surprisingly […]

Trop Punch Cartridge by Enigma Extracts – Kush Station

What’s not to like? Enjoyed at lower wattage, the cart produces some very clean and smooth vapor that happens to be delicious. Reminiscent of clementines with a slight floral aftertaste. The intense flavor and smoothness is followed by a very relaxing head buzz that also washes over your body. Relaxation is the key word here. […]

Purple Space Cookies Cart by Enigma Extracts

The Purple Space Cookies cart by Enigma Extracts is both delicious and potent making it a top quality product.  On the exhale I immediately taste sweet ripe grapes with a mild earthiness.  This cart is a 50/50 well-balanced hybrid & provides a slight boost of energy mixed with an overall feeling of happiness and relaxation […]

Grand Daddy Purple Kush Cart – BC Medi Chronic(Elite Elevations)

The only cart company I have had in comparison to this Elite Elevations cart is the Enigma carts that I have reviewed in the past, that being said, the oil seems to be too thick for my small 10w battery but only takes a few quick hauls to get it going on a ccell pen […]

GG4 Disposable Live Resin Cart – BC Medi Chronic(Elite Elevations)

The texture looks to be valid even after a month or so of sitting, there is no sugaring which is always a plus in my books. Sweet grape terpene profile but the built in battery burns too hot and ends up tasting burnt and being harsh on the throat. On an adjustable battery I could […]

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